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Posted Sunday July 22, 2012, About: Extend-and-trades would cost Howard, Bynum money
Howard's kind of been acting like a **** all summer. not even sure i want him on my team now. He is pissing me off almost as much as these cranes out here about to tear down the JoPa statue.....**** could have atleast made an announcement :(
Posted Tuesday July 17, 2012, About: Blazers will make Minnesota sweat
is it just me or have these owners, who were all complaining about finances during the lockout, throwing big money at weak ass players?!? After this season is over and they realize the Batums and Lins of the NBA aren't worth it they will be complaining again. Big name guys all went to major market teams too, another thing they bitched about that whole time. Allen to MIA, Nash to LA, Joe Johnson to NY, Kidd to NY, Sessions to the Bobcats (HA! Good riddance you scrub lol)......that last one was sarcastic if you couldn't tell.
Posted Monday June 25, 2012, About: Riley already past title: 'It is over'
Riley is one of the best ever and he is acting like you are supposed to act....professional. When you score a TD you aren't supposed to jump around, you are supposed to act like you been in the endzone before and will get there again soon. Same goes for winning NBA Titles. Pat Riley been there and done that. As a life-long Laker fan I say congrats to you Pat.
Posted Monday June 25, 2012, About: The best long-range shooter on the board
that isnt what he said at all. He said "it would be good if he had something like he had here with Kemba" Meaning he should play with a player who plays a similar style of basketball as Kemba Walker does in order for him to excel.
Posted Monday November 07, 2011, About: Ochocinco deletes female Twitter followers for fiancee
never understood these guys who ask how high every time a woman says jump. I aint never and will never cowtow to that kind of stuff and im not even close to being rich! i am pretty damn sexy for 36 though.....hahaha
Posted Thursday December 30, 2010, About: Time to sign V-Jax?
come on over and play for Oakland Vincent. It isn't far from San Diego at all and we are on the way up in the AFC West....well, everybody else might be on the way down too but we definitely improved this year and I hope the team keeps it up. Cable is turning out to be a pretty good coach. he surely isn't going to win anything over there with the Lord of No Rings running the show.
Posted Thursday December 23, 2010, About: Orton not on board with Tebow's time?
I'm pretty ticked off Orton isn't playing too. I got my big $$ league fantasy football superbowl this week and my two qbs, Orton and McNabb are both riding pine!!! Had to pick up Rex Grossman! I get sick just typing that. And to think I started the season with Drew Brees but traded him for LT cuz I needed a running back really bad. of course LT was doing good at the time and Brees was doing ok but Orton was a beast this year. I haven't even taken that sorry poopbutt mcnabb of the bench all season.
Posted Tuesday December 21, 2010, About: Raiders looking at punters
hey come on Raider haters. We are on our way back to the top! It may be a roundabout scenic way but we will get there.
Posted Thursday November 18, 2010, About: Lakers may be looking at Dampier
he sucks. he might be the last guy i would want playing center for my lakers.
Posted Sunday November 14, 2010, About: Why Moss won't last in Tennessee
wow you guys are pretty harsh. I mean it's been 1 game. The guy can't catch a pass if it aint thrown to him.
Posted Saturday November 13, 2010, About: Sources: Rubio won't be a Knick
Rubio won't even be in the NBA once the GMs realize that the league he currently does good in is not comparable to the NBA. It might take a few years but I just don't see him making an impact in this league. I said the same thing about Darko when the Pistons took him with #2 and I said the same thing about that Danillo dude for the Knicks and they both suck. I could be wrong though, i'm not a super genius, just a regular one
Posted Saturday November 13, 2010, About: Heat fans freaking out at 5-4
it doesn't matter what they do at all because the Lakers are going to 3peat
Posted Saturday November 13, 2010, About: Nets want more-decisive Lopez
we don't need or want his sorry butt on the lakers.
Posted Tuesday November 09, 2010, About: Iverson mobbed in Istanbul
maybe the 2nd biggest star. I'm pretty sure Bald Bull from Punchout is from Istanbul as well.
Posted Friday November 05, 2010, About: Love: Wolves 'way, way better' than blowout losses
I'm a Laker fan and big Knicks hater because i think they make very stupid off-court moves and I couldn't agree more. David Lee is an excellent player and the Knicks should have never let him go if they could avoid it.
Posted Friday November 05, 2010, About: Collins misses second half of first win
that was Meniere's disease but i guess i can't put the accents above the E's cuz it made a lot of it ???? instead
Posted Friday November 05, 2010, About: Collins misses second half of first win
why doesn't he just sit down? Maybe he has M??ni??re's disease or drinks a lot. I would too if i was the coach of the 76ers. Vertigo is due to an inner ear problem and it causes you to throw up a lot and feel sick to your stomach. I live in Central PA so I get to watch all the 76ers games on Comcast and I feel that way too afterwards. Maybe I have it. Good thing I'm a Laker fan though.
Posted Friday October 29, 2010, About: Griffin stealing LA's hoops heart?
hey Kevin Duckworth was good man. How about some respect for the dead.....btw I LOVE your Kurt Rambis icon. that is Kurt right? I remember back in the early 80s a had a poster of him on my wall, grabbing a rebound of course cuz he didnt do much else. he was my favorite laker back then.
Posted Friday October 29, 2010, About: Griffin stealing LA's hoops heart?
he is a great player and he should stay right where he is. He plays in the greatest place to play, albeit for the wrong team, and I'm sure its a great place to be (I'm from the east coast so I dont know from experience). a true superstar and real man plays for the team that drafted him and welcomes the challenge of taking the Clippers from laughingstock to champion. the challenge is part of what drives a great player and I for one would hate to see him leave to go ride somebody else's coattails
Posted Friday October 29, 2010, About: Mavs pass over Haywood for Chandler
those wonderful glorious opulent rings he got say NBA on them.
Posted Friday October 29, 2010, About: Mavs pass over Haywood for Chandler
i agree 100% percent. Kidd is washed up and Dirk is unable to lead his team to glory. Although, he does give it a valiant effort and I applaud him for that.

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