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Posted Tuesday November 05, 2013, About: Columbus courting crease controversy
Varlamov has been pretty solid so far, as long as he can stay out of a U.S. prison.
Posted Thursday December 13, 2012, About: Eruzione: 'I'm not broke!'
I would love to be able to afford a piece of history like that, but unfortunately $1.2 million exceeeds my allowance :(
Posted Tuesday May 15, 2012, About: Report: Skilled Russian prospect closing on decision
Igor Larionov maybe?
Posted Saturday January 28, 2012, About: Thomas weary of White House brouhaha
Larry Bird skipped out in 1984, Manny Ramirez skipped out, Jordan, Theo Epstein, Dan Hampton, Mark Chmura, etc. Attending the White House with your team is not mandatory. And some of the "reasons" given were terrible. Jordan skipped it to go on vacation. Chmura skipped it to attend a golf tournament. Bird said the president knew where to find him. Hampton also did it for political reasons. What's worse, someone skipping the event to make a political statement (something everyone in the media seems to be praising the Occupy movement for) or someone skipping the event so they could go to Maui?
Posted Friday January 27, 2012, About: Thomas no-show could facilitate trade
Now I would never condone death threats or anything...that's completely ridiculous for anyone to do. But I do see a big difference between what the two did. Tim Thomas declined an opportunity to visit the White House with his team, amde a statement on his personal Facebook page and said that's all he was going to say about it. The Dixie Chicks made negative remarks about the president in front of an audience in a foreign country. If TT had gone on stage in Canada to accept the Vezina and started bashing Obama then I would have had an issue with it.

As to Epstein not getting flack for skipping out, I had not heard anywhere that he was ever criticized. In fact, I read a couple days ago the exact opposite. If I can find the link or website I read the article I will post it.
Posted Friday January 27, 2012, About: Thomas no-show could facilitate trade
I just find it a little curious that no one seemed to have any problems with Theo Epstein declining to visit GW in the White House when the Sox won the World Series. Double standard much?
Posted Monday January 23, 2012, About: League's sneakiest dirtiest player
If low bridging is a penalty/suspension then it should be universal - if you duck to avoid a check and send your opponent over you for a ride, then you get a penalty and/or suspension. It shouldnt matter how fast your opponent was going or if there was an injury. A slash is a slash whether the opponent suffered a broken arm or just got a little owie. Either call it even or start calling clipping correctly. Marchard definitely low-bridged Salo, but he sure didnt clip him. He was no where near Salo's knees.
Posted Friday January 20, 2012, About: Marchand getting a raw deal from NHL?
I'm not sure I'd call Marchand's a hip check, but it definitely wasn't clipping. He didn't catch Salo at or below the knees. Name recognition shouldn't have any bearing on whether you get suspended or not...maybe length of suspension (repeat offender, etc), but not suspension. If Daniel Carcillo and Henrik Sedin do the same thing, Carcillo shouldn't get suspended just because he's Carcillo while Sedin gets off free.
Posted Saturday December 31, 2011, About: Waived Avery looking for new team
I'd take a flyer on him (no pun intended). If he really wants to prove the critics wrong he'll show up, skate hard, agitate the opposition and keep his mouth shut. If not, then he gets banished to the minors. This would probably be his last shot. A team needing a good, skilled third-liner could do worse. This is all dependent on Avery living up to his statements about wanting to prove people wrong.
Posted Tuesday December 06, 2011, About: Caps won big in realignment
I should have been more clear in my previous comment. It's not that I want Ovechkin to get himself suspended with careless play, but just to play with an edge and not worry so much about it. He has been much too passive for the better part of two seasons. When he's playing passive he doesnt create space for himself or his team mates. He also needs to use his size and strength to take a physical toll on the opposing team. I agree Ovechkin doesnt do his team any good if he's in the pressbox a la Jordin Tootoo, but he's also not doing his team any good if he's not playing his game, which is physical and aggressive (just not lately).
Posted Tuesday December 06, 2011, About: Caps won big in realignment
Personally, I see Ovie's downward spiral as more linked to his last suspension. Bruce told him to be less reckless, more controlled. Part of what Ovie such a beast was that he was borderline out of control. He was a physical presence who crushed everything in sight. Fans started calling him dirty and he got suspended, but I think he needs to go back to that style of play to be successful. He needs to play on the edge, to run other teams' players, to pick up the occasssional suspension. He isnt Crosby or Datsyuk. He isnt a finesse player (no offense whatsoever to Crosby or Datsyuk, both elite players). He needs to play ultra-aggressive and physical. Be a violent force of nature, not a guy with skills he doesnt utilize.
Posted Wednesday November 23, 2011, About: Cooley's take: Haynesworth hates football
Everyone is bagging on Cooley for being "average" or "done" or whatever...who cares? What does that have to do with anything? So you need to be a Hall of Famer or current star to have an opinion? He cant state his opinion as a current NFL player and former Pro-Bowler, but all of us who have never played in the NFL can spout opinions all day? And what makes it worse, almost no one has disagreed with what Cooley said. So he cant state his own opinion, even though it is widely recognized as accurate. Good thing he didnt proclaim to all that the world is round because all of you would go off on him.
Posted Thursday November 10, 2011, About: Trotz challenges Getzlaf to 'take care of it'
I like what Trotz said. Dont **** about it, drop the mits. If you dont like what Tootoo does, man up and do something about it.
Posted Friday November 04, 2011, About: Turris drama will be resolved in November
Shane Doan seems to think otherwise. He has gone on record as saying he wants to stay in Arizona. Come to think of it, how many players have actually come out and said they hate playing in Phoenix? They've talked about the situation surrounding the team, but never the location. Maybe Turris is just a prima donna.
Posted Tuesday October 25, 2011, About: Duchene apologizing to coach, teammates after demotion
Great attitude from a young star-in-the-making. I hope the Avs do well, just not this year. As a Caps fan I hope the Avs tank this season so we can get a lottery pick :)
Posted Tuesday September 27, 2011, About: Redskins' Hall criticizes Haslett's call
Whipped them good? DiWe must not have watched the same game. Did the Cowboys even score a touchdown last night? Kicking 6 field goals to win by 2 does not equate to a whipping. Win? Absolutely. Whipping? Not even close.
Posted Thursday August 25, 2011, About: Concussions lead Mueller to tinted visor
Are tinted visors allowed? I remember a few years ago Ovechkin used to wear a tinted visor and he was forced to remove it. Does anyone else rememebr that or have I been smoking crack again?
Posted Wednesday August 24, 2011, About: Tebow overtaken by Weber
I dont think it's an exaggeration. I think he may be one of the most scrutinized players ever drafted. Dez Bryant wasnt scrutinized the way Tebow was. he got press because some scout or GM asked him a stupid question. Randy Moss wasnt even scrutinized like this. He got a reputation as a troublemaker and slipped in the draft. Tebow was constantly in the press - whether it was questioning how his style would (or wouldnt) translate to the NFL or because of his character. Is he the most scrutinized? Impossible to say. Is he one of the most scrutinized? I think so.
Posted Wednesday August 24, 2011, About: Tebow overtaken by Weber
What confuses me is that when he's on the field he seems to produce. He's played well enough this pre-season and played pretty good last season as a rookie. Personally, I dont care how a player "looks" when he throws or plays. I want to know if the guy gets results; does he win. And Tebow has never looked pretty when he plays, but he has always gotten results. So if Denver doesnt want him, quit kicking him in the balls and trade or cut him. If I had a team that was on the outside and needed a QB, I'd take a chance on him. Even if you let him sit and learn the pro game for a couple seasons, who cares? It's awfully hard to call someone a bust after their rookie season when they played relatively well. He accounted for 11 TDs with ony 3 INTs. His passer rating wasnt bad for a rookie either (82.1). By comparison, Carson Palmer had a rating of 82.4, Sam Bradford 76.5, Matt Hasselbeck 73.2, Eli Manning 85.3, and Kyle Orton 87.5. Of course his numbers are from a smaller sample size than those other guys, but still. I guess I dont see why someone wouldnt take a chance on him.
Posted Friday August 19, 2011, About: Ovechkin taking to many practices off?
Just trying to illustrate that just because the Caps havent won a Cup yet doesnt mean they wont, and just because Ovie hasnt figured out the Captain thing yet doesnt mean he never will. Michael Jordan was criticized early in his career because the Bulls were losing in the playoffs and I think we all know where he ended up. Ovie is way too young to say that his book has already been written. He isnt they stereotypical Russian who doesnt give effort or doesnt try hard. This guy wants it.
Posted Friday August 19, 2011, About: Ovechkin taking to many practices off?
One thing everyone should remember - Yzerman was considered a poor leader and captain because all he did was score and the team under acheived. Now he's viewed as one of the greatest captains ever. Ovie is still young and has time to grow, both as a player and a captain.

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