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Posted Friday October 08, 2010, About: Iowa already worried about Michigan
The key for MSU is to wrap and stack DR at the line of scrimmage. Force him to take hits. Do not allow one man to tackle him. Every defenders job is to wrap him up and await gang tacklers to hit and strip DR. Make him pay for every carry if you can get to him.

Again, you have to get to him first... I hope its a close game in the 4th quarter.
Posted Thursday October 07, 2010, About: Ground game limited, Pryor may have to air it out
It hurts...but eventually the Buckeyes will win the big one against the SEC and then the landscape in college football will change tremendously. Add an ever improving Nebraska to the Big Ten and other 2nd tier Big Ten teams rapidly improving....I like tOSUs chances to slip through and win it all this year.

NOw if tOSU has to play BSU...that is an ugly one to determine an outcome. talk about smash mouth football.
Posted Sunday October 03, 2010, About: How bad is Pryor's injury?
Heisman goes to the "most popular" player in the country. DR is truly that. He is deserving of the award. So far her seems planted and gives his teammates most of the credit for his stats.

Losing Moeller is critical to the Bucks. It's not that he is not replaceable, because the defense can fill for him. But he brings an intensity that makes the other defenders play better. He is 110% all the time. He will be missed.

For the Buckeyes looking bad on Saturday. A win is a win. I'll take it. Style points count but I would rather win consistently than get a blowout one week and win in OT the next. Illinois played well, as did Mich St and Minnesota this weekend. A Big Ten conference win is never automatic no matter where your team stands in the polls.
Posted Thursday September 30, 2010, About: Richt: It could get worse
Richt is a great coaching talent. Do not remember exactly but wasn't he the FSU offensive coordinator for 2 of its BCS championship losses. Perhaps he needs some sort of mojo to make it to the next notch....

That being said, he is good for the UGA program. The Dawgs need to keep him and in time they will be thankful.
Posted Thursday September 30, 2010, About: Win over Hoosiers doesn't change much in Ann Arbor
Good point, TSUN cannot go on forever losing to the Buckeyes. Why next year. why not this year?
Posted Thursday September 30, 2010, About: Win over Hoosiers doesn't change much in Ann Arbor
TSUN and Indiana should be a good first half matchup. I have not seen IU play but I understand its offense to be pretty good. Again, I am looking forward to seeing the score at halftime and how the coaches manage the 2nd half.

Question: what will happen this year when coaches will have to coach the 2nd half vs. watch its talent just rollover opponents? Answer: conference play is underway. Let the season play itself out.
Posted Tuesday September 28, 2010, About: McElroy still not 100 percent
Wow, a 3.0! talk it up! imagine how well they would do in animal husbandry without tutors and someone to tell the players when the pop quizes are.

Alabama is an awesome learning institution that has given the country and the world....????

All kidding aside. If the kids play ball and graduate and go on to be better citizens then I am all for the program. Take a look at Miami Hurricane graduation rates. Not a Cane fan, but those kids graduate and Miami is a pretty good private school.
Posted Monday September 27, 2010, About: Why Stanford is nation's most entertaining team
Pac 10 football is entertaining this season. I find myself staying up late to watch them weekly. Cannot wait for Pac 10 conference games to determine who will represent the conference at the Rose Bowl (possible BCS championship).
Posted Monday September 27, 2010, About: Fewer fans are watching FSU
Nobody's watching anyway, just play the games at night and the 30-50K who show will enjoy it, plus its too hot to watch a September game in Tallahassee at noon. (You are right, TV makes the call nowadays).

How much are tickets to FSU now. My Miami ticket stub last year said $65 and they were 20 yard line seats. Seemed steep to me but I was glad to be in the stadium.

Bottomline: it is sad to see the stadium not sold out for any game. Just assume have a full 40K seat erector-set stadium than a half empty 75K seat bricked-up DK Stadium.
Posted Monday September 27, 2010, About: OSU to work Hall more often?
Papa Rocks. Tressel is pure class! I quickly tired of Cooper's whining style. Tressel understands tradition (players singing Carmen Ohio after every game with the students, band, and fans), seldom speaks derogatorily against an institution or people, and supports young men becoming better citizens. If the Buckeyes went 7-5, I would still support the team if the student athletes continue to show class and strive.

Play hard, wear the uniform the university provides (not the one you conjured up in your dorm room the night before), and remember, playing for your school is a priveledge, not a right. Hundreds of previous Buckeye lettermen are watching.
Posted Monday September 27, 2010, About: Rich Rod: Denard's knee seems fine
TSUN is off to a good start. I hope the offense continues to roll. Big Ten is better with a winning Michigan program. Now, for the bad news: Big Ten play has begun.

These teams are quite familiar with each other and weather will become a factor as the leaves change color. Curious to see if defenses can squeeze the wide open Mich attack.

Finally, ball control offenses is the key to a successful Big Ten run. Cannot have your defense out there all game or big offenses will roll and keep the ball away from the run and shoot attacks.

Again, congrats on a good non-conference start but Rich Rod will eventually get too emotionally involved in his team's play and throw away an easily winnable game. I hope for UM fans I am wrong.
Posted Monday September 27, 2010, About: OSU to work Hall more often?
Ohio State backs have always had troubles hitting the line of scrimmage fast. Even with Wells and Wells, tackles for loss seemed common. If the Bucks can wear down defenses in the 1st half, then their backs usually can clean up the wins in the 2nd half as they begin to run down hill.

Then again, maybe Tressel wants defenses to pin their ears back and attack his running game with 7-8 in the box. Maybe he is suckering future defenses into thinking the Buckeyes are 2 dimensional and then comes the halfback pass, etc... Comments anyone
Posted Monday September 27, 2010, About: Fewer fans are watching FSU
FSU needs to go back to the basics: night games. Night games are all the rage now. Also, Tallahassee suffers from geographical location problems. Columbus, OH and Gainesville, FL are centrally located. FSU fans have a long travel to make it to the games.
Posted Friday September 24, 2010, About: Alabama, Michigan to play in Dallas
Posted Thursday September 23, 2010, About: Miami CB: Why can't we go 11-1?
FSU is due. However, FSU has showed little heart over the years and if they do not have superior talent then they are sure to lose. SOme programs can "gut out" a victory. FSU is not one of them. I hope the Noles can prove me wrong...
Posted Thursday September 23, 2010, About: Saban calls Arkansas 'challenging'
Don't imagine we'll be seeing UTK black jerseys again this year. But I thought it was cool for Halloween.

UTk looked like candy corn out there....if you need a uniform gimic to win, other problems are sure to follow. that being said, some schools do have good uniform gimics
Posted Thursday September 23, 2010, About: Meyer down on his offense
UF believe it or not is looking good. Long season, 2.5 bad performances and they are still undefeated. Better to slowly improve than peak and live in the first 3 weeks of the season. All that matters right now is victories and being prepared for the BIG tests of the season. BTW, I am not a UF fan...

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