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Posted Friday February 21, 2014, About: Trouble looming for Fitzgerald in Arizona
Redskins have the $$ and need a guy who can catch....and not smoke weed and get DUIs....
Posted Monday February 03, 2014, About: Manning rattled by 'embarrassing' question
Peyton did a lousy job blocking for himself on the line...he didn't give himself time to throw. Besides, it's Peyton's fault the receivers were covered like blankets.
Posted Friday December 27, 2013, About: Redskins coaches hint the end is near
Best thing for the Skins: Shanahan / Snyder murder suicide.

Seriously, the best move is to get a GM that actually does something, allow him to pick the coaches, etc, and have Danny sit with duct tape over his mouth.
Posted Wednesday November 20, 2013, About: Teammate Moss fires back at RGIII
I'm a life long Skins fan. First, the Shanahan experiment is over. Kyle is horrible, just horrible. Second, the other coaches must go as well. Third, RG3 needs a QB coach to bring him down to earth a bit. If nobody is open, throw the ball AWAY, not towards AWAY. That was just a horrible attempt to throw the ball away, and he has the arm for it. The next round of coaches need to teach him to read the D better (of course, having an offensive line wouldn't hurt). RG3 is incredibly talented, but missing training camp, not being mobile for the first 6 games, and believing that he's invincible add up to trouble.
Posted Friday September 27, 2013, About: Shanahan admits offense is losing shock factor
I am in DC and no, we don't expect to run the table, especially with the difficulty of the schedule. Starting with game 5, the D should improve in the middle (when two suspended players come back). We also believe (perhaps hope, rather than believe) that RG3 will get through his real season pre-season. He's got to make better decisions.

Of course, Kyle Shanahan is a terrible play caller. When in the red zone with a guy with a laser arm, you have to call at least ONE play where you send receivers into the end zone. He's a tool and only has a job because of his dad. RG3 needs to call the plays..just point to the helmet like it's a communications problem!
Posted Thursday August 29, 2013, About: Jones: I have the brain of a 40-year-old
Is that the same brain that believes Romo will lead them to a Super Bowl victory?
Posted Thursday June 27, 2013, About: Caps won't trade Neuvirth
I'm happy having both of those guys on the team! With a full season and training camp ahead of them, there's time to buy into the Oates system...looking forward to a full season of hockey....for now, it's baseball (snooooooooze)...
Posted Wednesday June 26, 2013, About: James on 2014 'Decision': 'I don't know'
He will be in LA after they lose next year, but he will do it without the ego-inflated fanfare from before. Bosh will be gone due to $$ and the fact that he's not needed....Wade will grow more unhappy since he's not "da man" anymore. Hoewever, the NBA will still coddle LeBron, and allow him to get away with his flopping....in LA, they will call it acting...
Posted Tuesday June 18, 2013, About: Was Crosby robbed of Hart?
kick him in the va gin a
Posted Tuesday June 18, 2013, About: Was Crosby robbed of Hart?
He's a ****. Tell him to go back to Mario's basement where he's Mario's gimp. He's whining about the last series 2 weeks later. Someone needs to kick him in the ****...
Coming from the laziest disappointing QB ever....Donovan had no work ethic, not wonder he's pissed that someone else does....
Posted Thursday May 16, 2013, About: Tortorella to Caps: Stop whining
The officiating in games 5 and 6 was horrendous, and certainly favored the Rangers (not that they have a power play). That is not an excuse, however. In the end, it was their goalie who made the difference. Two shut outs is impressive, and frustrating at the same time. The Caps played one bad game the entire series, which was game 7. Many shots, but not high quality shots and few second chances. Whining? Nope. To be honest, given that they had a new coach and 5 days with him before the shortened season started, I'm surprised they made the playoffs. They still need a few pieces, but I have to say Oates has done a pretty good job, and the team started buying into it the second half of the shortened season. The series was certainly exciting, regardless of which team you were rooting for....Here's to some more great games on the way to the cup!
Posted Monday May 13, 2013, About: Holtby accuses Dorsett of dirty hockey no-no
Poorly written...the author meant that they are undefeated in THIS series at home. Having been at the 1987 Game 7 3+ OT against the Islanders (friggin' LaFontaine ****), I know he didn't mean more than this series...
Posted Saturday April 27, 2013, About: Jets unlikely to keep Mark Sanchez
Sanchez will sign with the Cowboys...that would be hysterical!!
Posted Friday April 26, 2013, About: LeBron irked by DPOY snub
This from the guy who says it's not about him, but about the team...can't wait to see them bounced from the playoffs...
Posted Friday April 12, 2013, About: How Oates brought Ovechkin back from the brink
There's a reason they call the playoffs the second season. In hockey, you never know. That being said, it's not the Caps' year. Because of the lockout, they had 5 days with a new coach. The strike hit newly coached teams harder. Holtby is playing well, so you never know...even with half a season, it still beats the NBA, hands down.

Here's to some good hockey during the playoffs!
Posted Tuesday February 12, 2013, About: Pats ready to let Welker hit the market?
I agree, especially since Peyton's arm strength is not so great....short slant's to Welker usually end up with 10+ yards....good call!
Posted Friday February 01, 2013, About: Has Ovechkin lost interest?
They are sluggish and disorganized. Yes, they have a new coach and had 6 days to prepare with him, but they are just phoning it in. Ovie has not had interest since he skipped the practice before game 5 of the playoffs two years ago...yes, the "captain" skipped practice. He has been terrible since the sewed the "C" on his jersey. And I'm a life-long Caps fan....the Wizards may get more wins!!
Posted Friday February 01, 2013, About: Turgeon calls out his prized 7-footer
Perhaps he's trying to tell his "kid" not to let the reports go to his head, and that he has to play every game 100%. I have no problem with bringing these players down to earth....they will have plenty of time to stroke their own egos in the NBA, which is about all they do there...
Posted Wednesday January 23, 2013, About: Jerry Jones strips Jason Garrett of play-calling duties
Unless Jones already has a coach in mind, and knows that coach does not want to call plays, seems a bit premature to move the play-calling duties at this stage...then again, it is Jerry Jones, and his face is pulled way, way too tight...
Posted Tuesday January 22, 2013, About: Tim Brown accuses Callahan of Super Bowl sabotage
So what does that mean for two brothers coaching...they will tank themselves into a tie because they are brothers?
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