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Posted Friday October 12, 2012, About: Will October World Cup qualifiers determine Klinsmann's fate?
Most definitely. If the US fails to move on to the Hexagonal, Klinnsman should be gone. I don't think that will happen.
Posted Wednesday September 12, 2012, About: Questions surround agents absent from Mitchell Report
Because the Mitchell report was a hatchet job from the start.
Posted Wednesday September 12, 2012, About: Weis less than impressed by Crist
So Charlie, you didn't already know that Crist wasn't a very good QB from your time at ND. Maybe you should be paying better attention.
Posted Monday August 20, 2012, About: Jol: No Liverpool bids for Dempsey
I love Dempsey, and I know it's not his style, but he needs to shut up and quietly continue his stellar play. Right now, he is making it harder and harder for him to stay at Fulham or to transfer someplace else.
Posted Wednesday August 01, 2012, About: FC Dallas sits Shea again
There are several problems going on with Shea, IMHO. 1) expectations were placed too high on him when he came into the USMNT, as has been the case with Adu, Altidore, Davies and others. 2) Shea bought into his own headlines and I believe got a big head. 3) He's a young guy and the overall schedule of MLS, USMNT, CONCACAF Olympic qualifying was just too much for him at this time. I hope that what the FC Dallas coach is doing is taking to him about how he needs to prepare and act to be a "true professional". It's not just good enough to have talent, there is much more to it. Unless, of course, your talent is off the charts which his is not.
Posted Wednesday July 11, 2012, About: Davies leaving Sochaux for Randers
I hope Davies takes this as a humbling experience and makes the most of the opportunity, similar to what Jozy Altitodre did last season. Davies had great potential and suffered a serious setback, but he is being given another chance and it is up to him to show that he has matured physically, mentally and emotionally enough to become the impact player everyone thought he would be.
Posted Thursday April 19, 2012, About: Blanc open to Chelsea job
Keep DiMateo. If next season starts to slide, Roman can always ax him then. He's turning Chelsea's season around. won't be his fault if they don't make top 4, he's done his part to get them there. Use the money they save on keeping DiMateo on a couple of good defenders and maybe some additional midfield help for Matta.
Posted Wednesday April 04, 2012, About: Welker a camp no-show?
Just another case of an agent telling his client that he needs to play coy and at least let the team think he will hold out or else they lose all bargaining leverage. Of course, with NE, there is no bargaining leverage. If a player and his agent want too much money, or more than NE is willing to pay, they will just say good bye and good luck.
Posted Saturday March 24, 2012, About: Hoge: Tebow, Jets are clueless
While Tim Tebow might not be the best QB in the NFL by any stretch of the imagination, Merril Hoge has been riding his a** since before he was drafted and just sounds like he's jealous of Tebow. I don't get the Jets trading for Tebow either, but he did win 8 games last year for a team that wasn't planned to go anywhere so he deserves a chance to mature and grow. continuing to bust his balls just is bad form and sounds like sour grapes.
Posted Sunday December 04, 2011, About: Why Colts should part with Peyton
It isn't going to happen. Peyton isn't leaving the Colts until he is ready to retire and it will be his decision. all this talk about not being able for Luck and Peyton to coexist on the same roster is nonsense. This will be similar to the Green Bay situation with Rodgers and Favre except Peyton will know when to call it quits and turn the reigns over to Luck and that isn't this year. Let Luck sit behind Peyton for 2-3 years, learn from a master of his craft and then take over. - From a die hard Patriot's fan but I still think Peyton is one heck of a QB.
Posted Wednesday October 26, 2011, About: Tevez to sue Man City
Oh and as far as defamation of character, that should be an easy win for Mancini. Tevez has proven with his leveraged departure from West Ham and his hired mercenary arrival in Man City from ManU that he has no character to defame.
Posted Wednesday October 26, 2011, About: Tevez to sue Man City
Tevez needs to stop acting like a whinny baby and play for his $1.6M a MONTH! Jeez, for $1.6M a YEAR I would do whatever the manager asked me to do, including wash his car and pick up his laundry. These professional athletes need to start acting like professionals.
Posted Wednesday October 26, 2011, About: Chandler compares owners to dictators
What Chandler is saying is "The Owners are not giving us what we want so they are acting like dictators". All of these players are whinny, primadonas that should spend a little time in the "real world" and see how real people, with real jobs live. Employees don't get to demand anything from their employers. If you don't like your job conditions, do like everyone else does, find another job. Otherwise, shut up and play the GAME!
Posted Tuesday October 18, 2011, About: League official blames Garnett for [bleeping] things up
Just like the NFL, the players WILL give in in the end. Everyone is correct that the owners let the salaries spiral out of control, but they are well within their rights and privilege as owners to do everything they can to bring them back under control. there are owners that are losing money and no business stays in business if it isn't making a healthy profit. no more than 50/50 should be expected and since the owners take all the risk 48/52 makes more sense to me.
Posted Monday August 22, 2011, About: Broncos ready to cut Tebow?
I continue to be amazed at the level of hatred towards Tim Tebow. He didn't force Denver to trade pics to take him in the 1st round. He didn't ask for all the attention. All he ever wanted to do is play football. Would there be so much hatred towards him if he had been picked in the 3rd or 4th round instead of the 1st round? I say, tell the media to back off and let the Broncos figure out what they have or don't have. they aren't going to cut him. they can carry 3 QBs on the active roster and there is a lot Tebow can do with the ball, especially short yardage that neither Orton or Quinn are capable of.
Posted Friday August 12, 2011, About: Romanowski rips McNabb; would lay Tebow out, too
Why does anyone care what Romanowski thinks? Steroids must have fried his brain. There hasn't been anything even mildly intelligent coming out of his mouth since he retired.
Posted Wednesday August 03, 2011, About: Tebow not No. 1 ... and it's not close
Everyone just needs to remember that this whole thing is the making of the management staff in Denver. Tebow and Orton have both taken the high road by saying they want to start, but the best QB to give the team a shot at winning should be starting. I think Denver needs to keep Orton around for another year and see if Tebow can become the "real deal" or not. If he can't, next years QB draft should be solid and at a fraction of the cost due to the new CBA.
Posted Wednesday June 29, 2011, About: Lockout one, big money grab for owners
If I hear one more time about how greedy the owners are I'm going to scream. The NFL is a business. The goal of business is to improve profit for the shareholders. The players were getting approximately 50% of all income. In what universe do the employees of any other business get 50% of all income? I'll tell you, NONE!
Posted Saturday May 14, 2011, About: Davies eyes national team return
Not necessarily. I believe DC United have an option to change the loan to a permanent deal at the end of the loan.
Posted Friday October 29, 2010, About: Maradona wants to manage Arsenal or Chelsea
The only team Maradona should be coaching is the local prison team. He must be back on the white powder if he thinks he's going to get the mangerial job at Chelsea or Arsenal
Posted Sunday July 25, 2010, About: Lack of new contract frustrating Brady?
The Brady haters should just shut up. This has nothing to do about more money, it has everything to do with stability. Brady has proven in the past that he is a team player by taking far less than market value in order for the Pats to put together a championship caliber team. Now he just wants to know that he will be taken care of for the next 5-6 years. The team needs to pay up this time.

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