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Posted Sunday December 22, 2013, About: Report: NFL unlikely to narrow goal posts
Agreed. But I'd love to see these guys try to kick the ball through a windmill like mini-golf!
Posted Saturday August 10, 2013, About: No backlash in Riley Cooper's preseason debut
"He did not use it towards an opponent."

No, just towards an entire race. That kind of turns "them" into opponents, wouldn't you say?
Posted Saturday August 10, 2013, About: Alex Rodriguez hires private detective firm to battle MLB
Ah. But MLB already has its gumshoe, a guy named Bong, James Bong.
Posted Monday August 05, 2013, About: ... But may accuse Yankees of mishandling injuries
Sounds like Romney.
Posted Sunday August 04, 2013, About: MLB's worst-mannered road team?
Isn't George Costanza in charge of Yankee behavior in hotels? That guy is worthless--lifetime ban!
Posted Saturday August 03, 2013, About: Report: Aaron Hernandez hid guns in basement
You, sir, are on a roll.
Posted Saturday August 03, 2013, About: Chip Kelly: Eagles aren't getting rid of Riley Cooper
Well said.
Posted Tuesday July 30, 2013, About: Selig would invoke 'integrity of the game' on A-Rod
Reported to the Mods.

Have a nice day.
Posted Tuesday July 30, 2013, About: Minor league team to host 'scandal night'
Hey, that's great. Are they going to hold the game and promotion in a bathroom toilet stall in a downtown bus station? :)
Posted Monday July 29, 2013, About: Phillies discussing Lee blockbuster
Excerpt from Remembering Fenway Park: An Oral and Narrative History of the Home of the Boston Red Sox/Abrams 2011

ROGER KAHN: My memory is Dent slamming a foul ball into his foot and hobbling around and there was a delay of several minutes. During that whole delay Mike Torrez did not throw a single pitch. Normally, you just throw to keep loose. Dent got a new bat from Mickey Rivers. And the first pitch Torrez threw after the break that may have been five minutes, was that shot to leftfield. You could see Yastrzemski thinking he could play the ball and kind of crumpling when the ball went out.

Guess it was Mick the Quick's bat!
Posted Monday July 29, 2013, About: Phillies discussing Lee blockbuster
I know Lee is good, but if so, how come every time you hear about him, it's as part of some trade discussion? Guys like this used to anchor teams.
Posted Wednesday July 24, 2013, About: Focus narrows on Hernandez in 2012 killings
Woke up in Shirley once. I prefer Beverly.
Posted Tuesday July 23, 2013, About: Yankees close to deal for Soriano
Exactly. Nor can he platoon at first.

The Yanks were not set up for this transition now. Hal is a fool.
Posted Monday July 22, 2013, About: Derek Jeter hopes to come back Saturday
Absolutely (c'mon mods I used hyphens and asrerisks).

Sory can't play first base.
Posted Sunday July 21, 2013, About: Jerry Jones: NFL closer than ever to LA return
Don't know, but looking at him is like watching Expendibles 2. The eye jobs on everybody from Stallone to Norris made me think I was watching some horror flick about the cloning of Bruce "Khardashian" Jenner.
Posted Saturday July 20, 2013, About: Alex Rodriguez wants to return because 'I love the game'
"most-hated target in sports" ARoid vs. Hernandez

Bring back the throwdown!
Posted Tuesday July 16, 2013, About: Rams using Google Glass technology in practice
Wow again. The mods bleeped the word p o r n. Live and learn on FanNation.
Posted Tuesday July 16, 2013, About: Rams using Google Glass technology in practice
Wow. Definitely the ultimate in on-field **** access. Better not bring these to college ball or not a game will get played.
Posted Saturday July 13, 2013, About: Alex Rodriguez meets with MLB officials
Posted Tuesday July 02, 2013, About: Hernandez memorabilia bringing big bucks
Ramirez died of Lymphoma. He was 53. If that's old age, I'm in trouble.
Posted Sunday June 30, 2013, About: A-Rod signed anti-drugs pledge in 2009
And his bond is not quite as good as his words
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