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Posted Monday November 21, 2011, About: CFB fans, repeat after me: WE NEED A PLAYOFF...
Logical but it's weekends like this that just solidifies everyone's own opinions on the subject...Long live the BCS!
Posted Tuesday September 20, 2011, About: what would you do to save the conferences from going ARMAGEDDON?
Interesting but BYU and TCU aren't joining the Big XII. And unfortunately it's to late. On the bright side, I do believe it will fail and things will change again. Not sure how they'll change and if that change will be even worse but it will change.
Posted Tuesday September 20, 2011, About: Conf. Realignment Priorities
Possibly geography but definitely the fear of being left out...probably the #1 reason now.
Posted Saturday September 10, 2011, About: Texas, Notre Dame in Big Ten by 2014
what joke am i missing? there is absolutely no way ND is going to join a conference unless it's as the 16th member to ensure they're in the championship mix.

as for who's got the most winning programs...who cares! let's line up today and see what happens...probably something like what happened during the bowls last season...of course, next season will be a different story.
Posted Wednesday August 31, 2011, About: New reports about big 12 falling apart
If they do disperse instead of bringing in 3 new universities, I think KState and Kansas may end up in the Big East. UofT, Texas Tech, OU and OSU will end up in the Pac 16. Mizzou will be SEC, Big 10 or SOL. ISU and Baylor are SOL.

I think they'll try to add schools from different geographic locations. Question is will any one want to join the UofT/Big 12-3?
Posted Thursday August 25, 2011, About: New reports about big 12 falling apart
I'm on the side of no expansion. I suspect there will be a lot of problems they're overlooking. Logistics of scheduling would be a nightmare unless you just accepted that a superconference was really 2 conferences and their championship game was round 1 of a tournament.

Also, the number of programs is one of the real strengths of college football. Superconferences will ruin the bowl system unless they raised the standard to 7 wins. Non-superconference teams would rarely get an invite.

And whatever ability the NCAA has to regulate the sport (admittedly very little...but that might change) will go out the window. Maybe not a big issue for most college football fans however think about all the other NCAA sports.
Posted Thursday August 25, 2011, About: New reports about big 12 falling apart
Didn't have the patience to read all the posts so I hope I'm not being redundant...

What if the SEC were to reach out to OU/OSU? Probably not as good a TV market gain however OU is pretty much a national TV draw. And the SEC's quality of football would get even better. Don't think this would happen but another possibility.

Heck...if we go to superconferences, why not UofT, A&M, OU, and OSU. Obviously there are issues with UofT but I suspect they could be worked out...the money would be unbelievable!
Posted Sunday August 14, 2011, About: The Folly of the Polls
if they go to 14 teams, they'll play 9 games. as it stands now, they rotate teams every 4 years. they won't move to every 5 years.
Posted Saturday August 13, 2011, About: The Folly of the Polls
you might be right about OU however it won't take much to win the Big XII this year. If they beat FSU, they'll be in a BCS bowl. If they lose to FSU, they still have a great shot at winning the Big XII.
Posted Saturday August 13, 2011, About: The Folly of the Polls
not sure davis being gone will diminish Ark. might, but davis' success came with a very strong passing attack. expect the same this year.
Posted Saturday August 13, 2011, About: The Folly of the Polls
Ascend would be either ND or Florida. Descend, what if they fall out of the BCS rankings? Anyway, I'm thinking Stanford, Okie St., or A&M. Not ready to commit yet though.
Posted Wednesday July 27, 2011, About: Butch Davis Fired
The timing is awful strange. Apparently, the reason they're giving is academic integrity of the institute. It's okay to cheat at football as long as you don't cheat at school.

I'm not a Butch Davis fan.
Posted Tuesday July 26, 2011, About: Pac 12 Championship Game
Totally agree and think it would benefit the Pac 12. The ACC moves there's around every year and except for Atlanta (where they've never played...i don't believe) every location is tough for some one to get to. Putting the game in Las Vegas should ensure sellouts that typically won't be overwhelmingly favoring one school or another. I think it's really unfortunate although somewhat understandable that they're giving the higher ranked team the advantage of home field. The ACC needs to seriously consider holding their game on Friday night in Atlanta. They'd get better turnouts more consistently.
Posted Saturday July 23, 2011, About: Pac 12 Championship Game
I'm not sure what to think about the Pac 12. I think Stanford might be overrated. Oregon should be solid but there's definitely a distraction factor (could end up being a good thing though). It seems like ASU is about to break through every year and always fail to do so. UCLA is dead in the water and USC is a question mark for me. I think Utah v. Oregon is most likely but unless some one like Stanford or USC excel, I think it's going to be a pretty down year for the Pac will be back strong by 2014 though once some coaches are gone.
Posted Monday July 04, 2011, About: Come on down....
it is a fair statement. my belief is that every situations different though. Tressel definitely should be held accountable as should tOSU. but a rogue coach is much different than a rogue athletic department.

and really, how do the coaches and university monitor whether kids are selling stuff? should they do a semesterly inventory? should they put gps tracking devices on the kids so they know where they're at all the time? should they stop giving them things that have value? the schools can do what they can do and if it's found they aren't doing that, then there should be major repercussions. but if they are trying their hardest to monitor things when something happens, that should be taken into consideration. doesn't mean there shouldn't be punishment.
Posted Monday July 04, 2011, About: Come on down....
well, i was wrong about the not cooperating (i believe it was Bush and his family where they made those comments but i'm not going back to reread the whole thing again) but i don't think many schools have that many people in compliance. Auburn only has 3. It looks like USC has about a dozen now - not sure what they had then. not going to buy the understaffed argument.

and again. catching 1 person lying isn't easy. if tOSU is determined to have adequate compliance monitoring in place, their reaction has been pretty good and the NCAA will punish them but not like they do when it's lack of institutional control.

hate 'em all you want but every situation is different and the NCAA especially hates lack of institutional control. they hate lying too which is why tOSU will lose some scholarships and probably a year postseason ban but it won't come close to USC's punishment.

Of course if it turns out that more people than Tressel were involved then it might fall under lack of institutional control.
Posted Monday July 04, 2011, About: Come on down....
"give death!!!" whom?
Posted Monday July 04, 2011, About: Come on down....
my apologies. their cooperation met "minimum requirements."
Posted Monday July 04, 2011, About: Come on down....
we must have read a different compliance report. the one i read was littered with references to USC's lack of compliance monitoring and cooperation.
Posted Monday July 04, 2011, About: Come on down....
it's a nice argument and i'd agree except for the way it will affect the NCAA's ruling. plus i'd add that when an individual lies, it's not necessary fair to beat up every one else for not knowing he was lying.
Posted Monday July 04, 2011, About: Come on down....
well, i don't disagree, but there's at least 2 bigger C's at tOSU (plus a board of trustees I would assume) as well as a compliance office. If all of them were acting in good faith and doing their jobs, one man lying is not lack of institutional control. it is worse since the one man is the head coach but it still isn't on level with an entire department simply not concerning themselves with compliance.

I think people are so outraged because it's so clear cut whereas other situations involve a lot of circumstantial evidence.
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