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Posted Friday May 10, 2013, About: Tebow's future arrived Thursday?
College, no way...as far as the pros goes, I feel Tebow hasn't been TRULY given the chance to be coached and played as a starter. So if you are talking pros, your opinion is slightly skewed by opportunity...IMO
Posted Friday May 10, 2013, About: Tebow's future arrived Thursday?
Based on......Stats as a starter or special teams? Way to jump on the media unkown for your facts.
Posted Friday May 10, 2013, About: Tebow's future arrived Thursday?
REALLY??? Cause a 245 QB running you over wouldn't be enough huh? You need his voice to change first...tough guy on a blog....
Posted Tuesday March 19, 2013, About: Kraft: 'I don't answer to Tom Brady'
What does that even mean??? Are all receivers who run geat routes and catch almost every pass???
Posted Friday March 15, 2013, About: Jets interested in adding Kolb
Kinda hard when you play "wildcat" and special teams under a s*&%$# program....I'm pretty sure he threw enough when he led the SEC in passing efficiency...yeah, I know, that's not with the big boys but c'mon, you can't always believe every hater!
Posted Thursday January 17, 2013, About: Why Tebow could end up in Chicago
Agree, but the problem is that all these Monday morning QBs like to analyze and repeat things they've heard like "he can't throw"..."horrible mechanics"..."better at TE"..."great for college, not for NFL"...the truth of the matter is he has worked hard to improve and in the process, he had to sit behind Kye Orton and two different coaches...put on special teams and asked to protect the punter...oh and put in as a wildcat runner which every defense could see coming a mile away. It's kinda hard to get any kind of timing or chemistry under those conditions; however, it's easier for all the know-it-alls to quote Merril Hodge than to admit Tebow actualy did ok when asked to be a starter, even if it was only for several games to help Denver get a winning record and a playoff...
Posted Thursday January 17, 2013, About: Why Tebow could end up in Chicago
Did you seriously just say that??? Ask Kyle Orton what his deal was while that same defense was carrying him to a 1-4 start....or Grease, or Plummer, or.....did you watch those games last year??? I've heard of a defense stepping up, but that was a team effort...to include a very good kicker...

What other shot has he had to prove himself as a starting QB since that one was such a bad example of winning??? Thanks to the defense, of course...
Posted Thursday January 17, 2013, About: Why Tebow could end up in Chicago
...and no, I'm not comparing Tebow to Manning...I just get tired of people saying, "No No not my team...he can't throw!!!" When in reality, the only fair shot he had actually turned out ok...not stellar, but it definitely doesn't deserve all the hate it gets....when Tebow was drafted, everyone said a couple of good years learning and he'll do fine...well, a couple years later he's found himself in the playoffs, the bench, the backfield, and on special teams...not exactly the formula for success...just saying.
Posted Thursday January 17, 2013, About: Why Tebow could end up in Chicago
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the QBR you are speaking of still did better in the playoffs than Manning's QBR right??? I mean it's the end result we care about...not the stupid QBR which has never been a factor to the overall 'win' column.....right?

I mean... "Denver's shot" enabled them to go from1-4 to 8-5 with a playoff win...........NEXT...oh sure, it wasn't all because of Tebow by any stretch, but they had the same weapons this year, went 13-3 and still had a defense that gave up stupid numbers.....won't find that in the QBR formula!
Posted Thursday January 17, 2013, About: Why Tebow could end up in Chicago
Yeah...you guys are better off with just Cutler......oh wait.....
Posted Thursday January 17, 2013, About: Why Tebow could end up in Chicago
RIGHT!!! Cause god forbid after Rexy states for 16 weeks that Sanchez is "the man" at $3M+ would you want to admit that it's time for a change...especially if you put him in at the end of the season and he does win...c'mon man it was a lose-lose situation for Tebow and those coaches you're talking about also have jobs to back up...again, what starting job has had that he failed at??? Practice or no practice...they brought him in and failed to plan. All I ask is that a team allow him the opportunity to start for a season and if he is as "bad" as everyone in the entire universe is saying...then it's validated...practice won't confirm that, only game time and like I said, the games he STARTED turned out ok...
Posted Thursday January 17, 2013, About: Why Tebow could end up in Chicago
Thank You...putting all TE and RB jokes aside (because the media has turned most analyst into..."judges by concensus") the last time I checked...when Tebow did START as a QB, the coaches weren't exactly regreting the decision.

At what point in his NFL career has he been givin the starting job and allowed the opportunity to succeed or fail??? Denver??? Even that was a crappy deal and he did okay, oh and with the same "awesome" defense as this year. IMO, the coaches have sucked more than Tebow (punt blocker...c'mon) "Mr. Brady...I need you to go in on special teams and block oh, and throw 9 passes all year but be consistent...and everytime you go in, the defense is going to know your running, but good luck...go get'em tiger!"

Tebow haters...GET SOME NEW MATERIAL AND STOP SAYING IT CAUSE THE MEDIA SAID IT!!! Hey...he may not be a great NFL QB, but what do we really have to go on??? Last years turn-around to the playoffs or this years special teams play???
Posted Monday October 24, 2011, About: Meyer a Miami candidate? Not yet
He's also known for coaching Bowling Green to a winning season, Utah to an undefeated season and BSC game, and something else was achieved in the state of Florida...other than that...not sure??!!
Posted Tuesday September 13, 2011, About: Tebowmania is back, and here to stay
They did that last year and he didn't look half bad. I mean what's the worst that would happen...a crap-load of penalties, fumbles, interceptions...I think we watched that game already.

Now, as much of a Broncos and Gators fan as I am, I don't think Timmy will fix the Broncos. They need a front line...oh, and some linebackers to stepup...oh and a big back that can actually get some yardage in case we do not get that front line thingy mentioned earlier...just a thought.
Posted Tuesday September 06, 2011, About: Has Denver seen the last of Tebow in 2011?
Heck...I'm not sure what "it" is in Denver...what little, and I mean little opportunity he's had...he's answered (for the most part). Start him 11 games like Orton...if he goes 3-8, then we can validate the media, Hodges, and haters.
Posted Friday July 29, 2011, About: Tebow a long way from starting
Half the other QBs around the league sucked on day 1 also...just needed the Tebow affect to get the readers; got it! Once he's lost as many games as Orton or Quinn, I'll start to worry -- until then, next?
Posted Saturday April 02, 2011, About: Elway eyeing QB for Broncos
Yeah but c'mon...every video and tape I have seen of Tebow AFTER college shows alot of hard work and improvements (feet/motion)...and I don't care what any analyst says, I watched him live and system or not...that boy can play (throw)!
Posted Monday December 20, 2010, About: Denver heeding fans: Orton out, Tebow in?
hahaha...not! Speak for yourself; I actually bust my @#$ at work.
Posted Monday December 13, 2010, About: Tebow's time coming?
I suppose you have a better solution that will help us out this year??? We have nothing else to lose (except 3 more games), we might as well end this Tebow debate; besides, I've seen Tebow play many times...it's worth a try, I don't care if it was in college. I know Quinn has had ratings in the teens and lower twenties. Are we really going to hate on Tebow as if his rating would be any lower or do any more damage to the team?

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