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Posted Tuesday November 13, 2012, About: A&M copyrighting "Johnny Football"
It might be quite a trademark to have if he wins 3 or 4 Heismans.
Posted Friday March 23, 2012, About: Leach returns a program to the spotlight
I'm not a TT fan, but look where they ended up. And they owe it all to Craig James, who decided he could run for office in Texas and couldn't drum up ONE vote. If ESPN had any cojones they would fire him.
Posted Wednesday September 28, 2011, About: Big 12 would survive without Mizzou
While the thought of a "stake through bevo's heart" is an appealing thought, it isn't going to happen. Texas' now can be in a conference with a bunch of nobodies and thump them thoroughly every year, lose to OU every year and still get a major bowl because the voters in these stupid polls are idiots who don't even watch football. UT is made up of cowards and bullies who last year took a team of the top recruits in the state for four consecutive years (and top 5 in the country) and went 5-7 losing to traditional powers UCLA, Iowa State, Kansas State and, oh yeah, the team that went to the SEC.
Posted Monday September 26, 2011, About: Leach to get his shot at New Mexico?
Wow. Talk about a challenge.
Posted Saturday September 03, 2011, About: Does OU's Pac-12 bid hinge on UT?
OU can't go anywhere without tag-along OSU and their multi-billionaire backer/mouthpiece. SEC and PAC-whatever don't want OSU. Problem. As far as Texas is concerned I agree with above statement - I can tell them exactly where to go. Oh wait, the Aggies already did that.
Posted Saturday September 03, 2011, About: Does OU's Pac-12 bid hinge on UT?
Supposedly, OU can't go anywhere without OSU and their multi-billionaire backer/mouthpiece. The SEC definitely does not want OSU - they have enough academic slackards now. But, the PAC-whatever has bad TV coverage for the East and Central Time Zone, so....... Agree with someone above - I can easily tell Texas where to go. Oh wait, A&M already did that.
Posted Saturday March 19, 2011, About: Does any team want Vince Young?
Good analysis. Great college player, no pro potential. Amazing how Mack Brown can cover up for all his players but the NFL struggles.
Posted Friday January 28, 2011, About: A&M-to-SEC is inevitable
Guess what. Aggie insiders say SEC in 2012 is a done deal. The question remaining is who goes with them. OU was a target for the SEC but now they are negotiating their own independent deal. The problem with the Big 12 is that beating the lesser teams doesn't gain you anything. e.g. the 21-14 win over Texas in Austin caused the Ags to drop in the polls. A&M doesn't need Texas or ZeroU anymore. And by the way, the incoming class at A&M is second in the nation in National Merit Scholars, only to U. of Chicago. Hmm, no other Big 12 schools in the top 25?
Posted Sunday January 02, 2011, About: Who will Pitt turn to next?
Leach is the best coach available for anyone. There are fears because no one knows where ESPN stands on the Craig James, aka "the whining daddy" debacle.

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