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Posted Monday November 05, 2012, About: Offense is stuck in mud...
Sad thing is, no matter who the HC is, JJ calls the shots. So, he'll be more like to select a subservant HC, so no one challenges King JJ. It's sad, because eventually those nose bleed seats will start to empty. I remember the days when Texas Stadium was filled to capacity for YEARS straight. JJ just doesn't get it.
Posted Monday October 17, 2011, About: This Week's Excuse
Understood. I am quite frustrated as well. Tired of the buck being passed on this team. I don't know if the blame falls with the quarterback that can't seem to deliver or a coach that can't seem to call plays. I know Jerry Jones plays a role here, but that horse has been beat to a point beyond death.
Posted Monday October 17, 2011, About: This Week's Excuse
Yes sir, and that's the question. What is wrong and what more has to be done to make this a winning team? Every week, it's something new. What is the missing ingredient?
Posted Monday October 17, 2011, About: This Week's Excuse
Pretty aggressive. So, an old school Cowboys fan who has had enough of the excuses has no place here? Or, are you just having a bad morning?
Posted Monday October 17, 2011, About: This Week's Excuse
...and this was a point I was attempting to make. Numerous, numerous coaching changes, quarterback changes. There has been no synch at all. Having grown up in the Tom Landry era and watching Staubach, Pearson, Dorsett and then the Jimmy Johnson years, what is it going to take for the Cowboys to return to anything even closely resembling those legends? How about a normal, low-drama team?
Posted Monday October 17, 2011, About: This Week's Excuse
I don't know if the "reason" matters, whatever it may be. I grew up watching a team that set the bar. Since Jimmy Johnson left, this team in one way or another has been in disarray. Coaching, consistency, quarterback who can't handle the job. Don't know, doesn't matter. I don't know what it is going to take to wake this team up, but it just needs to happen already.
Posted Monday November 15, 2010, About: One Game... A Spark...
No doubt. The team is still, at best, middle of the pack. They also aren't going to the Super Bowl ... IMO. . However, I liked what Garrett said about some of his motivational technique. "Hey, let's just do good on Wednesday. Then, let's just come in and do good on Thursday. Then, Friday." He made no illusion about coming out and playing Super Bowl caliber football. Again, this is but one, single game, but there is something to be said about what happened in that game.

Part of me wonders if the team, somewhere in the back of their brains, just wanted Phillips gone. Kitna just opened the field, but why hadn't he done that prior to last night's game? The defensive front played with increased intensity. Same players. Yes, the secondary took hits on some yards, but they made big plays.

Some commentary from some Giants players were in the area of, "they watched our game films and knew what we were going to do". That being the case, hadn't the team been made to view game films previously? Just what was being done to prepare the team for their next opponents?

One game, but it was a nice game. Now, on to next week and the second half of the season.
Posted Wednesday October 27, 2010, About: The Silver lining.....
Quote... of... the... day!
Posted Tuesday October 12, 2010, About: ...and this is why Dallas needs new coaches
40, I can't fault your angle. Maybe if they were 4-0, the whole fanbase would have a better disposition. Unfortunately, JJ won't bring strong, capable coaches onto the team *and* allow them to coach. The history doesn't lie.

I know people in this forum cannot be so naive as to think this season is now salvageable. It's not. It's sucks for me to say that, because there are traditions I won't be able to fulfill this year, but it is what it is. I wish Jones would just sell the team, but he's got his hands on a cash cow and I fear the team will be punished until he does. sigh
Posted Tuesday October 12, 2010, About: ...and this is why Dallas needs new coaches
It makes absolutely ZERO difference what kind of statistics the Cowboys post, if they can't get that "W". If they can't score and/or can't defend, those stats are worthless. Period.

Garrett a solid coordinator? Really? His playcalling is suspect, at best.

They aren't going to "...do it..." this year. Not even with a Herculean effort. Their coaches are the problem. Jerry Jones will not allow a strong head coach onto his team, therefore they won't get the leadership required to mold and discipline these players into the team they are capable of being. And, you can cheer Garrett all you want. He's not that great an Offensive Coordinator.
Posted Tuesday October 12, 2010, About: ...and this is why Dallas needs new coaches
If you've read anything I've posted this season, I've laid blame for this debacle of a season squarely on the coaching staff. When you have questionable plays coming from the sideline, a lack of accountability for player miscues and a total lack of discipline, this is the result. They can have the best of talent and still not make the playoffs.

Some of you people can continue to say "...they can make it still...", but failure is going to continue to equal failure when nothing changes. Those changes must come in the form of coaching staff changes and I don't see that happening this season.

Yeah, one win in the playoffs. Like I said, Jason Garrett was an excellent backup quarterback. Not so much an OC. Fact. He's got loads of talent and continues to fail in the red zone.

You go ahead and live in your fantasy world. Come back at the end of the season when the Cowboys make it into the playoffs. I'm predicting denial at the end of this season.
Posted Tuesday October 12, 2010, About: ...and this is why Dallas needs new coaches
Well, I'll say this. With Jason Garrett as OC, when was the last time the Cowboys won in the playoffs? Do you think the coaching staff holds any responsibility for the completely idiotic defensive penalties made this season? Are the players, as a whole, playing with any sense of urgency?

Your attitude is quite adversarial. I have the right to express my opinion here. Again, provide me some concrete evidence that this season can be salvaged. Not "opinion". Show me some statistical data that you can point at to show that Dallas is not done.

Finally, don't tell me about "...sticking with my team...". I'm right here in the Dallas Cowboys forum. I don't see them getting into the playoffs this season. Feel free to come back to me at the end of the season IF they get into the playoffs.
Posted Monday October 11, 2010, About: ...and this is why Dallas needs new coaches
I submit you're wrong about "...quitting your team...". Garrett took over the offense four years ago. How many times in the past four years have the Cowboys won in the playoffs? Over the time Phillips has been head coach, in contrast, how many plain dumb penalties have the Cowboys committed?

Seriously. I've been a Cowboy fan since I was a kid (I'm 44 now). I've been through the highs and lows. The single point of failure "now" is the coaching. No discipline. No good offensive play calling. No accountability demanded by the coaching staff.

If you've been watching the Cowboys, what is your analysis and how do you see the Cowboys turn this season around?
Posted Sunday October 10, 2010, About: ...and this is why Dallas needs new coaches
Sadly, I agree with the previous two postings. There is no real leader and there is no sense of urgency. I think both of these can be attributed to a lack of leadership from the coaching staff. Throughout the game, all camera cuts to Phillips showed no emotion. I'm not comparing these stone face expressions to that of our esteemed coach, the great Tom Landry. No, Phillips facial expressions showed a lack of caring what was happening on the field.

I don't think any excuses can explain away what is happening with our team. This season is over. It's time to begin cleaning up this mess and trying to position this team for next season.
Posted Monday September 20, 2010, About: Fire Jason Garett
I disagree. We're only two games into the season and we've seen some noteworthy (read "clumsy") penalties. We've already learned of miscommunication on the coaching staff which may have contributed to that fumble just prior to halftime in Week One. We've seen years of coaching inconsistency on the offense. Yeah, they can rack up all kinds of yards ... until they get into the red zone. There is almost zero discipline. It is the coaches' responsibility to hold those players accountable and to c-o-a-c-h.
Posted Monday September 20, 2010, About: Not The Same Cowboys
Jerry needs to step aside and allow the coaches to coach. He needs to stop searching for weak willed coaches and get one ala Jimmy Johnson. He also needs to get off the sidelines and stop being so visible during games. He has crippled the capabilities of his star players by placing coaches there who do not install discipline, nor hold players accountable. It's all about the money and I fear the Cowboys are going to suffer until the team is sold.
Posted Monday September 20, 2010, About: The good, bad and ugly
Unfortunately, you left out what is at the root of these issues. Coaching. No matter how many good players the Cowboys have, they have not put consistent drives + scoring together. This issue isn't about execution, but about play selection. During Garrett's tenure, scoring has been lacking. Even with the high percentages and yardage, their success inside the red zone is poor. Time to trade in Jason Garrett and Wade Phillips.
Posted Sunday September 19, 2010, About: Time for a leadership change
If there were any single area that was pulling their full weight (offense, defense, special teams, coaching), it would be easier to go from there. There appears to be muffled chaos, even with the star players in each area. I agree that Romo isn't fulfilling his position, however he can't be held accountable for the total failure in the other areas and this team doesn't appear to be excelling in any area.
Posted Sunday September 19, 2010, About: Not The Same Cowboys
Today's game demonstrated a lack of passion on the part of the Cowboys. They haven't shown any determination or urgency. The coaching staff doesn't seen to care about lack luster play. The players don't appear to be earning their bloated paychecks. This team may be a .500 team this year and the blame squarely sits on the owner's/coaches' shoulders.
Posted Sunday September 19, 2010, About: Time for a leadership change
Sam, true. However, it's common knowledge that the calls come from Garrett. True, Romo has missed some passes, however when watching the previous two games, the play calls have come through as the failure. Not to mention the poor individual player decisions on the field (anyone remember the play just before halftime in week one?). Romo is the field general, but he is following instructions from the sideline.
Posted Sunday September 19, 2010, About: Time for a leadership change
Same. I'd be glad to have to retract my statements in late December, but I just don't see it. I haven't seen any portion of the Cowboys team step up since preseason. I can't blame the offensive miscues solely on Romo. The play calling is suspect. The defense has played sloppy and there are too many unnecessary penalties. I love the Cowboys, but it's time to call a spade a spade.

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