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Posted Thursday October 24, 2013, About: Riley: 'We are a development team'
SA did ok with Danny Green
Posted Sunday March 10, 2013, About: Report: Redskins 'highly likely' to cut DeAngelo Hall
Even the cowboys are not that dumb, aside from the fact they are just fine at corner.
Posted Thursday November 01, 2012, About: Ex-Celtic tempted by Clippers
Yeah tiresome, but talking about Ray talking about it...now that's riveting!
Posted Thursday June 21, 2012, About: Heat's new TV deal a $100M blockbuster
Yes OKC is a tough place to play, and the Heat went there and took care of business. They are going back to OKC though....alone, and ringless. And why should the calls go "thier way"? Shouldnt the calls just be straight up, like dont give a KD foul to Collison just to keep him in the game, or not call a charge on Harden just cause the quarter was "almost" over...please. Try to just watch the game, dont cry about the calls so much.
Posted Monday April 16, 2012, About: Four airballs later, Rose chafed by cheap shots
Watch how D-Wade does it, gets hacked makes it, gets no call and just keeps killing em.
Posted Friday March 23, 2012, About: Woodson: Was Aikman drinking?
Troy is right, he had a MUCH better O-line, better running back...etc...look at the statistics Romo beats him (and every other Dallas QB) in every catagory save rings.
Posted Friday March 16, 2012, About: Holmgren blames inside job on failed RG3 move
How long before deadskin fans throw this one under the bus? How bout upgrading that pitiful excuse for an O-line? Good thing this kid can scramble, with the passrushers in this division he's gonna be busy.
Posted Thursday March 01, 2012, About: Celtics working hard to move Rondo
He wants this Kid Austin Rivers out of Duke...
Posted Monday February 27, 2012, About: LeBron takes heat after All-Star showing
You haters kill me, the guy has improved Assists, rebounds, FT%, FG%, 3pt.%. His team has the best record in the league and still you poor saps hate on....so sad.
Posted Friday February 24, 2012, About: Cowboys president has Romo's back
Hopefull not last place in the division EVERY year....you know your Deadskins permanent location. HAHAHAHA
Posted Friday February 24, 2012, About: Cowboys president has Romo's back
Hopefully not last place in the division EVERY year, your Deadskins permanent location. :)
Posted Saturday October 22, 2011, About: Barnes returned to do something special
Dude, your saying Barnes did nothing last year? Did you watch ANY of their games other than the KY match up in the tourney, oh yeah remember we beat yall in the December game, Barnes only had 12pts in 25 min in that one, not sure did he hit the GWS? At any rate he did not start the season as strong as we would have liked, he was a freshman though, and the top prospect coming out of HS, lotta pressure there. He finished the season as Mr. Clutch though and he will likely be even better this year.
Posted Tuesday January 25, 2011, About: Williams will start freshman point guard over Drew
@ Colonel, where were they ranked when they kicked yr cats **** earlier this year?
Posted Saturday January 22, 2011, About: Buss open to NBA contraction
@Lostwill, "I think Lebron, Wade & Bosh are to blame for all this. The league would have been in much better shape if Lebron was in Minnesota, Wade went to the Clippers and Bosh justs stayed in Canada. Of course that's what happens when all the stars collude on one team."

So should all teams with a "big three" be split up, what about KG just staying in MN? Shaq and Kobe sure made LA fun to watch for a bit. MJ, Pippen & Rodman, are they also "to blame for all this"? No Lostwill, it's called FREEWILL. Bron and Bosh were free to go where they wanted and Miami was free to pay the price for them. You really should let go of your animosity for Lebron dude, it's quite pitiful.
Posted Tuesday January 11, 2011, About: Change of heart: James now enjoys villain status
Lostwill, speaking of muzzles....get you one! He is saying he loves the boos, clearly...guys a beast & cares not what player haters such as yourself say.
Posted Tuesday January 11, 2011, About: Change of heart: James now enjoys villain status
Lostwill=Player hater extroidinare!

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