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Posted Sunday May 08, 2011, About: Mavs Spank Lakers
Bynaum is ALWAYS injured that that punk has the audacity to elbow spear/clothes line a 6 foot (if that )point guard in the air when L.A. was down by 30. He could have ended that guys career.
Well Andrew Karma is waiting for you so wear an extra knee brace.
As for Lamar trying to body check Dallas' star player...that was weak. period.

Artest , Bynum, Odom = sore losers

Stay Classy Los Angeles! ROFL
Kobe is hated / loved on the road like Jordan was ..... the comparison stops right there. Kobe will never be what Jordan was to the NBA. Period.

Except maybe during every post game interview when Kobe < lowers his voice an octave or two and tries to do his best voice and mannerism impersonation of the stoic yet confident Michael Jordan.
The greater L.A. area gave up on two NFL franchises because they were losers. The Clippers benefit from playing in the same building as the Lakers. (Kinda like the Lakers J.V. team )
the average attendance for the Clippers in the L.A sports arena before moving to the Staples center was round 11,000 ...The year the Clippers moved to the Staples center 1999-2000 the attendance jumped to over 13,000 per game and is now at 15 to 16,000 a game.

If the clippers played elsewhere in L.A. would they get the support they get now?

The Kings are rebuilding and have the 2nd worst record in the league. The People in Orange County will probably welcome their new NBA team with open arms at first. Have a parade at Disneyland and Downtown Disney and then show up to the first 20 games or so.

The Kings (opps Royals) will not a playoff team anytime soon. When they continue to win under 25 games a year ...does anyone really think the So Cals will support them when all they have to do is switch the channel to the Laker game.

For the record I am a Warriors fan but I think it is crazy for the NBA to put a 3rd team in the L.A. Its bad for the league. period.
Posted Thursday March 10, 2011, About: Westbrook Talking with Reid!...? uhhhh
As a 49ers fan ...I like having depth at running back... If he misses Philly he should do what he needs to do.

He was injured at the beginning of the year (shocker!) he contributed at the end of the season when Gore went down.

At this stage in his career he should be happy S.F. wanted him. Maybe he just wants to retire an Eagle ...if that is the case I can't fault him for that.
Posted Thursday March 10, 2011, About: Is Kobe Bryant better than MichaelJordan?
Kobe is the best in the NBA now and has been for sometime.

I had the pleasure of seeing them both play. Jordan only a few times ..(tickets for bulls games were hard to come by in the late 80s -early 90s

I don't think it close though, Jordan was the best to ever lace'm up. period

Remember, Jordan played at the end of the 'Real basketball era' when players could actually play defense with out a foul being called every 45 seconds. The game is soft now.

Those years where the Pistons roughed him up helped Jordan absorb and play through contact which in turn, made Michael Jordan into an absolute monster on the court.

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