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Posted Sunday March 23, 2014, About: Report: Heat owner interested in buying Marlins
It is my understanding that there was some sort of clause in the stadium deal that stated Loria had to pay back some money if he sold the team in a certain period of time. You can bet that as soon as that period ends so will his ownership.
Posted Monday March 17, 2014, About: Tigers chasing Franklin, anyway
I knew the Tigers would regret letting Jhonny Peralta get away. I just didn't think that regret would begin before the first game of the season.
Posted Monday March 10, 2014, About: Iglesias in danger of missing Opening Day
The Tigers never should have let Peralta get away. Between Iglesias' injuries and the huge question mark that is Castellanos, Jhonny should have been retained if not just for his bat but as a serviceable infielder. This looks like it could be the Placido Polanco mistake all over again.
Posted Monday March 03, 2014, About: Isiah-to-Detroit speculation on the rise
Don't forget the Toronto Raptors and Indiana Pacers. The man is poison! Former Piston owner Bill Davidson was wise to "dis-own" Zeek.
Posted Saturday November 23, 2013, About: Rangers exec: Prince Fielder committed to staying in shape
Someone would have to first be in shape to be able to stay in shape.
Posted Friday October 11, 2013, About: Scherzer on the block
I'd rather the Tigers find a sucker to take Fielder off their hands and use that money to keep Max and Omar.
Posted Sunday September 08, 2013, About: Report: Bruno Mars to headline Super Bowl halftime
Its too bad there aren't any performers from the NY/NJ area. That would have been something.
Posted Monday June 24, 2013, About: Urlacher: 'I don't think I would be very good on TV'
This didn't stop Shannon Sharpe, Dan Marino, Tony Siragusa, Joe Theismann, Michael Irvin, Warren Saap or Rodney Harrison.
Posted Wednesday May 08, 2013, About: Ex-Lions WR arrested twice in 14 hours
Except that it happened in California as was clearly stated in the article.. OOOPS!
Posted Friday April 19, 2013, About: NFL's Rex Ryan blasts O's over opener
I think Rex will do or say just about anything to deflect attention away from his horrific coaching abilities.
Posted Tuesday March 05, 2013, About: Tiger Woods answers questions about Rory McIlroy
Hans Brinker was not the kid who put his fingers in the ****. Rather in the story of Hans Brinker there is another story about the boy who put his fingers in the **** to save the town. Hans Brinkers story is about getting new fancy ice skates. I hate to be a stickler but I detest it when erroneous information gets published.
Posted Tuesday February 19, 2013, About: Inge 'crazy enough' to try new tactic: MMA
Yeah I guess the 40 million he's made over his career just isn't enough to sustain him.
Posted Thursday January 24, 2013, About: Robinson disappoints at Senior Bowl
Antwaan Randle El, 2nd round 2002 draft.
Posted Thursday January 24, 2013, About: Charlie Batch up for illustrious award
Byron "Whizzer" White played for the Detroit Lions and the Pittsburgh Pirates, (now Steelers). Charlie Batch played for the Detroit Lions and the Pittsburgh Steelers. COINCIDENCE? I think not.
Posted Wednesday December 26, 2012, About: Sleeper pick to make Tigers in 2014
That is the oldest looking 25 year old ever!
Posted Wednesday December 19, 2012, About: Tebow will ask to be moved
Posted Tuesday October 30, 2012, About: Dotel eager to return to Detroit
He looks awful in that picture!
Posted Wednesday October 24, 2012, About: Miami Marlins fire Ozzie Guillen
Ozzie can stay in Florida and simply move to Sarasota to become professor emeritus at clown college.
Posted Thursday October 11, 2012, About: Valverde's issues possibly related to injury
He looks terrible in that picture!
Posted Wednesday August 15, 2012, About: Leyland picks rival as AL's top manager
Just the other day Mumbles Leyland said "There's not a better third-base coach in the American League than Gene Lamont, that's all I know." So take the endorsement of Gardenhire with a grain of salt. Just sayin.
Posted Friday August 10, 2012, About: Belichick snubs NFL directive
You would think that The Hoodie would like replacement officials. Less chance they he gets caught cheating...AGAIN.
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