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Posted Thursday November 10, 2011, About: The NFL's most overrated player
if everyone thinks Tebow sucks, how can he also be overrated?
Posted Monday October 31, 2011, About: White: GSP 'flipped out' over Diaz's comments
condit will have a number one contender fight on same card, if he wins he takes winner of Diaz-GSP.
Posted Monday October 03, 2011, About: Bills D shrinks from challenge
letdown after a big game. defense hasn't been that good this year, so not a huge surprise they couldn't stop Cincy at the end. the real question is offense, after facing 3 of 11 worst defenses, came across a top 5 and put up half the points. need to be able to put up points on good and bad defenses, not just bad ones.
Posted Wednesday May 25, 2011, About: Dareus to teammates: Call me Hulk
only buy it if he wears green sleeves during games, and is good. until then known as Potential Bills Bust #337
Posted Thursday May 12, 2011, About: Ochocinco should think twice about stunts
in violation of what contract? currently the team is not paying him anything, so if he wants to go play soccer or ride a bull, that's his business. he's just doing what he usually does, getting attention. kinda was hoping he'd make the KC squad so some of that attention would go to soccer too.
Posted Friday May 06, 2011, About: Mallett ready for 'payback' on AFC East foe
Patriots passed on Mallett 5 times.... payback.
Posted Tuesday March 29, 2011, About: Bills to draft against need?
yeah, dude looks like he's been lost in the woods... perhaps it's a metaphor
Posted Tuesday March 29, 2011, About: Bills to draft against need?
definitely, there's tons of questions on whether he can step up and handle rigors of NFL offense and reading defenses. assuming they don't screw it up, i think the Browns actually got a steal when they got McCoy in 3rd last year. guy won 45 games in D1, that guy showed it on the field and consistently for 4 years.

unfortunately Bills are my team, and appear to be making no moves to improve themselves. worst rush D? let's draft a quarterback...... oy.
Posted Tuesday March 29, 2011, About: Bills to draft against need?
same here. he's had one good season. he's almost as much hype as he is substance. last time Bills took a guy with one good season, they drafted Maybin, who has all of 24 tackles in two seasons and can't get into lineup. and they took him in first round!
Posted Tuesday March 29, 2011, About: Bills to draft against need?
if i thought the Bills management had half a brain amongst them, i'd think this was a smokescreen to draw interest in their 3rd overall pick from teams that are after Newton. at this point, i can only hope Carolina takes Newton forcing the Bills to take someone else (probably Gabbert since it's not a need). meanwhile they will continue to have the league's worst rush defense.
Posted Wednesday March 23, 2011, About: Is 'Bones' Jones too cocky?
i doubt Rashad will back out, but it doesn't look good for him. Jones is just so much bigger than the competition, most LHW are aroudn 6-1 with 75 in. reach. Jones is 6-4 and 84 in reach, Rua looked like a different weight class next to him. Only guy I see having a good shot at beating him is actually Phil Davis. 4-0 in UFC, not as big a disadvantage in size and very good wrestling to counter Jones' striking.
Posted Tuesday March 15, 2011, About: Bills, Vikings lining up for Cam Newton
that's a huge IF they are smart. what they really need is to draft a DL like Dareus or Fairley first round. Second round get an OL, maybe Watkins from Baylor if he's still there. Build a team then worry about a QB next year when you have a shot at like Luck. what they really will do is draft Cam Newton and a punt returner in second round and continue to be bottom of division.
Posted Thursday February 24, 2011, About: Combine could push Miller to top five
Not if the Bills get him first. We need a linebacker, and a safety, quarterback, wide receiver, defensive line, offensive line, GM, owner....but NOT a move to Toronto.
Posted Tuesday February 22, 2011, About: Bills front-runners for Sanders?
probably won't be much given his history and low demand for his services. between sanders and merriman, Bills are building toward the bright future of 2005
Posted Tuesday January 25, 2011, About: Herschel Walker attempting NFL comeback?
actually he won his first fight and fights again this weekend. he probably sees that he won't ever be in the big money so i guess feeling out his options. plus his fights were a year apart, probalby not a very steady income.
Posted Wednesday January 12, 2011, About: Haley gains unflattering new rep
Gailey didn't leave for the Bills job. He was hired in '08 for Chiefs o-coord job, coached 3 preseason games, was fired. Didn't coach in '09. I guess the Bills thought he'd be fresh and rested to be head coach in '10. Not saying Haley isn't difficult to work with, just think Gailey is crap.
Posted Tuesday December 07, 2010, About: Niners put playoff hopes in hands of Alex Smith
Yes, put the team in Alex's tiny tiny hands. Troy Smith is 3-2, Alex Smith is 1-6....
Posted Tuesday November 30, 2010, About: Elway may be the answer in Denver
true, though the Bills did this under Jauron, start bad, play strong in the middle, do just enough to convince us things would be better next year....
Posted Tuesday November 30, 2010, About: Elway may be the answer in Denver
wouldn't that make the Bills the laughingstock of the league since they are the gold standard other bad teams are compared to?
Posted Tuesday November 30, 2010, About: Redskins irked by home field disadvantage
i was at the game, fans were good until the end when the defense couldn't get a single stop and left Favre get the final first down with his legs....
Posted Wednesday November 10, 2010, About: Stanton preparing as Lions starter
not like he has to throw, just hand off to Best against league's worst rush defense

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