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Posted Thursday October 14, 2010, About: TCU ..want real teams
again I say your right..they do have good players and are good teams..BUT again I ask..if Bosie or TCU played Alabamas Schedule the last 3 years do you REALLY think they would be undefeated?...hell I have seen Alabama lose to LaTech but over the long haul it don;t happen for your little teams on the rise Isee TCU has LSU in 2013 2014 so thats a step in the right direction....I'm not saying they are not good programs I'm only saying to earn a BCS trophy you reall should play the better teams....or Nick and Alabama need to move to the WAC and lose 1 game every few years and just rack up title after title.
Posted Thursday October 14, 2010, About: and we lose one
lmao..your the one making this a "battle"...all I said was TCU and Boise st don't play any real schools...a point well known...and if Alabama wins out your little friends will be left out of the big dance again..sure some great players come fron little non BCS schools...but they are not there now nor are the gonna get TCU or Bosie a BCS Championship game bid if there is a one loss Alabama to choose from.. you don't have to like it you just have to deal with it my friend....oh and your comment of ......"Didn't the president write a letter to the NCAA asking the group to have TCU play Boise last year so Bama could win the national title?" ....if so then guess what...THEY DID IT AND ALABAMA WON THE NATIONAL TITLE....point in hand...TCU and Bosie St may be good football teams but with the just over highschool teams they play it don't count for crap... =) oh and on a closing many titles has you little schools won???? we got us a bunch of em...a whole big ole bunch and if run the table we will have us one more while you little schools play in the bowls that are ...well just not where the championships are won at =)
Posted Thursday October 14, 2010, About: and we lose one
lmao oh and as for you "little schools" the sec alone has produced Eli Manning (Giants), Peyton Manning (Colts), JaMarcus Russell (Raiders), Brodie Croyle (Chiefs), Jason Campbell (Washington), Jake Cutler (Broncos) Alabama has sent first round draft picks of Harry Gilmer Clarence Avinger Bobby Marlow Lee Roy Jordan Joe Namath Leslie Kelley Dennis Homan John Hannah Wilbur Jackson Richard Todd Bob Cryder Ozzie Newsome Barry Kraus Marty Lyons Don McNeal E.J. Junior Mike Pitts Emanuel King Jon Hand Cornelius Bennett Derrick Thomas Keith McCants Eric Curry George Teague John Copeland Antonio Langham Dwayne Rudd Fernando Bryat, Shaun Alexander

TCU has had 12 first round picks in school history
Posted Thursday October 14, 2010, About: and we lose one
lol as stated in my blog description "Alabama football from a rather bias standpoint...Roll Tide"...I truly dont care about the pac mac or wac off teams or how short of a stick they end up with at the end of the year.IMO ...TCU is only a few steps from being a good team...but givin a full SEC plate they would be lucky to end the year at 7 and 5... and Boise is in the same boat....I tell you what lets lok at what the mighty TCU and Boise did last year when they were so badly treated by the mean old BCS system...

hey they beat 2 top 25 teams..both were ranked 16th ..

and... other than TCU they beat ONE top 25 fate would have it also ranked 16th

Alabama played #1 #2 #7 #9 #20 #22 AND BEAT EVERY ONE OF THEM..

lets look at this year...

so far has played #24 ...and still have #23 and #11 to top 25 top 10 teams at all (better than no top 15 teams last year I guess)

#10 and # 24 and # 19 to go.. woohoo they beat a top 10 team...oh wait the top 10 power house was Virginia Tech who went on to lose to James Madison and fall from the top 25 =/

now Alabama has played and beat #18 #10 #7 lost to #19 and still has #9 and #7 to play PLUS if we win out a rematch with sec east champ that will be ranked in the top 10..

when TCU and Bosie play real teams then talk about what they "Deserve"...they are gettin more than the are worth already.

and no TCU nor Bosie has ever played Alabama in a bowl game...

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