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Posted Friday July 20, 2012, About: Freeze fires back at Spurrier, circles calendar date
South Carolina fans need to stop whining about the schedule. They didnt lose the East cause the played Arkansas last year. They lost it because Auburn went up to Columbia, shut them down, and beat them...the same Auburn team that got shelled by Clemson, UGA, LSU, Bama, and Arkansas.

Seriously, the schedules rotate. UGA played Bama, LSU twice, and Ryan Mallet's Arkansas twice in the 08-10 seasons + Tim Tebow and Florida twice + Arizona St. + Oklahoma St. + undefeated Auburn + Ga tech every year (ACC champs in 2009). I dont recall anyone cutting Mark Richt some slack. Some years it hits right, others it doesnt. Everyone deals with the same.
Posted Friday May 25, 2012, About: Clemson a Big 12 target, too?
I think part of Notre Dame's problems are their academic restrictions. Yeah there are a lot of great athletes who also make the grades, but there are even more than won't but make entrance requirements to other schools. Then there is location. South Bend has tradition, but it has a hard time stacking up to Tallahassee or Austin. Still, being in the Big 12 might help. It depends on if they could sell Texas recruits on coming there. They would probably play a game or two in the state of Texas every year as well.
Posted Thursday May 24, 2012, About: Clemson a Big 12 target, too?
Big 12 isnt likely to get Notre Dame. They arent desperate yet and all their traditional rivals would still be in the Big 10 and ACC. FSU and Clemson will likely be the two. The Big 12 would be stupid not to, and any football centered ACC school would be stupid not to listen. ACC is a basketball conference pretending to play football. FSU, Clemson, Miami, Ga tech, and Va tech would be best served getting out.
Posted Monday May 21, 2012, About: Final four all but guaranteed
Id argue kicking ACC to the curb instead haha. By signing Boise St on, the Big East will still have a more viable BCS candidate than Va Tech or Clemson. For all we know, BSU plus SMU and Houston could end up making the Big East very competitive. I would already argue that trio is better than WVU, Pitt, and Syracuse.

Conferences are cyclical. SEC wont be ruling forever, and ACC wont be in the gutter forever. Thats why I say take all 6 major conferences.
Posted Monday May 21, 2012, About: Final four all but guaranteed
Well if you go top 8, then you get the politics of the polls involved again. We need a system where the polls are not the main determining factor. An 8 team model that includes each major conference champ + 2 at large give everyone a chance to settle it on the field. The polls will factor into the at large selections. Notre Dame and the top non-ACQ champion can qualify if ranked high enough. Any remaining at-large spots go to the highest ranked teams not already in. That way, you either win your conference or make sure you have a good enough season to take a chance at an at-large. Each team controls its own destiny assuming it can win its conference.
Posted Monday May 21, 2012, About: Final four all but guaranteed
Think the ACC football schools arent looking at their options now? Think Boise St. will hang around in the Big East if the Pac 12 decides to come calling? I doubt the recent FSU noise was just that. Word is Clemson could jump if FSU does, and Ga Tech has been sniffing around too. Football centered programs in the ACC and Big East know exactly where this is headed.
Posted Monday May 21, 2012, About: Final four all but guaranteed
They need to expand to 8...period. That allows for the 6 major conference champs plus 2 at large. Win a major conference, your in. If you dont, be good enough to get in the running for an at large. Smaller conferences and Notre Dame still have the at-large bids if good enough. Everyone would control their own destiny with no poll politics.

With a top 4, your going to see politics expanded to the #3 and #4 spots which up until now were good consolation spots for teams like Oklahoma St. that didnt win the politics battle with a bigger name school. Now those consolation spots will be #5 and #6. You'll see teams getting voted 10th by voters trying to keep them out of the top 4, like what happened to UGA in 2007 when voters nerfed them bad to keep them out of the title game.
Posted Thursday May 03, 2012, About: New Mexico State left high and dry?
MWC should grab NMSU and Idaho. They have only 5 current members staying in the conference after losing Boise St., TCU, and San Diego St. Hawaii, Fresno St., Utah St., San Jose St., and Nevada are coming over from the WAC to make 10. Might as well make it 12 unless they are convinced they are done getting raided...yeah right haha
Posted Thursday May 03, 2012, About: New Mexico State left high and dry?
Well I mean what sense does it make for NMSU to be in CUSA or the Sun Belt? Neither of those conferences have a footprint west of San Antonio. I suppose the MWC could snatch up Idaho and NMSU. I'm not convinced their done getting pilfered, or CUSA and Sun Belt for that matter. I bet them and Idaho wind up getting grabbed just as insurance.
Posted Monday April 30, 2012, About: WAC on life support all over again
This is a big hit to BYU as well. They were supposed to play a mostly WAC schedule. I imagine New Mexico St and Idaho will also join the MWC and finish this off. The MWC and CUSA are said to be merging into one big conference anyway.
Posted Saturday February 11, 2012, About: National playoff by 2014?
Look at the 2007 mess year (UGA and Hawaii are at large):

8) Hawaii @ 1) Ohio St.
7) WVU @ 2) LSU
6) USC @ 3) Va Tech
5) UGA @ 4) Oklahoma

Also remember seeding would likely be a bit different because there would be no need to skip over teams in the final week that didnt win their conference like what happened to UGA in 2007. They should have been #2, but got skipped over by LSU, OU, and Va Tech in the final week because they didnt win the SEC (a fact not lost on UGA fans while watching the same media types condone Bama over OSU in this past championship).
Posted Saturday February 11, 2012, About: National playoff by 2014?
There are some rematches in my scenario, but that's what happens in playoffs. Other years, that wouldn't happen. Take last year as an example (TCU and Stanford are at large):

8) UCONN @ 1) Auburn
7) Va Tech @ 2) Oregon
6) Oklahoma @ 3) TCU
5) Wisconsin @ 4) Stanford
Posted Saturday February 11, 2012, About: National playoff by 2014?
I agree, 8 is the best because it gives everyone a chance to play in and removes the politics which 4 teams would not do. You take the 6 CC and use the current BCS rules to pick the at large teams. Either win your conference or have a good enough record to get in as an at-large:

1) Seed by BCS rank in order to make sure the top seeds are playing a lower ranked team compared to the rest.
2) The first round is played the week after the conference championship games at the site of the higher seed. If the two teams are from the same conference and one is that conferences' champion, the game is played at the conference champions' home stadium.
3) The winners match up on Jan 1 or 2 in 2 BCS bowls to see who plays in the championship a week later. The losers match up in the other 2 BCS bowls. Who goes where will rotate annually between the 4 BCS bowls.
4)EVeryone else gets their bowl bids as usual.

Applying to this year (TCU and ND not ranked high enough, Bama and Stanford are highest ranked not already in):

8)WVU @ 1)LSU
7)Clemson @ 2) Bama
6) Wisconsin @ 3)Oklahoma St.
4) Stanford @ 5) Oregon (per the conf champion exception)

Winners play in say the Rose, Sugar (LSU vs Oregon, Bama vs OSU as an example). Losers play in the Fiesta, Orange (WVU vs Stanford, Wisconsin vs Clemson as an example). Who would really have an issue with this? If Boise St. wants in, win their conference. Without the loss to TCU, they would be in over Stanford.
Posted Monday February 06, 2012, About: Gisele defends Tom, rips Pats receivers
The SI.com article on Welker is pathetic and out of line. That catch Welker dropped was anything but routine. It was poorly thrown, and he had to corkscrew his way around to even have a shot at it. Unlike Branch and Hernandez who dropped routine passes. Welker's catch wouldn't have guaranteed a TD anyway which they would have needed to seal the game. A FG and they still lose.
Posted Friday February 03, 2012, About: Miles takes a shot at Kiel
LSU and Bama's offense didnt look questionable against most teams they played. Even if they arent fancy, anything less than a top defense had no chance against them. UGA and PSU were the only teams to have any real measure of success stopping these guys.
Posted Friday February 03, 2012, About: Meyer already running afoul of Big Ten?
I think this all depends on what Meyer is doing. If he is constantly hovering around commits to other schools that haven't shown interest in OSU, then I can see where the Big 10 coaches are getting mad. It seems like there may have been a lot of "gentleman's agreements" in place that are now getting stepped on.

I wouldnt be too hard on them though. Saban has consistently whined about the same thing in the SEC. Of course we all know Saban will flip your guy in a heart beat if he can haha.
Posted Thursday February 02, 2012, About: Keeping DGB the start of something big at Mizzou
As for recruiting, I'm sure the SEC move had a huge hand in DGBs choice. The rest of the class isnt overly special, but if DGB does to Mizzou what Calvin Johnson did at Ga tech, the recruits will come. Within a few years Ga Tech was recruiting at a top 20 level. Paul Johnson owes his early success to that. When Gailey was fired, he had a projected top 20 class for the second year in a row. If DGB has success at Mizzou, dont be shocked if they start pulling in better and better recruits as well. The SEC move alone has paid dividends here.
Posted Thursday February 02, 2012, About: Keeping DGB the start of something big at Mizzou
I dont know what Mizzou loses in the way of graduation, but they look like the #3 team in the East to me. We will see early as they play both UGA and South Carolina in September. Unfortunately, they have Arizona St. wedged in between those games. That's a tough stretch. They get Bama and A&M out of the West. I think UT and UF still have a lot of issues, particularly UF being on its 3rd OC and losing all their best offensive talent. Missou will win 6 SEC East games next year and maybe one more against A&M.

It will likely take this WR a year to make a huge impact. Mizzou's strength last year was their running game. It remains to be seen if their passing game is strong enough.
Posted Sunday January 29, 2012, About: Kansas-Missouri Border War hatred growing
I agree for basketball at least. Mizzou and A&M will immediately be in the top half of the SEC basketball which means not just Kentucky, but rivalries with UF, Vandy, and UT if they can get back from the Pearle situation.

As for Football, Mizzou will have a hard time there. Maybe UK will end up being a rival too. People dont realize that UK/Vandy, UK/UT, and UT/Vandy are SEC rivals. You dont have to be good to be a rival. Kansas certainly isnt usually any good in football. Arkansas would be a natural rival too, but they won't play often.
Posted Sunday January 29, 2012, About: Kansas-Missouri Border War hatred growing
Exactly. The Big 12 right now is as tenuous a conference as there ever was. You have the have-nots sticking with a few haves just because the alternative is likely the Mountain West and less money than they are currently getting squashed into accepting.

Think Kansas would be sticking around if the SEC came calling? Likely not. Missouri to the SEC is a business decision, and a very good one. Nebraska and Colorado have already left. Kansas is the only real rival they have left in the Big 12, and they are negotiating an annual game in Kansas City. They likely won't even win the "down" SEC East, much less the SECCG. They will make more money, be on national TV via CBS or ESPN far more often, and be in a far more stable situation.
Posted Tuesday January 10, 2012, About: Gundy: 'We'd have thrown it 50 times'
Gundy has a point, and that is, OSU's offense would bring something to the table that would have made for an intriguing matchup. And lets face it, if Oklahoma or Texas were the one's sitting there at #3 with OSU's resume, Bama gets skipped over. Simple as that.

The Tide may have won game 2, but that isn't all together unusual in rematches. These two could line up next Monday and LSU wins again. This win doesn't prove anything except the rich got richer by any means necessary. That is what this system is about. No excuse for 1) LSU vs OSU in the NCG, 2) Bama vs Boise St. in the Sugar Bowl. That is what should have happened with this "every game counts" "best regular season in sports".
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