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Posted Sunday November 11, 2012, About: MO.T.H.E.R F>U!!CKIN!&K CHEATING F&UC)(KING REFS
PLANE- Is your avatar a picture of a shiny bronze tone buffed out Joe Pa?

Me THINKS-You might want to reconsider that one~~~ eeek
Posted Saturday November 10, 2012, About: MO.T.H.E.R F>U!!CKIN!&K CHEATING F&UC)(KING REFS
Joe Mammy- your insight was better than mine- I had NO IDEA about the officating crew ~ Good input~
Posted Saturday November 10, 2012, About: MO.T.H.E.R F>U!!CKIN!&K CHEATING F&UC)(KING REFS
I carried that LOSS for 30 years~ Everyone knew it was a blown call~ so in fairness- I know what PSU is feeling. I do not mean to gloat- Just providing a perspective as a back drop to his justifable rants~~
Posted Saturday November 10, 2012, About: MO.T.H.E.R F>U!!CKIN!&K CHEATING F&UC)(KING REFS
Karma is a ****- Sometimes it takes a while to arrive but when it does- SMACK-DADDY-

My question is~~~~~

Did this call cost PSU the NATIONAL TITLE?NO! ?
Because in 1982 - Nebraska played Penn State AT BEAVER STADIUM- and with 13 seconds left, Blackledge found a wide open Mike McCloskey streaking towards the pylon. Blackledge tossed the ball in McCloskey???s direction, but the pass led McCloskey out of bounds, where he caught the ball.

That is, according to everyone except the official responsible with the call. The official ruled McCloskey caught it in bounds and stepped out at the 2-yard line with nine seconds remaining. The Lions would finish off the drive with a touchdown and a 27-24 win.

Nearly two decades after McCloskey???s greatest non-catch of his career, he admitted he was out of bounds.

Oh that KARMA-What a ****!-
Posted Friday March 02, 2012, About: Ward to be Released by the Steelers
Steelers are loaded with FAST YOUNG talent at linebacker. Farrior'e football IQ may be what they'll miss. But his body was slowing down and was no surprise that he was released. Steelers need O-line help and corners, but heck I may have just described 96% og the teams out there:
Recieving core: WOW~ If we are able to keep Wallace~ Brown-Sanders- Wallace~+ HEATH MILLER::
Posted Friday March 02, 2012, About: Ward to be Released by the Steelers
I don't think he'll go to Cleveland, he still wants to play Pro Football::
Posted Friday March 02, 2012, About: Ward to be Released by the Steelers
Love Hines: LOVED the way he played,: he was the complete football player, it's a sad day in the burgh. BUT: Hines only knows 1 way to play and at 36, he lost some quick in his feet. The concussion he suffered from that headshot he took from that murderer Linebacker sealed his future.
I would have liked to see him come back as a recievers or special teams coach in Pittsburgh. Hines Knows football. He'll probably end up in a studio for one of the networks.
If he returns somewhere, it maybe for only a partial season and done. He would be a great situational reciever for someone or to bring in to smart'n up a few young recievers on how to professional football player that happens to be a reciever: ::
I use to make fun of the bengals and all their player arrests, turmoil and stupid actions:; But lately: well:: I guess "What goes around- Comes around: With: Ben, Hines & James Harrison all making headlines all I can do now and hope for training camp to START ASAP!~!!!!
Hey; I like the woo is me- underdog role we're in: Yes I saw the hit and I cringed. certainly expected Roger's BUTT BOYS to toss the flag as instructed. I'm sure the fine imposed on the officiating crew will go un reported: Wasn't that Ed :OH MY GOD-LOOK AT MY GUNS-they're HUGE" Hoceley's crew officiating that game:? REALLY expected a flag: He gets more face time than Lindsay Lohan on the National Enquirer:
EASY: Because they'd rather pray soccel not flootbar
Delta: Guess I don't care!
thought you were gone:: Ummm BYE=BYE
Ummmmmm BYE-BYE
I guess until we have 2-3 NFL franchises with Black ownership or the NBA with 7 of 12 white players on every team , race will always be a viewed through a social micoscope.
I also believe that in todays world, equality and fairness is based more on the CHARACTER of the individual and much less on the color of anyone's skin, and the use of skin color (ANY COLOR) is recognized for what it is : just justifying someones own failures and shortcomings and used as an excuse for thoses failures.
I am hopefull that my children and grandchildren continue to see and judge all people through their efforts and attempts at achievement not just skin tone or the sum total of their wins and losses.
Sports and Race sure makes for a lively conversation::
This post was very interesting: The writer, RIGHTFULLY expresses that Falcon management had and expressed concerns about a negitive backlash from the black community when vICK WAS indited AND ultimately WENT to jail. I remember seeing, on ESPN and nightly news a long RACIAL divide line on the road leading to falcons 1st day of training camp. Angry White folks on the left side of the road, signs in hand (dog killer etc:) and Angry black folks on the right side on the road with signs in their hands supporting Vick. Does this clearly indicate that some NFL ownership uses RACE in their decision or is it just another pebble to place on the DECISION SCALE?

The Sanchez reference also seems interesting ( remember the dodgers excitement with Valenzela) or Seattle's run at Ichiro Suzuki : were these signings about Talent or Race to attract a local market and market$$ or both?
Sad to say, it's exactly what has happened to Ohio State's Pryor. This talent has NOT been nurtured in any real way to be ready to move to the next level. His mechanics are still at a High School level, but his physical talents are throuigh the roof: How has THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY done anything but fail this kid in life?
Orac: Your points are well taken and fair.
I also appreciate your control in not being inflammatory.
I still hold that racism is not about power, rather hate and ignorance; coming together: a position held by many, throughout the world.
In this case maybe we can agree to disagree.
Sorry for the social commentary; Now back to FOOTBALL:
Looks like we have some interesting thoughts:

I, never personally bought into the whole "You got to have power over another group" thing, to be a racist:: To me: Judging anyone by theire skin tone or color = RACIST.

Growing up and in highschool and college in the 70's, I heard militant apologists use the ridiculously silly: " You have to have Power to be a racist" believing that they could excuse themselves from the conversation with that ignorant comment. To me and Dictionary.com it seems that one group hates or sterotypes people by the color of their skin and or religion::
COLOR THEM A RACIST: But understand that door swings both ways:

Heres what I know: As a Steelers fan, our QB ( Big Ben) was suspended for 4-6 games: We had 3 QB's: (Leftwich, Dixon and Batch) ALL we wanted and cared about was WHO gave us the best chance for a W.
Okay: NOW as a steelers fan:
I'm not sure Polamalu would be faked out of his jockstrap, however I could see him being dragged down the field 12-20 yards with one hand on Cam's waistline until some assistance arrived:::::
Thank you and if my reply seemed aggressive I too apoligize (group hug): I truely believe that the QB that gives my team the best chabce to win NEEDS to start:
My wife and I raised 3 kids and purposely move into a diversed suburban neighborhood outside Pittsburgh. We became a second home to many of their friends ( black and white) and still see many of the kids (NOW men and women). I was also a bouncer in the 90's at a club that was 90-95% black patrons that never disrespected me, nor I never disrespected anyone. My post was based on a very simple thought: After listening to some DC Sports radio, I heard some black folks call in and use reasoning that I would NEVER allow my children to use. A RACIST COMMENT is RACIST.
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