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Posted Tuesday April 15, 2014, About: Odom's arrival in New York imminent
I don't think Phil's going to coach, but whatever coach he gets, be it Kerr or Shaw.. He will be there during the offseason to put his imprint of this team. The are playing for him at this point & during that time is Lamar comes sober & ready to work.. Which I think he will if a Phil thinks he proved enough to give him a last shot. They will all listen because Phil will be there at practice backing up Lamar with what he's showing them & how the triangle works to it's fullest potential.
Posted Tuesday April 15, 2014, About: Odom's arrival in New York imminent
That response was for you.. Glad to get your input. I feel you man at this point why keep getting old washed up talent and not completely starting fresh & young. We aren't really going anywhere, but just give Phil his proper shot man.. He deserves that.. He's not an idiot.. He's going to need all the support he can get to turn this around.
Posted Tuesday April 15, 2014, About: Odom's arrival in New York imminent
Thanks laker fan for backing up my exact point. He was an important part of the offense during those championship laker years. He played the SF PF & even Center. He would be a great guy to show Amare, Melo, & Tyson the ropes & positionings in the triangle.
Posted Tuesday April 15, 2014, About: Odom's arrival in New York imminent
I'm not a huge laker fan, but Lamar was a huge X factor for those back to back championships with Kobe & Gasol. Your right you guys know more than the coach of those championship teams.
Posted Tuesday April 15, 2014, About: Odom's arrival in New York imminent
All this is heading towards someone running the team through the triangle offense. If not he will be cut before the next season starts. It's pretty simple to understand. It's just funny how Phil Jackson knows less than some of you fans about the situation & what he wants to implement. You can never win sometimes in NY.
Posted Thursday April 03, 2014, About: Vogel's message to his Pacers: Shut up
I really hope the Knicks can make that 8th seed & play the Pacers. That was a tough 6 game series last year & playing a tuned up Knicks team already in playoff mode is going to be a battle...But knowing our Knicks they will just miss the playoffs & let the Cavs in.
Posted Wednesday April 02, 2014, About: Mystery agency in Wiggins bidding
The money & the extra publicity it comes with it? Jay has the same high powered lawyers doing the contracts as these other agents. They aren't rolling up & rapping during negotiations. Scott Boras is that you?
Posted Thursday March 20, 2014, About: 'Melo set to explore his options
Melos not going anywhere if they finish the season strong.. Should of went with this starting 5 a long time ago.. If your going to go out in flames.. might as well go out with their stars swinging. If the Knicks can make it into the playoffs I know the pacers wouldn't want to see them.. Watching Amare play at this level again is great to see.. He could be a game changer down the stretch & into next year.. Let's Go Knicks.
Posted Sunday March 16, 2014, About: Phil Jackson improves Knicks' chances for landing LeBron
Well I can speak as Knicks fan & say there's a lot if excitement about this move here in NY. Some of these older Knick fans are just so use to losing that they don't know anything else.. Starting to sound links grumpy old men. The younger generation believes in change & it starts now. NY respects champions & will give the support to anyone with the balls to take on this challenge. It won't be easy but true NYers never give up & we are ready for war with Phil as our general. I like our chances.
Posted Saturday March 08, 2014, About: Report: Phil Jackson considering Knicks front-office offer
Championships do matter, but you also have to be the best player on your team/league.. Hence win the league MVP.. Finals MVP.. Russell fits into that category.. Not Robert Horry or any role player that bounced around teams & picked up rings.. The only thing during Russells era was that the league wasn't as deeply talented.. Hence why Jordan, magic, & bird always seem to leap frog bill. Lebron is winning rings & is the best player on his team & league.. He's right up there padding his credentials with how the greats are measured.
Posted Saturday March 08, 2014, About: Report: Phil Jackson considering Knicks front-office offer
This will be big for NY in terms of bringing new life & a proven winner.. If he can turn this franchise into a champio there would be no doubt he is one of the greatest basketball minds of all time. This is a challenge of epic proportion. Hope he gives it a shot.
Posted Sunday February 23, 2014, About: LeBron James to star in Space Jam 2
Terminator 2
Posted Thursday August 01, 2013, About: LeBron mulling union takeover
Little harsh no? But college basketball is just the same. Paying/Bribing athletes to go to bigger schools. Small colleges actually have less than 2/3 chance of winning it all. Education standards for the athletes are put far behind the dollars these schools make.. Got to love the purity of NCAA basstketball.
Posted Thursday August 01, 2013, About: LeBron mulling union takeover
Hey if George Bush could be the president of the United States then yeah, Lebron is more than qualified to be the president of the players union. Hes just a figure head..Their own union lawyers would handle everything that requires more than just a BA in business to negotiate. I rather go with the player that could draw the biggest guns to work with them. Lebron fits that bill.
Posted Friday July 05, 2013, About: Lakers to make a run at LeBron James in 2014?
Not so fast... I think Dwight stays if D'antoni goes & I think the lakers at this point will do whatever it takes.. Right or Wrong
Posted Wednesday June 19, 2013, About: Would players even welcome Doc back?
I wouldn't count the Spurs out.. With hot 3 point shooting.. the heat won't stand a chance, but I want to hear from all the people who earlier this year said Ray Allen wasn't going to play a big role for the Heat. Allen is clutch & if they do win.. They all earned their Championship as a "Team" . There is no game 7 without Allens heroics.
Posted Sunday December 30, 2012, About: Bills may fire Chan Gailey and GM
As a diehard bills fan I hope they get rid of Fitzpatrick too. They need a qb desperately. They have the potential, but without the right leader at the helm we are doomed for the same results.
Posted Wednesday November 21, 2012, About: Is Irving injury-prone?
Bust out the flow chart.. This is all part of the plan for that 2020
Posted Tuesday November 13, 2012, About: Heat now top K-Mart's wish list
I usually agree with you on a lot of things, but this is a reach. I think he is going to be just as important to the heat come playoff time when each good possession counts and plays are drawn up that need to be executed. Hes still as dangerous as it gets wide open off the screen on a inbound play. I think with guys his age is all about conserving them for when it counts. He will get his minutes up when they count the most and will earn his ring. No consolation prizes for him.
Posted Tuesday November 13, 2012, About: Jackson on Lakers call: 'Slimy,' 'weird'
To think this teams championship or bust this year is to unrealistic. I take the heat as a prime example.. They still needed time to gell. Phil Jackson coached included.. But what I do know the following year with his tweaks on personnel.. He would have a complete championship contending squad.
Posted Monday November 12, 2012, About: Why D'Antoni?
The cavs have a brights future, but as of today they are not better than the Knicks or even more entertaining to watch.. Being that the cavs record this year will be below .500 & not even making the playoffs. They are probably not making the playoffs next year.. So your taking a 2-3 year head start on the trash talking. Your flow chart shows the Cavs winning the Championship in Worst than a met fan to a Yankee fan right now.
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