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Posted Tuesday May 28, 2013, About: Seymour, Falcons waiting for June 1?
This Saints fan thinks that would be a very good move by the Falcons. They need toughness on that D-line, they get pushed around early and often (see Ivory, Chris owning them). Seymour isn't the pass rusher he used to be, but he can help there at LDE and DT, and also anchor the run defense.

Since I don't believe Osi will be as good as people think he will be for them, I think adding Seymour would really help improve Osi's game by having him take up blockers, and adding another threat. It doesn't hurt.
Posted Thursday November 08, 2012, About: LaRoche about to enter bidding war
At least the two teams linked to him would be good fits. He could keep his production high for longer thanks to the Fisher Price sets those teams play in.
Posted Saturday November 03, 2012, About: Astros interested in Lance Berkman at DH
As they should. Who knows, Big Puma might have one more year left in him, good thinking Astros. If it doesn't work out, they can always cut bait, it's worth a look.
Posted Saturday November 03, 2012, About: Why did Angels-Cubs trade fall apart?
I'm glad it fell apart. I've seen enough of Marmol to know I don't want him anywhere near the Halos bullpen. They already have enough walk machines and mini K-Rods in there. I wish they would have kept Danny though, I feel like he'll bounce back next year. I'd rather trust his history than one bad year.
Posted Tuesday September 25, 2012, About: Darker days ahead for Saints
It's truly about the coaching. The Saints haven't been this predictable on offense since the Haslett days. They have not been able to adapt to scheme changes during games. How do you think the Chiefs got it done? The team was rolling along, but the Chiefs switched up their coverages, keeping everything in front of them, and the Saints had no answer. Drew has looked lost as much as he has looked like a record breaker.

Everything. Line calls. Play calling on offense and defense. Poor clock management. Looks like Payton ran a tighter ship than any of us Saints fans thought. We'll see how the rest of the season plays out, but right now I feel like it won't matter what they do, this is going to be a lost season due to them missing their captain. He was able to mask many of the team's holes with his schemes and leadership. I'll keep watching though, if '97 and '05 didn't scare me off this season won't.
Posted Friday June 01, 2012, About: Halos have a 20-year-old to thank for turnaround
Harper is gonna be great. But, if Mike Trout had gotten the consistent playing time last year that Harper is getting, the media would have been falling over themselves talking about him. If you've never seen him play, do yourself a favor and watch him. He does something fantastic every game, and as much as that sounds like an Angels homer talking, I swear to you it's not.

Every day I'm amazed at how easy it all looks for him, and he's become the team's fire in a short amount of time. He's the most excited one, he's the one slapping hands and firing people up, it rubbed off on Pujols a lot as he's now doing the same thing and producing. This kid is special, I can't talk him up enough. I saw him at the Futures Game in person and thought I saw a superstar in waiting, I was right! So happy he's on my team.
Posted Sunday April 01, 2012, About: Rangers-Angels MLB's best rivalry?
i'm an angel fan, and i care more about beating the yankees, red sox and dodgers and a's more than the rangers. the media's trying to make this a rivalry, but it won't last.
Posted Thursday March 29, 2012, About: Fractured Abreau-Angels relationship worsens
he wants to start because he thinks he can still reach some milestones. but not with the way he's been playing the past year and change. he's done, completely and totally done, he looks awful at the plate every time now.
Posted Friday March 09, 2012, About: Braves lower bar for Heyward
screw the spammers

don't worry braves fans, your guy will be alright. he's got incredible talent and good vets around him, he'll figure it out very soon. look at justin upton.
Posted Friday November 11, 2011, About: Browns WR Cribbs hints at playing RB
I don't understand why it takes the Browns entirely too long to get Cribbs involved in the offense every year. You'd think they'd realize by now that the guy is pretty damn good.
Posted Tuesday November 01, 2011, About: Saints falling from ranks of elite
Too early for this, surprised the Picayune would write it. If we take a moment to look back, the Saints under Payton always seem to have one or two perplexing losses a year. They lost to a bad Redskins team in '06 which almost cost them the #2 seed. They had a bad loss to the Bucs during their title run, and lost to both Cleveland and Arizona last year, awful teams both. The point? Those Saint teams were still able to make the playoffs.

The loss got me real heated but falling from the elite? Not just yet.
Posted Saturday July 16, 2011, About: Will Bush end up in Miami?
Hard to put mileage on legs that keep getting injured. The dude is a bust and he needs to go. I'll also never forgive him for the whole Heisman/vacating titles mess.
Posted Tuesday July 05, 2011, About: The most despised owner in sports
All you dudes whining about your team's owners have nothing on Donald Sterling. I'm with SD I want the dude dead, he wants all of my people dead so why not wish it back? Read up on what the man does, it's disgusting.
Posted Saturday July 02, 2011, About: MLB investigating A-Rod poker reports
I'm not gonna sink my tocayo for playing cards and pissing away his money. For the steroid use? Definitely.

I don't care that it's "against the law". Lots of things are against the law here that really shouldn't be.
Posted Wednesday June 15, 2011, About: Weaver to L.A.: No interest in moving
I jumped for joy. I thought this was about Jered Weaver telling the Angels he wanted to stay :(
Posted Friday June 03, 2011, About: L.A. stadium deal hits snag
You don't speak for this LA resident, or many others that I know. They better not sign off on this, this city has way bigger pressing issues than bringing the **** Vikings or Chargers here.
Posted Monday May 30, 2011, About: Padres could move three relievers
The Angels could use one of those quality bullpen arms, but knowing them they'll stick with Fraudney and Jepsen and let them choke wins away.
Posted Sunday May 22, 2011, About: Angels waiting for Pujols?
trAdition since '61 baby that's how our team rolls.

I'll go shoot myself now.
Posted Saturday April 23, 2011, About: Eagles definitely taking a DL ... maybe
That's a good point, and I didn't know it was like that, but I think Eagle fans should be happy the team is considering DL this time around. Remember, the team hired Jim Washburn to be the D-Line coordinator, and from what I've heard, he's got a pretty decent track record. Or so I've heard.

He'll get the most out of whatever rookies they bring in, plus the guys they have now. Washburn made Jason Babin a Pro Bowler ffs.
Posted Saturday April 16, 2011, About: Twins in market for Mauer's replacement?
They should try and get Bobby Wilson from the Angels. Poor guy is rotting on the bench, he needs playing time. He's got some pop and is pretty decent defensively. Would probably cost less than something from the Yankees.
Posted Friday April 15, 2011, About: Two teams on Ingram's knee: 'Very bad'
I hope the rumors of teams panicking and taking him off their boards is true and he falls to 24. Last time the Saints took a running back with iffy knees/injury concerns around that general drafting slot, he ended up turning out alright. Franchise rushing leader alright. Worth a gamble.

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