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Posted Thursday February 03, 2011, About: Jay Cutler quit on Da Bears
I have to completely disagree with you about Jay Cutler. First of all the guy has a torn MCL, now I can only speak to my own experience dealing with torn ligaments and playing football was definately out. I tore my ACL, and I could still walk, climb stairs and hell even run..in a straight line. But the moment I had to cut or change direction I could feel my knee wobble and give. Now put that on Cutler trying to play professional football behind a at best average NFL line, against a Green Bay defense that was/is playing lights out football. You can't pivot, you can't plant and drive your throws, basically you can't play.

Now as the details have come out Cutler got a shot of cortizone for the knee and tried to play before the COACHES and MED STAFF decided to pull him. So it wasn't Cutler's decision to "quit" it was the Bears staff that decided to sit him.

And all this other stuff about his "toughness" is crap. The man played two years of football with undiagnoesed Type 1 diabetes! Which is fatal if gone untreated long enough. Cutler lost 30 pounds during the '07 season battling a disease he didn't even knew he had, he simply "strapped on the helmet", didn't complain and played football. Also, the absolute beating he took this year with what? 52 sacks this year...including a Bear record nine sacks in the first half he took during the Giants game...didn't complain then or at all during the year.

LDT is one of the last persons I would use as an example for toughness. Didn't he basically sit out the AFC playoff against Indy? As for Rivers playing with a torn ACL, lets get the facts straight on that one. Rivers tore it the week before, left the game and did not go back in. Yet nobody is calling Rivers a wuss for that one? (But in all fairness, Rivers did take a painkiller shot and strapped on what had to be the biggest knee brace to play the next week)
Still nobody questioned his toughness when he sat out, so why rip Cutler when he tears a ligament in his knee and doesn't come back in like Rivers?

Now in hindsight, I think the Bears PR staff hung Cutler out to dry. Instead of Lovie and the staff saying the Cutler is questionable during the game, they should have just said..."he's out with a torn ligament in his knee" If they had done that...none of this debate happens..none.

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