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Posted Tuesday March 18, 2014, About: Report: Phillies strongly considering trading Jimmy Rollins
Jimmy needs something like 450 plate appearances this year to vest an $11 mil contract for next year. Once Sandberg makes is very clear he will not get that in Philly this year, Rollins will be asking for a trade. They'll probably give him a chance to get the 60 hits he needs to become team leader. The Phillies do that, like letting Charlie get his 1,000th win.
Posted Thursday April 25, 2013, About: QB transfer shakes up Penn State depth chart
Another kid who is not as good as he thinks he is. He was backup last year. This year he couldn't clearly beat out a JUCO transfer and a true freshman who isn't even on campus yet. Nuff said. Transfer to Directional State University, play your three years, have a blast and get a real job when you graduate. Good Luck! Seriously, good luck.
Posted Friday December 14, 2012, About: Reid wouldn't take a sabbatical (if it's up to him)
Andy Reid is arguably the best coach in Eagles history. His tenure has been marked by many wins, both regular season and playoffs, the development of numerous position coaches and coordinators and the establishment of the Eagles as one of the best run and respected franchises in the game. It is also marked with some poor coaching decisions, failed draft choices, questionable game management issues and, ultimately, failure to achieve a championship. On balance, I would say his tenure was a success but it is time to change direction. Andy will be a tremendous coach for another franchise and most rational Eagles fans will wish him the best (unless he goes to Dallas). I appreciate what he did for this franchise and I look forward to the changes a new regime will bring.
Posted Friday December 14, 2012, About: Reid wouldn't take a sabbatical (if it's up to him)
Every coaching gig eventually ends this way. Look at Andy's coaching tree. The quality of his assistants during his first 6-7 years was tremendous. He couldn't keep that level as he needed to replace them. Then Jim Johnson died. Andy made some high risk/high reward decisions over the past few years and all of them turned out poorly. He'll have success at another franchise and he deserves it.
Posted Thursday December 13, 2012, About: Phillies chatter heating up with Hamilton
Thanks for the perspective. I'm sorry you're constantly exposed to the lunatic fringe. While we are exhausted from the continuous barrage of "it's tough to play in front of those Philly fans" comments (like it's easy everywhere else), screaming that we're the best fans and our teams are the toughest is just plain stupid - much like the people who do it. I understand your issues with the lack of a salary cap in baseball, though the real problem is the lack of revenue sharing. There just aren't enough people to allow a team like Kansas City or Pittsburgh to be economically viable in the current system. Baseball does, however, recognize the need to have a villian. It is the only way for the sport to have true national impact. Football thrives because of the violence. If they legislate it out of the sport, it will die on the vine. Baseball, with football's economic structure, would eventually become hockey. If you're not a fan of the Yankees and you don't hate the Yankees, you don't care about the Yankees. Look at the ratings for last year's SF/Detroit WS. Team tennis drew better. I'm guilty. I didn't watch an inning. Shame on me. No one would watch a San Diego/Kansas City series. But a Phillies/Yankees series? Through the roof. Dodgers/Red Sox? Bam! Your desire is noble for the sport, but the unintended consequences could be dire.
Posted Thursday December 13, 2012, About: Phillies offer may not win over Hamilton
If Texas wants him so bad, and he wants to stay in Texas so bad, and it looks more and more like 4 years gets this done, why hasn't he signed back with Texas? Something doesn't smell right.
Posted Thursday December 13, 2012, About: Phillies chatter heating up with Hamilton
You can't get out of your own way with your animosity toward Philly fans. Take a deep breath and read what I said. I don't think Philly fans are better than anywhere else, I specifically said that. I just don't think they are worse and I don't think they deserve the beating they take in the national media. I don't condone that actions of a few and I don't participate in that. I don't quit on my teams and I actually don't boo and scream at the games. It's a waste of energy. I sure do get frustrated, but I still show up. I'm sorry you have to live here amongst all us low life creatures. Who do you root for, anyhow? The Yankees?
Posted Thursday December 13, 2012, About: Phillies chatter heating up with Hamilton
You ought to try getting out of Rosemont every once in a while and experience another city. There are idiots everywhere, and that is my point. The media, and even self-righteous area residents like you, make it sound like Philly fans are the worst in the country. They are not. They are just like fans in other cities, no better and no worse. We expect performance and demand effort. We recognize talent, or lack thereof. Winning is more precious here than some other places because it doesn't happen often. Underperformance isn't tolerated, and it should not be. 12 year olds get 5th place trophies. They should. Raise your standards a little bit, or move to Kansas City. That should satisfy your need to be surrounded by docile fans just happy to have a team. Maybe Ed Rendell was right - we are becoming a nation of wusses. Well, not here in Philly. Not in New York, or Boston, or Cleveland, or Chicago.
Posted Wednesday December 12, 2012, About: Phillies chatter heating up with Hamilton
My point is that Philly is no worse, and in fairness no better, than any other major city. I don't count places like St. Louis and Kansas City because they are like Stepford nor do I count places like Miami and even LA where outside of the diehards, no one cares. A small group of fans definitely mistreated Williams but, unlike Buckner, he wasn't afraid to come back to the city for 20 years. He still lives here. Schmidt got tremendous respect, just not from 100% of the fans and not in his early years. By the late 70's, the Phillies were winning and Schmidt was well recognized for his greatness. I probably attended 100 games during the Eisenreich era. If anyone was riding him, it was one moron sitting behind the dugout. He was loved in this city. One thing I will grant you is the racist history of Philadelphia toward athletes. This was the worst city of all for Jackie Robinson. But we really need to let go (not forget, but move forward) what happened in the 40's, 50's and 60's.

To put this argument to bed - I believe Josh Hamilton will do just fine here if he comes. If he is so fragile that it is a legitimate concern, then he should just take whatever offer Texas makes and stay. Clearly, he is not doing that so it doesn't look like he is too worried. Like Reggie White, God will mysteriously guide him to go with the highest bidder. Funny how that works.
Posted Wednesday December 12, 2012, About: Phillies chatter heating up with Hamilton
A Boston fan complaining about Philly fans and how they treat their athletes. Priceless.
Posted Wednesday December 12, 2012, About: Phillies chatter heating up with Hamilton
Jim Eisenreich? Really. Try this link:

http://philadelphia.phillies.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20060508&conten t_id=1443669&vkey=news_phi&c_id=phi

Mitch Williams was loved in this town and still is. He started his broadcasting career here. Fregosi fried him in '93 and he had nothing left when he gave up that home run. He stood up like man after that season and Philly fans loved him for it. Mike Schmidt was arrogant and distant from the fans until the day he donned that wig. That changed everything. I think I was in 4th grade when Dick Allen was traded so I can't say anything first hand about that.
Posted Wednesday December 12, 2012, About: Phillies chatter heating up with Hamilton
There's two things I know about you from that comment. One, you've never been to Philly, or at least you've never been to a sporting event in Philly. Two, you listen to way to much sports talk radio. It's poisoned what's left of your mind. If Hamilton, or anyone else for that matter, comes here and embraces the team and tries like hell to succeed, the fans will love him. Name one player that the Philadelphia fans drove out of town. Remember, I'm talking about real fans, not the 32 year old idiots who sit in their bedroom at their parent's house and call the sports talk radio stations at 2 in the afternoon.
Posted Friday December 07, 2012, About: Phillies' deal for Young in his hands
The Phillie don't need to get younger next year, they need to win. After 2014 they need to rebuild the whole thing. While youth would be nice, they have no thirdbaseman at all so Michael Young will fit very nicely, thank you. He'd look pretty good in the 5 hole behind Utley and Howard.
Posted Monday November 19, 2012, About: Philly loading up on big hitters?
Your closing window comment is dead on but your logic gets backwards at that point. First, Polanco, Wigginton, and Posednik are all gone (Posednik was released back in June). With a short window, age is irrelevant. It's all about short term performance. They need youth, but not until this window is closed. Then they need to completely rebuild. Filling spots with unproven youth will only minimize their chances to win in 2013 and 2014.
Posted Monday November 19, 2012, About: Bynum's bowling could cost him the season
The Lakers played the Sixers like a fine Stradivarius. Nice job, Sixers. Four more years of 8th seed in the East and the 16th pick in the draft. Yawn.
Posted Friday November 09, 2012, About: Banner puts Weeden on notice
No question the Eagles having their second consecutive tough year and there willl be a new direction next year. The first 12 years of the the Reid/Banner show was pretty good and, exclusive of a championship, was better than any 12 year run the Browns (either franchise) ever had. If you get lucky and partner a solid football guy with Banner on the business side, you just might get a run like that. If Banner has all the power, every contract negotiation with existing players will be painful. That gets around the league very quickly. FA's came to Philly because of Reid. I still think there is a chance Reid stays in the organization. Lurie is that loyal to him.
Posted Friday November 09, 2012, About: Banner puts Weeden on notice
Good luck with Banner in charge. He's a great "bad cop" but if you don't get a "good cop" with some authority in the organization, no one will want to play in Cleveland. He fought Andy Reid over power for years. He made his move after the 2011 season. Now he's yours. You better hope he doesn't have ultimate authority in player evaluations.
Posted Monday November 05, 2012, About: Phillies loading up to chase Upton
The Phillies have 2, maybe 3, years to win and then the entire core of the team will be done except for Hamels. Upton is the guy to get if they are willing to pay that much. Hamilton apparently wants way too much (for anyone, probably) and it makes no sense to pay big dollars to someone who will begin to decline in 3 years. That is exactly when they will be completely rebuilding. Sign Upton and you will have the pitcher and hitter to rebuild around. If they start bombing the ball again, the strikeouts won't matter.
Posted Friday November 02, 2012, About: Babin blasts 'vile' Philly fans
As a Philly sports fan, I'm embarassed at this behavior because every time I go to New York or Washington or Chicago or Dallas the fans are so respectful and caring of the personal feelings of their players. Why can't we act like them?
Posted Wednesday May 02, 2012, About: TE surprises by picking Irish over OSU
The purpose of a college education is to gain knowledge and maturity in preparation for that first job, arguably the biggest transition you'll ever make in life. Choosing a school for football (or any other sport that has a professional path) is no different than choosing a school for engineering or business or education (except there are no stupid narrow minded fans rooting for future engineers). Some are successful in their chosen field, some pursue different areas. Kudos to this young man for choosing his school based on many reasons, none of which were the probability of winning a national championship. Knowing Notre Dame as I do, I suspect he will be successful in life whether or not football is involved in that future. No disrespect to OSU, I simply admire a 17 year old who chooses his school on bigger issues than a successful football program.
Posted Friday April 27, 2012, About: Claiborne saw 'no point' in Wonderlic
I'm thrilled he's with the Cowboys. More circus and less good football. They've been hilarious to watch the past 15 years or so. What scares me about them is that someday they will hire a GM and become good again. Claiborne will probably become a stud. Dallas is just not a good place for him to stay off the blotter and out of Goodell's office. It should be interesting.
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