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Posted Monday September 03, 2012, About: Ian Poulter rips Bethpage Black's greens
Weren't all the golfers playing the same course?? I played Bethpage Black about five years ago, I barely broke 100, so maybe it wasn't me after all. My friends said I sucked but maybe not. Maybe I was a victim of poor golf course maintenance. Yeah, that must have been it. It wasn't me who stunk it up, it was the course's fault.
Posted Tuesday November 22, 2011, About: Tebow no closer to impressing the bosses
Tebow gives Fox and Elway a year to build the rest of the team. It isn't like QB is their only problem. He wins a few games until the other teams figure out how to stop him. That ends the Tebow "controversy". Tebow played and didn't live up to the hype...Case closed. If he keeps winning, F&E look like genuises. They can use the draft and free agency to fill the other holes. Pick-up a journeyman QB in free agency, with a solid team around him.
Posted Wednesday May 11, 2011, About: Sendek loses Arizona scoring champ
This is classic Sendek. Nobody wept when he left NCSU. It is Sendek's way or the highway and there is a traffic jam of players leaving.
Posted Saturday April 23, 2011, About: Johnson, Hendrick to replace tornado-damaged cars
So they spend seventy thousand dollars and get millions in free publicity. Given the size of Lowe's and Hendrick dealerships....no big deal. They could offer cars at cost plus a thousand dollars toward the down payment. Additionally, the offer is only good at "participating Hendrick dealerships". I looks like they know seventy families will need cars, so why offer an "incentive".
Not much but a publicity scam.
Posted Tuesday February 22, 2011, About: Moon's concern on Newton not about football
To me, it is less about petty transgressions and more about how he handles the limelight when his team isn't winning.
He isn't going to a team that doesn't need help. Therefore, he sin't going to be the BMOC, he is now. More like Young and Russell, great in college when surrounded by talent. Does Cam have the maturity to handle playing for a team that can barely go .500. OR less.

I don't think he can "Man-Up" to the pressure of being a team leader when things get tough. The minor character flaws then become major problems. I don't think he has the character to play well when he is getting beat two out of three Sundays.
Posted Wednesday February 02, 2011, About: Brown admits to arrogance, entitlement at Texas
So everyone else is arrogent and has a sense of entitlement. I think Mac is the master of denial.
Posted Tuesday November 02, 2010, About: The Big Miss? Shaq admits free throws hurt legacy
One of the greatest....But not THE GREATEST.
Posted Sunday October 24, 2010, About: Mack Brown blames Horns' attitude
maybe, he should go back to UNC, I think the4y may be looking for a head coach... very soon.
Posted Sunday October 24, 2010, About: Report: Jenn Sterger will keep quiet if Favre pays her
What confidentiality does she have left? Just one more reason for Favre to retire.

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