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Posted Wednesday January 30, 2013, About: Grizz, Raptors need third team for Gay trade
If it were me i would move bargnani to the 3 and let him have mismatches... he isn't suited to play the 4 or the 5... he is a decnet 3 pt shooter that would be better suited for the 3 which would mean more time for ed davis and amir johnson to play the 4 spot... jonus V when healthy could play the 5. it would also fill a spot that needs to be filled and can be spelled by derozen or ross.
Posted Tuesday June 26, 2012, About: Don't close the door on Luongo-to-Leafs
the monster wasn't going to be resigned by toronto, they will either bring in a vet to play with reimer or have scrivens who is ready to come up and at least back up reimer. Toronto has 2 other goalies that need to be playing in the ahl in rynnas and owuya. Vancouver wants gardiner to be part of the deal that would send luongo to toronto but toronto wants vancouver to take komiserek as part of the deal going the other way... Toronro should make cory schnieder a big time offer that forces the hand of the canucks to make a decision one way or the other.
Posted Friday June 01, 2012, About: Raptors open to moving pick, too
i think they are after gay and move bargnani to small forward, and let gay and amir johnson play pf. getting JV this coming season will also be a bonus. Toronto is a very young team if given time will become a fun team to watch for years to come.
Posted Thursday May 24, 2012, About: If they're out, Brewers will shop Greinke
How bout the blue jays, they have a lot of talent to send the brewers way, maybe throw adamlind and travis snider as part of a package.
Posted Friday April 27, 2012, About: Thomas' comments suggest one skate is out the door
The leafs have not made many wise decisions over the past few years and i think it started with choosing justin pogge over rask. They made that trade hoping to have a stop gap goalie to play until pogge was ready. Raycroft broke the single season record for wins by a leafs goalie the first year he was there. Pogge on the other hand who they thought was the second coming of felix potvin didn't pan out. I think they go ahead and trade for luongo for the simple fact he can get them to the dance... I don't like the contract but... if it means getting rid of komiserek to aquire him then why not...the cap hit is not bad and then you have either scrivens or reimer backing him up all the while learning from a very good goalie.
Posted Thursday April 26, 2012, About: Umenyiora can see himself on the block
trade osi to the titans...we will give him a 5 yr deal to play as a defensive end!!
Posted Tuesday April 24, 2012, About: Cleveland coming away with Richardson and Weeden?
mccoy needs weapons. give the guy a real chance, he is still learning the nfl on the go. take a chance on a qb later on in the draft... wallace with cribs and richardson would be a good start for them to work with.
Posted Tuesday April 24, 2012, About: Cleveland coming away with Richardson and Weeden?
why doesn't cleveland take richardson with the 4th pick and then swap the 22nd pick to the steelers for mike wallace... addressing two big needs and can draft oline help later on in the draft.
Posted Friday April 20, 2012, About: Vikes down to three for No. 3
claiborne makes alot of sense from the standpoint of the division they play in ... you face rodgers, stafford and cutler 2 times a season and currently have no corners that are any good. my money is on either kalil or claiborne.
Posted Thursday April 19, 2012, About: Violence brings heat from NHL business partners
would any of these cheap shots be taking place if there weren't rules hindering players from fighting?? I miss the olden days of the 80's where you could actually stand up for your teammates. I don't think that you need to be a goon you should still be able to play hockey but some of these players were good at both... wendle clark, bob probert for a couple of examples. The equipment players wear today protects the individual wearing it but puts the other players at risk. No need to leave your feet for a hit drive right on thru them where it is a clean hit.
Posted Friday March 02, 2012, About: Burke on the hot seat, too
People keep saying burke made a mistake in trading for Kessle I don't agree with that... when he made that trade how on earth could anyone know they would finish 2nd last in the nhl season... and with the other first round pick how did anyone know that toronto would have selected doug hamilton. When he made that deal Toronto needed a goal scorer they got one he has scored no less than 30 goals in every season he has played in toronto... The farm system is getting a whole lot better. Which means that within a 1-2 year period this team will be a team to be reckond with. Do they have holes to fill sure they do. they need a true #1 goalie and a true #1 center or a #2 center if they got smart and was able to put grabvoski on the top line. they say call up the kids from the farm to salvage this season... I say leave the kids on the farm and let them get a taste of the playoffs there let them grow together and you will see them in the big show still. The leafs future is great because of what brian burke has done via trades and drafting... as a leaf fan to all other leaf fans have patience the leafs time is coming sooner than you think.
Posted Thursday May 12, 2011, About: Signing Pujols the worst path for Cubs
i think he gets his 30 mil a season just not for 10 years... i am thinking 5yrs maybe 6 at most.

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