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Posted Sunday January 13, 2013, About: Why SDSU should follow Boise State's lead
San Diego State should keep its options open until the last moment for one good reason. The Mountain West doesn't want to retain San Diego State as an equal in this conference. The rumors persist that the offer to San Diego State was lo-balled, and it would take years to recover financially, should the Aztecs take this offer. Also, enough of the conference schools in the Mountain West have said that they do not want the Aztecs back in the Mountain West. The rule calls for 75% of the MW schools to vote for San Diego State to be re-admitted to the MWC. This only leaves two options should this occur, and the first would be playing football in the Big East in 2013. The second would be to play football as an independent. In either case San Diego State would play all other sports besides football in the Big West. This why an early decision will not come before January 31, 2013, when the offer from the Mountain West expires. My support as a season ticket holder, and as an Alumni member at San Diego State, will always be in what the President, AD, and what powers have decision-making capability stipulate is best for athletics, and the institution as a whole.
Posted Saturday December 22, 2012, About: Report: Mark Sanchez will be Jets No. 2 QB Sunday
In any other season of the last ten years this would be a premium match-up of two good teams, but not this year. This match-up is the worst of the year, and the only good thing that will happen is that one team should win. Mark Sanchez should be grateful that his QB rating will not be declining, but Phillip Rivers will be lucky if he doesn't throw his usual three interceptions, and watch his rating descend. My pick is for the Jet's to win by one, and the o/under would be 27.
Posted Saturday December 11, 2010, About: Foley offering the nation's best coaching job?
Is Lane Kiffin Available? No! Yes! Lane likes the potential of the job at Michigan, better! Well, that is a good choice Lane, the people at Tennessee are still burning the likeness of you! Remember that Florida and Tennessee are in the SEC. What? I hear the fans at USC, and they want a rope! Lane, hi-tail-it for Mexico, and I think that they are still playing football at Mexico City Tech. Just remember that in Mexico it is a high stakes game. If you loose you become Pazole In A Drum!
Posted Saturday December 11, 2010, About: Foley offering the nation's best coaching job?
My choice is anyone named Kiffin! If it is Lane hold onto your shorts when Florida meets Tennessee!

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