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Posted Thursday August 09, 2012, About: Bonds and the Hall... yea or nay?
Rose should be in as a player only. There's no questions about his playing days. [I could bue wrong but I don't recall any news of him being caught gambling as a player]

Bonds shouldn't be. Sadly, Barry's early career before his 'transformation' was a HOF maker. He was the best all around player, able to hit with power, steal bases, play great defense.
Posted Saturday July 07, 2012, About: Where Will Steve Nash Play Next Season?
I'm thinking Lakers...
Excellent choices.

I do have to think though that Miami's talent during the late 80's, early 90's and then that string of multiple first round picks is a decent gauge of top talent.

BTW- No Notre Dame, Army, Navy? They haven't been top shelf lately but their histories are filled with great players.
The U has a better squad, IMO. Afterall, when both teams were at their best, Miami did win more games against FSU.

How many titles did FSU not get a chance to play in because of Miami?
Posted Thursday June 07, 2012, About: Better series: MIA-OKC or BOS-OKC?
Sorry Marlins Fan [and I am a Marlins fan too] but I have to disagree. The Celtics are a wickedly hard playing team but they aren't flashy [although they are a game from the finals] and I would perceive a slower game with more defensive.

Miami is a close mirror image of the Thunder, at least on offense. They both love to run and gun and that would be great viewing.
Posted Saturday May 26, 2012, About: Sports clubs you would hate to be a fan of..
they are getting peyton!!!!
gerrard? With a bummed back??

We in Miami are beyond hate...Depression is more like it.
Posted Saturday May 26, 2012, About: Sports clubs you would hate to be a fan of..
"Heat - best team in the league, but everyone hates you and you can't win, so really every season ends in failure"

What? They've had this team for one complete season [season 2 isn't done yet]. And they lost in the NBA finals. Let's see this response 5 years from now if the big 3 are still together with no rings.
Posted Saturday May 26, 2012, About: Sports clubs you would hate to be a fan of..
So far they haven't acted that way. They signed Reyes, Bell, and Buehrle and kept most of the previous talent.

Now if they don't win ... that may be the next chapter in the Marlins saga.
Posted Saturday May 26, 2012, About: Sports clubs you would hate to be a fan of..
Understandable. As a Marlins fan, I've been hurt many times by the previous owners. Wayne simply built a WS winner to try to get a public vote for a new stadium. Didn't work but he sure tried it.

Then it happened again after beating the Yankees with that young team. Too much potential salary for budding stars.

I never hated the Marlins players. They are who I am a fan of. The ownership was a different problem. When the stars were let go, I enjoyed watching the new players.
Posted Saturday May 26, 2012, About: Sports clubs you would hate to be a fan of..
Marlins?? They've won 2 championships in their young history. They sold players because no one supported them. I live in S Florida and go to games. Believe me, there ain't no one at the games before the new ballpark.

The Pirates just couldn't win #$%$ and get no support either. But at least the Marlins have been very relevant. And now with the new ballpark, they are able to keep talent more than needing the trade salaries.

Don't hate teams that can't compete economically. That ain't fair.
Posted Thursday May 24, 2012, About: Yes. It is a sport. Does not matter what YOU think.
Pogs?? Damn I must be old to y'all. Gonna need a youtube video to explain this one.
Posted Thursday May 24, 2012, About: Yes. It is a sport. Does not matter what YOU think.
Oh yeah, this one's a sport for sure. The balance and vestibular system you need to make those shots while your drinking beer!

Serious sport, ESPN should start showing it.
Posted Thursday May 24, 2012, About: Yes. It is a sport. Does not matter what YOU think.
Sure thing. If it's a competition, then I consider it a sport. Ballroom dancing is difficult. I tried a couple classes of it before I married my wife so we could 'wow' the guests. I stunk it up royally and we ended up with the classic slow dance.
Posted Wednesday May 23, 2012, About: Top 5 Rivalries in College Football History
Miami - FSU should be an honorable mention. Not the long storied rivalry as the others, but oh so very intense for many years. Especially the late 80s and early 90s.
Posted Wednesday May 23, 2012, About: Yes. It is a sport. Does not matter what YOU think.
Sports = anything competitive in which someone or some team is trying to win.

My 2 cents.
Posted Tuesday November 29, 2011, About: Favorite seasons lately.. All of sports..
2001 NCAAF - Miami Hurricanes
1993 MLB - Toronto Blue Jays
1996 NHL - Florida Panthers run to the finals
The Patriots run at perfection
Chicago Bulls first season after Jordan's return
The home run race between Mark and Sammy [I know it's drug fest but hey it was fun then]
Posted Sunday February 20, 2011, About: Jamarcus Russell Is The Biggest Bust In NFL History
Que pasa???

Russell was drafted 1 overall. His career went into the toilet before he played a down; that holdout was the first in a long line of horrible decisions.

Some will say Mauriwanavich but he wasn't the first overall pick. He was bad though, and a massive bust, but not a bad a Russell.

The Raiders got absulotely nothing for all the crazy money they paid this fool.
Posted Friday October 29, 2010, About: Defend your statement on Ed Reed
Ah Ed Reed. Watching him at the U was truly a treat. In the pros, I've watched him less [no more football package] but I can't see him as overrated. He's not the defensive MVP anymore but he's no loser.

Most overrated is a big claim that right hasn't provided evidence for. He has dropped in ability, but he's still a good player. I'd take him on my team.
Posted Thursday September 30, 2010, About: Defend yourself fool.
How many ranked games have they played at home during that stand?

Miami won 57 [?] in a row at home during their hieght where they played top 10 teams all the time at home. FSU, ND, Oklahoma, ect...

I'm not ripping Boise State but they do have a cup cake schedule. They win no points at all by playing softies in their conference. Like most people, I thought VT was going to be a great test but then they fell apart the following week to a non-FBS school. Sadly, Boise State needs a playoff post season in order to truly be a part of the title party.

I like what BSU is doing in terms of winning over the past few years but they need help against schools from bigger conferences with more ranked opponents and a conference title game.
Posted Thursday September 30, 2010, About: That damn blue field
It's an outdoor stadium, play it on REAL GRASS.
Posted Friday September 03, 2010, About: The best multi sport athlete of this generation
Vote for Bo. His football injury kept him from possibly becoming one of the most exciting and dominating RBs ever. With his size, power, and blazing speed, Bo crushed the opposition for the 8 games he played each season until the injury. Bo as a baseballer was very good.

If Bo hadn't had the injury, I don't think there's much to argue. Bo was a better baseball player than Deion was. And I'm not so sure if Bo played as much football as Deion did that he wouldn't have been mentioned for HOF.
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