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Posted Wednesday December 11, 2013, About: Rodgers done for the year?
For some reason my phone decided to replace symptom with system.
Posted Wednesday December 11, 2013, About: Rodgers done for the year?
Capers is part of the problem, but cutting him loose isn't the solution honestly. Capers can only use what's given to him, and 95% of that team is entirely Ted Thompson picks. The defensive issues are more of a Ted Thompson system than a Dom Capers system. When Capers had the right defensive talent, Green Bay won a Super Bowl.
Posted Thursday August 08, 2013, About: Jennings calls out 'total brainwashing' in Green Bay
I would have at least given you a pass with Minnesota, but Detroit? Really? The team that hasn't won in Green Bay since 1991? The Lions are going to be nice and cozy in the basement most of the season, at best they're going to be a 3rd place team.

I personally think the Vikings are a wild card team at best. Peterson simply isnt going to be able to replicate the same level of effectiveness he had last year, and last year the Vikings needed every last bit of his career year in order to eek their way into the playoffs. Jennings might end up being a cancer to that team by week 10 when he's whining that his QBs aren't throwing him the ball enough, assuming Jennings is still healthy by then.
Posted Thursday August 08, 2013, About: Jennings calls out 'total brainwashing' in Green Bay
They did pretty well last year with no defense, a poor offensive line, and no running game. I don't see why it will be any different this year. The NFC North just doesn't have any real competition for Green Bay.

The Vikings' team photo consists of only Adrian Peterson, the Lions' have too many maturity issues, and the Bears have been an overrated team with a mediocre QB for a few years.
Posted Thursday August 08, 2013, About: Jennings calls out 'total brainwashing' in Green Bay
I'm pretty sure Jennings' objective is to have both Minnesota and Green Bay fans hating him before opening day kickoff.
Posted Monday June 10, 2013, About: Rodgers figures he's about halfway to career goal
Let's wait a couple of years and see if he still thinks this way after he realizes Ted Thompson's never going to put anything beyond mediocre talent around him and realizes Dom Capers is completely washed up. Plus, Rodger's own contract is going to sink the franchise in a few years.
Posted Friday June 07, 2013, About: Favre shoulders blame for Packers split
I'm just happy to see that a Packers/Favre reconciliation is starting to happen. Favre's far too important to the Packers' legacy to be shunned away, no matter how ugly their breakup was.
Posted Tuesday May 07, 2013, About: Noah lashes out at Rose critics
I have no dog in this race, but the Knicks are pretty overrated.
Posted Tuesday May 07, 2013, About: Noah lashes out at Rose critics
"'s really funny how quick people are to judge"

Rose was cleared to play 2 months ago, this stopped being a knee-jerk reaction a while ago and turned into "Okay, so when the hell is this guy actually going to play again".
Posted Monday May 06, 2013, About: Tim Tebow headed to ESPN or Fox?
Well, I'm legitimately curious how good of an analyst he could make. He certainly can't be worse than some of the clowns ESPN currently employs.
Posted Friday April 19, 2013, About: Rodgers on Jennings: 'Who?'
Pretty much this. People seem to overlook that there were a bunch of iffy things on MLB's side of the Braun case too.
Posted Friday April 19, 2013, About: Rodgers on Jennings: 'Who?'
Honestly I don't think Braun was actually on something (though I think there's another Brewer or two who actually are), but I won't deny that it's pretty damn hard to defend Braun. The main thing I say is that while there are shady things with Braun's claims to innocence, there were some shady things on MLB's side of that whole thing too.
Posted Friday April 19, 2013, About: Rodgers on Jennings: 'Who?'
What are you talking about? Rodgers actually shows up for the post-season.
Posted Thursday March 14, 2013, About: Jennings visiting Vikings, after all?
If Jennings is even remotely concerned about his stats he should know he shouldn't sign with Minnesota. I think he's going to re-sign with the Packers though. Green Bay at least needs to do SOMETHING this off season (seriously, Welker or Bush would have looked fantastic in Packer uniforms)
Posted Tuesday January 08, 2013, About: Rob Parker: ESPN knew about "cornball" statement
Rush Limbaugh got fired for saying something a lot less offensive than what Parker said.

(What Limbaugh said was also true, to boot)
Posted Wednesday January 02, 2013, About: Emery hitches wagon to 'franchise' QB Cutler
Why would you hitch your job's future onto a guy who's only won a single playoff game in his career, and that win came against a sub .500 team.
Posted Monday December 17, 2012, About: Stafford's job is safe
Stafford threw for 5000 yards last season, he's earned some job security. What he needs is a coach who will sit him down and fix his mechanics.
Posted Wednesday December 05, 2012, About: End of an era in Chicago
I see the Bears going 2-2 at best. People seem to conveniently overlook the fact that the Bears have struggled big time against other playoff contending teams this year.
Posted Tuesday December 04, 2012, About: Do Jets coaches think Tim Tebow's a bust?
It's hard to say Tebow's a bust when you never play him

Plus, what do you have to lose by playing him at this point? Even if Tebow is awful, it's not like Sanchez was any better.
Posted Thursday November 01, 2012, About: Mario Williams: 'I had no other choice'
"I had no other choice"

Your choice was to take less money to stay with a better team. Granted, the average professional athlete these days doesn't comprehend the notion that everything you can do with 20 million dollars you can also do with 15 million dollars.
Posted Thursday November 01, 2012, About: Why Milwaukee makes little sense for Hamilton
Why Milwaukee makes perfect sense for Josh Hamilton

-Avoids big market pressure cooker cities
-Will have plenty of safety in the lineup
-Brewers still need a replacement for Prince Fielder
-Milwaukee wont overpay for Hamilton
-Miller Park is very accommodating to Hamilton's power

Yeah, Milwaukee needs a little bullpen help. But that doesn't instantly mean that Milwaukee makes zero sense for Hamilton. This kind of sounds like a media ploy to stop Hamilton from signing with a smaller market team.
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