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1 year today since Gomez scored his last goal.
I don't know how you're going to argue one way or the other with facts or stats.
Posted Sunday January 29, 2012, About: Timmy Thomas
I'll explain what he should have done in the last argument. But no, he doesn't need to explain to anyone other than the Bruins if he doesn't want to. If he just says he was sick or it's for personal reasons, that doesn't give the media much to work with. Without a political statement, it's likely that nobody would even notice he was missing. But there is another way to handle this where he can still voice his opinions while maintaining a good appearance with the Bruins.
Posted Saturday January 28, 2012, About: Timmy Thomas
Doesn't matter. It's still related to the organization.

The issue isn't that he didn't go. You can stay home if you want. It's that he went out of his way to make a statement about it. He knew it was coming up, he could have just stayed home and said he was sick, or personal reasons, or just 'no comment.' He used the opportunity for his own personal agenda.
Posted Saturday January 28, 2012, About: Timmy Thomas
They can't fire you for voicing opinions as an INDIVIDUAL on your own time. They can fire you if you do it while representing who you work for, at a company sponsored event like the Bruins going to the White House. It happens all the time. Someone writes a letter to the editor and includes their signature block with who the work for...the get canned because it gives the impression that the company represents those values.
Posted Saturday January 28, 2012, About: Timmy Thomas
Nobody could fire you for that? Maybe if you work for the tea party. My company would. They specifically said so, referring to Tim Thomas. And there are rumors that thomas could face a trade because of that. Now I dont believe the rumors, because Thomas is too valuable to the team. But if it was a replaceable fourth liner? He would be instantly traded.
Posted Saturday January 21, 2012, About: Who will win the 2013 America's Cup in San Francisco?
Haven't you heard? Annie died.
Posted Saturday January 21, 2012, About: Who will win the 2013 America's Cup in San Francisco?
Original topic, but Good luck finding voters who know what the Americas cup is. I do a lot of sailing and I know jack about this. I know new Zealand is usually good, that's about it.
Sorry I meant another GAME for Milos, ruined that one.
Another win for MILOS!!!!
20 or even 10 years ago this would not have been a suspension. Nobody would even question it. But in today's game it is. 5 games is harsh but like other people said Marchand is a repeat offender. And he has a big nose.
This is true. Intent is taken into consideration when they dish out suspensions.
Moneyball all was great, one of the best this year in my opinion. I definitely learned some new things about baseball...
Posted Wednesday January 04, 2012, About: It has gone too far!
Lol it's getting pretty bad. Especially Monday night football there are so many commercial breaks the game is like four hours. But as long as people watch what can you do?
Posted Tuesday December 27, 2011, About: Best shot to beat the Packers
Am I the only one who thinks the packers are a little overrated? I mean their schedule has been pretty cushy so far, they beat the saints and the bears three times every other team they played was a bottom feeder. Am I wrong? Aaron Rodgers is great but honestly I think Brees is better this year and the gb defense, I dont think they will repeat.
Posted Tuesday December 20, 2011, About: Evgeni Malkin is better than Jonathan Toews
yeah but there are lots of talented guys who are underachievers. Kovalev, Kovalchuck, Yashin, come to mind (mostly Europeans but there are North Americans too). Malkin is borderline in this category. Other than the one playoff run when the penguins won the cup he basically gives a half ass effort. He should be way better than he is and guys who don't live up to their potential are bad for the team.
Posted Tuesday December 20, 2011, About: Evgeni Malkin is better than Jonathan Toews
wow I'm surprised. "lets be honest that team was so stacked and would have easily won without him" Did you watch the games? Canada barely won, and no they wouldn't have won without him because he was the best on their team. He was MVP of the Olympics afterall. Secondly, Toews is a leader, Malkin is not. And Malkin is injury prone big time. He misses huge chunks of every season. No way I would take Malkin over Toews.
Posted Thursday December 01, 2011, About: Best goalie under 25 to build a team around
Price is way better than Rask. Price is not a flashy goalie, he's more about positioning and technique, but pretty solid.

This year, Pavalec's been the best under 25. Without him the Jets would be worst in the league.
It's the same as regular season overtime in the NFL.

It makes no sense, and the better team frequently doesn't win.

The only purpose is to entertain the crowd because nobody likes a tie. But at the same time they don't want a regular season game to drag on for hours on a wednesday night. A lame but necessary marketing gimmick.
Posted Sunday November 20, 2011, About: NHL Realignment
Hey Argos who do you pick for the Grey Cup this year? New TD, I'll pick the winner of Bombers/Ti-Cats tomorrow.
Posted Sunday November 20, 2011, About: 2012 Hockey Hall of Fame
What the hell why is the spacing all weird. FN needs to get it together.
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