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Posted Saturday July 14, 2012, About: The sun is shining, the Brees is blowing, the... wait, what?
Brees had the Saints between a rock and hard place. Does anybody really think that he and Tom Condon didn't realize that New Orleans absolutely NEEDED the good press?

They played that organization like a drum.

Now, I too have many a gold (fantasy trophy) helmet sitting on my desk, thanks in part to Mr. Brees. And honestly, I kind of like the guy. But in my opinion (and it is, only my opinion), he probably should have played the "It will all come out in the wash..." card, rather than going on such an offensive with league, which also happens to be an organization (besides the Saints) that he works for.

Either way, I'm sure his boys in NO are very happy to see him.
Posted Monday September 26, 2011, About: Who Would You Fire?
Roy Williams.

Yeah, I know it's a NASCAR thread...but when I saw a Bears helmet, along with the words "who would you fire?"...it just kind of spilled out.
Posted Tuesday August 30, 2011, About: Calling Tim Tebow a bust is ridiculous and presumptuous.
Tebow will get his shot. I think the real question is if all the tinkering with his mechanics, has already sh(t-canned any chances he might have had...or doomed him mentally from the get-go.

I'm not on Tebow's jock. I just hate when players make the move the NFL, and never even get a chance...because some coach (or worse, NFL pundit) tells them a random mechanic, that said player, has been schooling kids with (probably, for the last 20 yrs)...won't work in the NFL.

This is often correct, I know. But - I also think that this "stubborn/good ole' boy network" mentality also leads to stale thinking - or as I like to call it - the Wade Phillips 3-4 Defense.

Someone desperate (Washington/Miami/Seattle?) needs to just pick him up off of Denver's trash pile - and cut him loose on the football field. See if he can do, what it is, that got him this far. For better, or worse.

It's the only way the Tebow (NFL) mystery will ever be solved.

(Sorry for the long diatribe...in your space, MF...but I feel better, now.)
Posted Monday August 29, 2011, About: Can somebody shed some light please?
No kidding...that was awesome.
Posted Saturday August 27, 2011, About: Raiders sign veteran CB Lito Sheppard
Lito will be a perfect, nickel back/emergency starter. Solid addition.
Posted Sunday August 21, 2011, About: It's a sociopsychotic state of bliss...
C'mon DJ, don't stir up s#!t... :)

I figured that they would appreciate the memories.

Besides, anybody that wants to admit that they are a Bengals fan (and I haven't seen too many of them, around here) gets FULL respect* from me.

*I really mean that.

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