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Posted Friday March 14, 2014, About: McFadden guaranteed only $100K
At the end of the year, DMacFootInjury will end up earning about $10,000 per yard. With all of the games he's missed in his highy-paid career, he should have to play the next two seasons for free. And even then he'd be a bad investment...
Posted Friday February 28, 2014, About: 'Melo another step closer to out?
So the Lakers are "unaccustomed to winnng" because they haven't won a title in a few years? I'd think that the 17 banners hanging in the rafters would attest to at least a bit of a winning tradition. Unless you're a Clippers fan and you're thinking the baners belong to your team.

I'd bet there are alot of franchises out there that would like to have a losing tradition like the Lakers have had for the past 60 years...

As far as getting 'Melo goes, he wouldn't change anything anyhow, as he's a selfish, me-first type that contributes zero to a winning culture. I can't help it, the picture I'll always have in my brain when thinking of him is from the fight several years ago where he ran into the melee and sucker-punched someone, then went back-pedaling to the other end of the court like little ****...
Posted Saturday February 15, 2014, About: Tiger Woods off to worst start in career
I agree. Right now, he looks like someone who spent a lot of time during his off-season hanging out with his kids and very hot girlfriend instead of obsessing over his golf swing. And it's probably exactly what he needed to get his life in shape to play better golf once he knocks th rust off. Methinks 7 wins incluing 2 majors...
Posted Saturday February 15, 2014, About: CC Sabathia: I'm still Yankees ace
This guy takes the ball every fifth day and pitches deep into every game, even when he doesn't have his best stuff. Doesn't care about his numbers, just giving his team everything he's got every time out...What more can he do than that? I'd take him and four more just like him any time!!!
Posted Saturday February 15, 2014, About: NFL paid Roger Goodell $44.2M in 2012
I only have 2 questions - First, who is his agent, and second, did the rest of the owners let Crazy Al Davis negotiate this contract?
Posted Friday February 07, 2014, About: Rangers eye gamble on once-elite prospect
Can you say "Triple A pitching staff"? Sure hope Ron Washington can, because that's what he's stuck with. Maybe thay can trot Yu out there every day...
Posted Tuesday January 07, 2014, About: Allen awaits his fate
I am a Raider fan, and I wholeheartedly agree. I think Allen has got things going in the right direction, but you've got to have horses to win horse races. With the mess that Allen and Mackenzie inherited from Crazy Al, it's really kinda amazing they've managed 8 wins in their tenure.
Posted Friday July 12, 2013, About: Fitzgerald, Palmer working on chemistry
Cards fans will remain thrilled until they start seeing what formerly-thrilled Raiders fans got used to seeing - rookie throws, usually to the wrong team, by a supposedly savvy veteran QB. Plus he's gun-shy, and as soon as he starts getting pressured he starts looking for a soft place to fall...
Posted Thursday June 06, 2013, About: Yanks desperately want to hear 'R' word from A-Rod
I wonder how the contract situation would play out if MLB does what it ought to do, which is to BAN THIS SERIAL ROID ABUSER FOR LIFE!!! Getting caught cheating once, then lying about it and saying "Oh, it was only for a few years, I quit cheating long ago", and then getting caught both lying and cheating should certainly warrant a lifetime ban.

And no, I am not a Yankees hater, just a lifelong baseball fan who thinks all cheaters should get the same treatment as the Black Sox.
Posted Saturday April 06, 2013, About: Raiders waive Rolando McClain
Good riddance to bad rubbish. He has some skills, but not as he was used in Oakland. What he lacks are maturity, judgement, and motivation. Maybe someday he'll gain these basic life skills and be of value to somebody. Maybe a personal advisor to Jamarcus???
Posted Saturday April 06, 2013, About: Oakland Raiders "very likely" to trade down in draft
This would make sense for both teams, as the Niners are only another really good player or two away from possible dominance for a short period of time, which is all that can be hoped for in this day and age. On the other hand, the Raiders need several good players alot more than one great player, who probably isn't in this draft anyway.
Posted Friday April 05, 2013, About: Teams taking Russell's comeback seriously
Unless all of that dieting and working out can remove 300 lbs of stupid, he doesn't have a chance. It doesn't really matter whether or not he lacked coaching or weapons, the simple fact of the matter is that he was the most inaccurate passer I've ever seen on an NFL field. And when you combine inaccurate passes with idiotic reads, the result is...JeJokeAss Russell
Posted Wednesday March 06, 2013, About: Potential landing spots for Welker
Maybe he could go to the RAIDERS and make Carson Palmer a better QB? Although I don't think any receiver in history is good enough to pull that one off...
Posted Thursday February 14, 2013, About: Palmer a part-timer in Oakland?
Palmer sucks, he looks downfield for his first option, then looks for his safety-valve receiver, and then looks for a soft spot to land. He's been gun-shy ever since his injury, and he ain't going to get over it. He should be a part-time quarterback, but for a high school team, not in the NFL.

I'm not 100% sold on Pryor as a long-term answer at quarterback, but at least he's athletic, which is the wave of the future for NFL offenses. We need to go with him, and start looking to draft and/or get free agents with the same skills.

Of course, since it's big-boy football, we'd better plan on having 3 QB's on the active roster, plus at least 1 more on the practice squad, because ultimately, running quarterbacks equals injured quarterbacks
Posted Thursday January 31, 2013, About: Dodge not expected to return to Cup soon
Is there actually any such thing as Ford, Chevy, or Toyota in these cars now? Kinda seems like when they went to the "Car of Tomorrow", they pretty much did away with anything to do with the manufacturers except for the logo.
Posted Wednesday January 30, 2013, About: Randy Moss says he's the greatest WR of all-time
Agreed. He certainly had the potential to surpass Rice, but lacked the attitude. He mailed it in for 2 years with the Raiders, and you can't claim the title with effort (or lack thereof) like that. Really, he had 6-7 really good years with the Vikings, 1 great year with the Patsies, and has been a cry-baby, prima donna **** for the rest of his career.

Even worse, since Rice is pretty much universally accepted as the best football player ever, regardless of position, then wouldn't this mean that Moss thinks he is the greatest football player ever, regardless of position??? He's not even in the discussion...
Posted Friday December 14, 2012, About: Reid wouldn't take a sabbatical (if it's up to him)
Maybe you should provide him with some fatherhood training, based upon your Father-of-the Year trophies
Posted Tuesday December 11, 2012, About: McClain is back in Oakland
I always thought he was a piss-poor pick, especially as a MLB. He's more of a speed guy (gee, thanks Al), and what the Raiders need is a burly smash-mouth MLB. Plus the fact that he's a moron off the field...

We need to cut this clown loose, unless his attitude changes. Then only keep him if he'll restructure his contract, and move him outside. Then we can use his money to sign Manti Te'o. I'm sure he'll still be available when we draft third...or second...or first.

Posted Tuesday December 11, 2012, About: LeBron to Barkley: 'Shut up'
I've long wondered about the identity of the idiot that Barkley threw out the window of the tavern. I guess I know now...
Posted Thursday December 06, 2012, About: McFadden returns on Thursday night

It's time for Darren McFootinjury to get his ass onto the field and start earning his $$$.

Shoulda kept Michael Bush and let D-MacInjuredList go to Dallas or to anyone else who needs an RB for half a season.
Posted Wednesday December 05, 2012, About: Is Gruden really talking to Oakland?
Raiders were in pretty poor shape when he came in the first time, and probably have a higher overall talent level now than they had then. The problems are discipline and motivation as much as anything, and Chucky will at least provide motivation.

And remember, Rich Gannon wasn't anyone's idea of a franchise QB before he hooked up with Gruden. If Chucky could find the right quarterback, the Raiders could easily be back in contention in a couple of years, as Reggie gets the cap situation fixed and is able to upgrade a couple of other problem areas.

First spot that needs attention, of course, is quarterback, as Carson Palmer is NOT the answer. My TV must need repairs, because when I see Palmer on the field, he looks pretty tall, about 6'5" or so. But then I see 4 or 5 passes get tipped every game and think it must be an optical illusion and he's really 4'5".
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