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Posted Sunday March 02, 2014, About: Brian Kelly: Notre Dame never threatened Prince Shembo
The kid was advised not to speak about a criminal investigation (remember there were 3 different investigations), and this constitutes a cover up? What is the evidence of a cover up, that the school did not act quick enough to the complaint.

Remember the complaint was that he touched her breast while they were in an intimate embrace, she said no, started to cry and he immediately left. HE HAD NOT PLAYED ONE DOWN YET. Some knucklehead sent one text, and that translates to a University wide program to intimidate a witness. If that really the threshold?

Is the belief that if Shembo was arrested the same day the complaint was filed, with no investigation, that she would not have chosen to commit suicide? Is that the argument?
Posted Thursday January 16, 2014, About: Every Texas player knows Strong is unhappy
Have you ever hear a guy walk into the job and say how great a shape the program is in? How else can he get credit if he wins 2 more games than the previous guy.

It is not like Texas all of a sudden became Charlotte Southern or Woford or whatever those teams that the SEC plays in their OOC schedule.
Posted Tuesday September 03, 2013, About: Legend of Jameis Winston began in middle school
Why do FSU fans do this to themselves every year? They take the first game, and crown their QB Heisman Trophy winner and their program BCS champs.

Pitt as giving their receivers 15 yard cushions, I would say, let's see how he does against a good defense, but FSU's schedule looks pretty weak.
Posted Tuesday September 03, 2013, About: Legend of Jameis Winston began in middle school
How many times do FSU fans need to put themselves through this after every first game before they realize it is one game.
Posted Wednesday May 22, 2013, About: Irish status unclear for blue-chipper Vanderdoes
Hey facts are facts, ND is a small faith based school in a small city, maybe the kid from California wants to stay in the sunshine. But Bama does not really recruit well outside of the South, except , maybe in Ohio. Their roster last few years has been about 95% kids within a 2 hour flight/

It will be a tough loss, but you can only play who is on your roster.
Maybe Eddie was promised a starting role and read something somewhere that changed that, who knows.
There is no such thing in college now as a destination job. This era of college coaches (Saban, B Kelly, C Kelly, Meyer, Carroll) are forever in search of building their ego's. Stoops has gone out and kicked at some tires, and I am not sure Mack Brown really had serious opportunities.

What BK missed badly on, was that ND alumni hold the position at the highest level, but not being honest, by trying to do what he did in Cincy, does not fly in South Bend. I did not see an half hour TV show dedicated to the 3 Bama coaches. In College football, ND is truly a national/global brand.

For the SEC fans once again obsessing about ND and slamming the ND fans for daring to question BK and his interviewing, Saban and Meyer have been absolutely ripped by the SEC fans for years on their coaching jumps. SEC fans continue to live in a world blinded by their own hyprocrisy. They continue to amuse.
Posted Sunday April 24, 2011, About: Sources: McCourt unable to speak to Selig
Frank and Jamie McCourt could not afford the team, can not afford their 5 houses (monthly mortages are more than his yearly income without eating), Jamie, who was 15 years a corporate lawyer, seeing this, is looking for a way to cash out before it collapses. Jamie helped creat this financial disaster, and now wants the cash. The only way for the McCourts to keep their lifestyle is to borrow against the future of their MLB franchise. These 2 are going to be facing IRS penalties pretty soon as well. Selig should NEVER have let these 2 in the door. Frank was greedy, but Jamie and the banks are just as culpable.
Posted Sunday April 24, 2011, About: Panthers not getting calls for No. 1 pick
Newton, one year wonder and considers himself Mr Entertainment, Gabbert, another spread guy, Von Miller, can't play the run, nor pass. who wants to pay a DT 50 million for 40 tackles and 5 sacks a year or risk on another cocky SEC CB? Rookie salary cap makes trading up worth it, instead of teams dreading it. Panthers must still be calling up Luck saying...please...
Posted Wednesday April 13, 2011, About: No go-to QB in South Bend, Kelly may platoon
The QB at Notre Dame should be handing off 60% of the time. Watching last year, Kelly has about 4 routes that his spread will use, and none of them require a cannon for an arm. If he believes that he can win with a spread offense being on the field for 23 minutes a game , his time at ND will be short (losing to Tulsa at home was and will always be a reason to be fired). Pick a QB, let the team rally around him and move on. These coaches have their playbooks for 20 years and they expect these kids to learn it in months, while taking classes. Sounds like too much ego, not enough common sense.
Posted Wednesday April 13, 2011, About: No go-to QB in South Bend, Kelly may platoon
Listen, big fan of Kelly's, but your QB should be handing off 60% of the time, maybe throwing the occasional 10 yard out, RB out of backfield, crossing pattern or the deep in route. If Kelly thinks he can win at ND by having his defense on the field for 40 minutes so he can run a spread offense, he will follow Weis out the door. Lets not complicate this. You have had your playbook for 20 years, your players less than 2, relax the ego and build with what you have.
Posted Monday April 04, 2011, About: Notre Dame to decide Floyd's future
I think the Steelersfan32 must have his team on the ND schedule this year to make such a ridicoulous statement. WOW, a kid in college who drinks too much at a party, lets throw the book at him. Does anyone really believe that you throw away a college student'sfuture because he got drunk at a party? Would just about any leader in the business and political world make that cut? Obama/Bush did Coke, Clinton was a skirt chaser, board rooms are notorious for hard drinking, Martin Luther King adulter and plagirist, Churchhill drunk, the list goes on and on. Let the kid get punished like any other ND student and stop with proclamations about ruining a 21 year old kids drinking with a life sentence to satisfy some made up PC nonsense. What goes on at Florida and Auburn deserves a lot more attention.
Posted Monday April 04, 2011, About: Notre Dame to decide Floyd's future
A college kid could that happen.

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