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$500K in chicken fingers? Thats racist.
Posted Sunday June 30, 2013, About: Fuel added to Kevin Garnett-Carmelo Anthony feud?
Cute picture.

Looks like they're hugging it out... or maybe fighting to get that last box of Cheerios at the grocery aisle.
Posted Sunday June 30, 2013, About: Trey Burke not expected to start for Jazz
They're trying to save him from getting embarrassed by Derrick Rose.
Posted Wednesday June 05, 2013, About: Paul George sees an MVP future ahead
Who's pissed off? Sounds like your feelings are hurt because your boyfriend's streak was disrupted by a guy who likely deserved it in that year.

Its a matter of opinion so you can have yours. As for Paul George, dude got cocky and ended up scoring only 7 points. MVP in the near future? I doubt that.
Posted Tuesday April 30, 2013, About: Bucks the next relo target
The new Bucks, once relocated to Seattle shall be renamed to the Seattle Starbucks.
Posted Wednesday April 27, 2011, About: Granger rips Noah's dirty game
Hahah, Danny .... You MAD?? I saw the replay. Noah was eyeing the rebound the whole time with his elbow extended to anticipate grabbing the ball. Dumb-ash McRobert ran into Noah's elbow and swung... not one, but two weak ash punches and miss. Pacers been tasting DRose's nuts all series after them dunks. They just got salty after this blow out. Fudge Danny!!
Posted Wednesday January 26, 2011, About: 'Melo's future: Nets still in hunt?
Melo to NJ or Chicago
Posted Wednesday January 26, 2011, About: Gordon worried about Pistons direction
@Docmadlab... What so special about Chicago? Do you not watch basketball? Do you even know what basketball is? Gordon was given a fat lump sum of change in Chicago and he turned it down thinking he can get more money somewhere else. Phuk Ben. He got what he wanted and now he's complaining? Oh, Chicago got something special. They're so close to being a contender, they can smell it. The Bulls are a few pieces away from going to the ECF.
Posted Friday December 10, 2010, About: Louisville trying to attract NBA team
Bulls been playing well. Knicks got lucky that day.
Posted Thursday December 09, 2010, About: Sore foot sidelines Wall a seventh time
Better get those Ankle Insurance
Posted Thursday December 09, 2010, About: Artest considers donating 2010-11 salary
.........or some really good drugs.
Posted Thursday December 09, 2010, About: Artest considers donating 2010-11 salary
Make that 60/40 son, Ronny gotta eat. I'm actually impress and proud of Ron Ron.
Posted Thursday December 09, 2010, About: Miller blasts league as 'soft'
The NBA went soft as a whole. And the evidence is clear, look at their new policy on handing out technical fouls. Most ridiculous thing ever.
Posted Sunday November 14, 2010, About: T-Wolves may chase Carmelo
The T Wolves are run by a bunch or morons. Of course they'll do crap like this. They're whole organization have no idea on what basketball is.

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