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Posted Tuesday June 26, 2012, About: Can a 165-pound former point guard crack the Vikes?
5'9" and 165? This guy's not going to be making many tackles, that's for sure. Probably can't cover, either.

Still better than the corners the Vikings have right now, though. Did you see the Broncos vs Vikings game last year? Terrible.
Posted Monday June 11, 2012, About: Seattle courting QB controversy
TJack is awful. But I really like Russel Wilson for only a third-round pick. Every team wants a solid #2 quarterback.
Posted Tuesday May 22, 2012, About: Why Winslow wasn't going to last with Schiano
Kellen Winslow should be alright in Seattle, where they have 3 qb's and no other weapons...
Posted Wednesday May 16, 2012, About: Elway likes his QB of the future, too
Brock Osweiler wasn't even that great of a QB in college. Holding a clipboard for 2-3 years is supposed to make him better? The Broncos QB coach was never a quarterback, he's not going to be a whole lot of help to Osweiler.
Posted Tuesday May 01, 2012, About: Bucs pick will take carries from Blount
And in other news, you should expect free agent acquisition Vincent Jackson to see some action during games, too.
Posted Sunday March 25, 2012, About: Flynn may not start for Seahawks
They'll go into the preseason with a "quarterback battle". Unless Tavaris Jackson lights it up and Flynn underwhelms, Flynn will be the Week 1 starter.
Posted Monday March 12, 2012, About: Browns could set sights on Flynn
I like Matt Flynn stories in the same way I liked Kevin Kolb stories last year. I can't wait for Peyton to sign with Arizona so we get to read about Flynn and Kolb both!

Wonder if Brett Favre is coming out of retirement again? Wouldn't that be a treat!
Posted Sunday February 26, 2012, About: Will Packers franchise Flynn?
I'm sure the Raiders would love to have this guy. They just don't have enough quarterbacks at the moment.

Why is everyone pretending that he isn't going to end up in Miami, again? It's as obvious as Kolb to the Cardinals last year.
Posted Thursday February 23, 2012, About: Wallace has eyes for Niners and Pats
I'd get out of Pittsburgh if I were Wallace. Their Super Bowl window is closing fast, if it's not already closed. Pittsburgh doesn't really give him the money or the ring, and they're entering rebuilding mode, with a new OC, to boot! Plus, the other receivers there are Mike Wallace type players (speedy).

I mean, I'm a fan of players staying in their city, but I just don't see what's in it for Mike to stay there. I'd leave for greener pastures. Or maybe orange pastures; the Bengals?
Posted Thursday February 23, 2012, About: Weeden too old, Osweiler too tall for teams?
According to SI, in this draft, there's only two quarterbacks, one running back, 3 WR's...

Sounds like the draft's only going to last for 2 rounds this year.
Posted Wednesday February 22, 2012, About: Bolts 'extremely uncomfortable' with franchising V-Jax
I think he'll have to unplug his phone to get the Bears to stop calling him.

And if he wants money, he'll sign with the Bucs. If he'd be willing to take a small hit to his paycheck to sign with a winner, well, there's plenty of teams that would sign him in a heartbeat.
Posted Sunday February 19, 2012, About: RGIII's shotgun draft drawback
See... I don't really see a big reason the Browns should make the trades to move up to the #2 slot.

The hype around the Julio Jones trade last year was that it gave the Browns a treasure trove of high draft picks to work with and build a team around. I see absolutely no reason for them to undo that to move from #4 to #2. That's just greedy, especially with the talent up there on the draft board. If the Browns do nothing to move spots, they are GUARANTEED one of the following players: RGIII, Kalil, Blackmon, Richardson, or Claibourne.

There will always be quarterbacks to be excited about on draft day. The Browns have more holes than that, and they're in a pretty good position to pick up some good players in the draft. Why waste it on drafting a quarterback that has nobody to throw to anyway?
Posted Friday February 17, 2012, About: Even Rooney was surprised by Haley's hire
I'd still worry about the offensive line before I worried about the defense. Just sayin'. As a former player of the game, I can tell you right now that games really are won and lost down there on the line. If you have better linemen than the team you're facing, you'll come away with the victory nine times out of ten.
Posted Sunday February 12, 2012, About: Will Eagles trade Samuel?
It doesn't really matter what they do with him. The Eagles D will be mediocre next year with Juan Castillo still running the show.
Posted Friday February 03, 2012, About: Megatron may cause Lions mega headache
To me, it seems like someone in the Lions organization should arrange a meeting with the high-paid players (i.e. Megatron, Stafford, Suh, and whoever else is up there, I don't know the Lions' financials) and frankly go "Hey. We've got this great thing going right now. Let's work something out to keep it going."
Posted Wednesday February 01, 2012, About: San Fran may be in line for A-list WR
The 49ers would be best served pulling off a trade resembling the Julio Jones trade to try to land Justin Blackmon. They showed this year that they have everything else that they need to win. Just grab a decent free agent WR and trade up for Blackmon.
Posted Tuesday January 24, 2012, About: Report: Garrard will be 100% by spring
Plenty of teams could use Garrard. I have no idea where he'd end up, but my top landing spots are:

1) Denver Broncos - John Elway is in a sticky situation with Tim Tebow. He can't exactly draft a quarterback to groom without alienating and enraging the Broncos fan base. So the best thing to do would be to bring in a backup who can take the wheel if Tebow doesn't develop into a good passer. Definitely a better situation than having to use Brady Quinn.

2) Carolina Panthers - Does anyone here think that, should Cam Newton go down, Derek Anderson or Jimmy Clausen could keep it going? Anyone? Anyone? I think that Garrard has enough left in the tank to be a good failsafe in that kind of emergency situation.

3) New York Giants - The Giants have proven that they have a team that can make it to the Super Bowl. This offseason, regardless of how the game turns out, I want a better backup than David Carr.

4) St. Louis Rams / Atlanta Falcons - Neither of them have backups worth mentioning.

5) Oakland Raiders - They love them some quarterbacks. Kidding.
Posted Sunday December 04, 2011, About: Why Colts should part with Peyton
If I were the Colts, honestly, I'd trade away the top overall pick and let Manning mentor another promising young quarterback - God knows that there's a lot of them coming up in this draft. The Colts have way too many needs to draft Andrew Luck, regardless of his talent. Manning has shown us all how great he is by how drastically the team went downhill without him. It's time to fix the team, not the quarterback.

How much do you think a team such as Miami or Washington would be willing to give up for that first overall pick?
Posted Saturday November 05, 2011, About: Sources: Browns fed up with Hillis
He's not happy with the lack of carries he's getting in the offense, for this entire season. The Browns front office wants Hardesty to be their running back - when they brought in Hillis, he was supposed to be Hardesty's backup. Then Hardesty got injured and Hillis had a monster season.

Now Hardesty's back and the Browns started giving Hillis terrible, terrible carries. I can more than understand why he's fed up - all of the Browns fans that I know are fed up with it, too! Even people that aren't particularly fond of the Browns are questioning it.

His attitude might be subject to question - I'm not saying he's a saint or a sinner, I don't know the guy. But if I was in his shoes, I'd be pretty mad at the Browns, too.
Posted Sunday October 30, 2011, About: Will Luck draft lead to lottery?
Players don't want to lose. Coaches don't want to have terrible seasons. There isn't a big conspiracy by the current 3 worst (Colts/Dolphins/Rams) to try to end up with the worst record.

That being said, on the off chance that it IS real... if teams really want to lose, more power to them. They're still losing.
Posted Wednesday July 27, 2011, About: A DeSean holdout? Eagles wait
Desean Jackson is worth WAY more money than he's getting paid right now. He's been performing way above his pay grade.

I mean, on one hand, I think it's complete crap that players are allowed to hold out on contracts that they sign, because they should be made to honor their contracts.

On the other hand, in this system that allows them to do so, he definitely deserves more than what he's being paid right now. He's one of the fastest players in the NFL and a matchup nightmare for opposing coordinators. He has the speed and moves to turn any catch into a touchdown.

He SHOULD get a payday.

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