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We shall's also innocent until proven guilty but a lot of people have chosen to jump to conclusions.
I never said he didn't fulfill his moral obligation. The point I am trying to make is I am not going to assume anything until it comes out. As of right now, all that has been said is that Joe Paterno when to his bosses with the information he was given and he went back to work. I chose not to jump to conclusions until all the facts are out. I have spent 10 years in the military (Air Force) and 12 years as a civil service employee and chain of command is always followed. If Paterno when to his superiors with information he had and those superiors decided to cover it up, and only them because there are no facts out yet that coach Paterno covered anything up, Paterno could have assumed everything was investigated when he saw him next. I might be "simple minded" but I was taught a long time ago not to jump to conclusions and to have all the facts before you open your mouth and insert your foot. There is most likely a lot more to this story than we know. I chose to be surprised when the truth comes out instead of ashamed.
Try 40.
We use the vague terms "defense" because that is what McQuerry said the told coach Paterno. He was asked in the grand jury indictment what he told his coach/boss and he said he told him only that he saw inappropriate conduct and didn't want to go into details because he was disturbed by it. For all we know, coach Paterno tried to get more information out of his assistant coach and the assistant coach didn't want to elaberate. I stick to facts instead of trying to get wrapped around the axel on something I don't have all the information on. It's called being objective. The truth will come out in the end and when it does, a lot of people, myself included, are going to be either very surprised or very ashamed. We shall see.
Not worried about it...I am well old enough to handle it.
You need to get your facts straight...first of all, he was approached by an assistant coach and told, in vague terms, what that assistant coach saw. Joe Paterno went to his superiors, the Athletic Director and Universty President and told them what he was told. The Athletic Director and University President went to the Campus Police Chief and the cover up began. Joe Paterno did not cover anything up. He went to his superiors to report what he was told. If Joe Paterno is guilty of anything, he was guilty of trusting the people placed in higher levels of authority to do the right thing. I assume you have never had an instance in your life where, looking back, you say to yourself, "If I get the chance, I will do this differnet next time". I believe that is what Joe Paterno meant by he wished he could have done more. Joe Paterno lived to coach, and died because he couldn't. IMO.
Posted Tuesday December 06, 2011, About: The BCS got it right, stop complaining
So, if Alabama wins this next game, are we going to have to have another game because the two "best teams" have a win apiece?
If Joe Paterno is so wrong in this, why didn't the now wide receiver coach who witnessed the act between Sandusky and the boy report the incident he WITNESSED to the police? Where is his moral responsibilities? Why isn't he being fired also?

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