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Posted Friday October 11, 2013, About: What part of spousal abuse is misunderstood by NASCAR
So they can fine and put Piquet on probation for a comment that was really a joke..on Instagram which maybe 500 people would have seen his post..but Kvapil gets to keep racing?? gimme a damn break.
Posted Tuesday August 20, 2013, About: Juan Pablo Montoya: Chip Ganassi and Felix Sabates blew it
Actually Juan has very few enemies in the garage. People find him fun and easygoing and good to be around. The fans are who have contrived that "No one likes Juan in the garage" type of thing. Many a time I've thought to myself why Juan and Smoke pal around so much, at least at every garage I've ever been in. I've been around the sport awhile and have been lucky to be able to. To be honest, it's Keselowski that no one likes, you rarely see anyone talk to him or him talk to anyone. Juan absolutely does not have a bad attitude, in fact in the past couple of years his fans have said he is too easygoing and doesn't complain enough when things really are needing to improve.
Posted Friday November 02, 2012, About: NASCAR: Montoya to get Hendrick power in 2013
I don't event think words can describe how thrilled I was at this news today. I really didn't see it coming but looking back, maybe I did. How do you keep Target as a sponsor? Gotta perform.
Posted Saturday July 07, 2012, About: Stenhouse Jr showing he can win by wrecking half the field
I don't agree with u on this one, it's Daytona, one bobble and it's a big one, especially now that the pack is back. He blocked Dillon like an old pro..Dillon's inexperience caused that wreck. Was the same way that Bayne blocked Edwards in 2011.
Posted Sunday May 27, 2012, About: Juan Pablo Montoya needs to get it done today. Period
A top 10 could happen, they were not bad at Texas, Kansas and California...they were REALLY good except for one run at Kansas...when JPM went all KuBu on the crew..but he apologized afterwards and recognized the hard work. If he's on the lead lap at could be a promising race.
Posted Tuesday May 15, 2012, About: Ryan Newman: An inconsiderate driver or just a bully
This may be why Newman is "Free to explore options with other teams for 2013"...could be a lack of sponsorship especially since the military sponsorship gets iffy every once in awhile.
Posted Saturday July 30, 2011, About: Johnson and Montoya had an in-shower encounter...naked !
I think its funny! In the US its common for dudes to be nekkid around each other after a game! And also it shiws tgat JPM will go that xtra mile to apologize when apology is due...just sayin'
There is a circus lately, but people need to realize there are more "Clowns" in the show than just Kyle Busch and Juan Pablo Montoya. Many other guilty parties out there, but the "fans" refuse to see it.
If they want to act that physical, they need to go play hockey. The Lakers are a group of classless thugs, I'd expected better than that. SORE LOSERS. They got desperate because they were literally HUMILIATED by the Dallas Mavericks. This out-humiliates top seeded San Antonio getting taken out the 8th place team ( which also happened to the Mavs in '07).

Also showed total disrespect for their coach.
Like it!

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