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Posted Friday June 24, 2011, About: BoSox now have MLB's worst starter have to OVERPAY to get a bum like Lackey?...that makes a lot of sense. The Sox blew it here, world series appearance or not. Why any fan would want to defend money wasted, be it Lackey or Jeter, is beyond me.
Posted Saturday June 18, 2011, About: Yankees eyeing Cubs pitcher?
Jeter and posada playing prominent roles is a big part of the problem...those players are light years beyond their prime.
Posted Tuesday May 17, 2011, About: Pujols experiment at third not over
Pujols is performing in an era of testing, Bonds was not...and Pujols had a big head his rookie year. Either give him the benefit of the doubt or the misbenefit of not being smart enough to fool MLB. If he was using, he'd have been knicked like Ortiz--or gone like Manny--by now.
Posted Thursday May 12, 2011, About: Signing Pujols the worst path for Cubs
Mark Teixeira got 23 mil a year for 8 years; Matt Holliday got 17+mil a year for 7+ years (with no clear competitive offers); there is NO way Pujols or his agent except less than 25 mil a year for 7+ years....and the Cubs, Angels, or Cardinals would all meet that demand.

If Pujols raises his demands to 30+mil for 8-10 years, then things might get somewhat iffy.
Posted Wednesday May 11, 2011, About: Cashman sings Jeter's praises
Enjoye em while you can...
Posted Tuesday April 26, 2011, About: Brewers forcing Cubs to pay Pujols?
VT....youre in delusional mode again.

With Mark Teixeira pulling down an 8yr, 22.5 mil contract, there is no way Pujols or his agent settle for 20 million per year. At 30, Pujols is the best player in the game and one of the greatest right-handed hitters ever. The Cubs will have no financial problem paying him 25 mil per year, and the Cards may feel the pressure to also do so, regardless of the impact to their payroll.

Having the Red Sox, Yankees, Dodgers and or Mets bidding would drive Pujols' salary to the 30 mil stratosphere. However, Pujols does not need it to get him 25 million per year for 8+ years.
Posted Monday April 25, 2011, About: Time to worry about Jeter?
Wow, you truly are a rambling nutjob, VT.

I'd try to answer your froth, but it's just too incoherent and nonsensical, although I did catch your absurd point about Jeter's defense being "fantastic"... lol. So, learn the English language and address the four points I and Cherubim made and get back to me. If you do, I'll answer ya.

Good luck on your learning...:)
Posted Monday April 25, 2011, About: Time to worry about Jeter?
Geez...your argument (and our argument) is going nowhere. So I'll end it by stating the facts we agree on.

1. Jeter is...along with Rivera and of the three best Yankee players since 1996

2. Jeter is not one of the three greatest MLB players since 1996

3. Jeter is a sure (and possibly first-ballot) Hall-of-Famer

4. Jeter is currently an overpaid, subpar (offensively and defensively) shortstop with continually declining skills.

Posted Monday April 25, 2011, About: Time to worry about Jeter?
You really are a dim moron, (aptly named) Kook.

Brotha did explicitly ask "Name three players who have had better OVERALL yearly numbers SINCE 1996."....not better than three YANKEES overall production since 1996. If that were the case, than the argument for Jeter's greatness would be lame: who cares if hes one of the three greatest players on HIS OWN TEAM? However, it wasnt the case; it was for "overall yearly numbers since 1996"

That being said, Pujols, Cabrera, Mauer, Hamilton, Gonzalez, and Suzuki (and, arguably, even Hunter...a debate for another time) all have had greater overall numbers than Jeter during that period--thats 6, not 3, players.

Also, who cares about one excellent WAR season for Jeter. The argument isnt for one season, its for overall numbers....and Jeter's definitely pales to the above players' overall seasons. And your argument about those being in their primes and not reaching their declining years--as Jeter has clearly done--is also irrelevant and specious. The argument is simply who has had the better overall production since 1996. there was NOTHING mentioned about players being in their prime or not, or being in their declining years or not.

You really do reason and read like a child. If you actually are one, I apologize for not treating you like one. If you're not, youre arguments are sadly irrational.
Posted Monday April 25, 2011, About: Time to worry about Jeter?
Read it here, Kook...Brotha explicitly asserts "Pick 3 players with better overall yearly numbers than Jeters since 1996." Both RexRacer and I did that.
Posted Monday April 25, 2011, About: Time to worry about Jeter?
RexRacer was not addressing career numbers or Hall of Fame eligibility; he was--as you yourself noted--addressing Brotha's claim that Jeter had the best numbers since 1996. Mauer and Hamilton have had better numbers than Jeter during that period, as did the other players--Ordonez, (roided and non-roided) A-Rod, Suzuki, and Pujols--he mentioned. Adrian Gonzalez and Miguel Cabrera also had better numbers than Jeter during that period as did (arguably) Paul Konerko, Shin-Soo Choo, Torii Hunter, Ryan Howard, Prince Fielder, Ryan Braun, and Evan Longoria.

Stay on point, Kook; your limited mind tends to drift away from the central argument.
Posted Sunday April 24, 2011, About: Time to worry about Jeter?
Again, take this too personally. I'm critiquing the Yankees for paying Jeter and Jeter for being a bad shortstop: I'm not criticizing your family, although--considering they produced an idiot like you--I probably should. And actually, they truly should have let go one of their most beloved players when he's no longer a good player and demands an exorbitant salary. The Braves let Aaron go, the Yankees let Ruth go, and the Giants let Mays go because they were done, and they were all better players than Jeter.

It is not absurd to say they should have let Jeter go and trade for a Hardy or a Bartlett. It is a FACT that Hardy has better range and power than Jeter. It is a FACT that Bartlett is currently a better hitter, base stealer, and defensive shortstop than Jeter. It is a FACT that Hardy and Bartlett will most likely improve their production and that Jeter's production WILL DECLINE. Your denial of those facts comes from intransigent delusion, not sound use of age-related statistical proof, as I have done earlier.

Also, your insistence that Lee wouldn't have greatly considered the Yankees offer if they offered 40 mil (saved from letting Jeter go) than Texas' offer is truly absurd. The same goes for Crawford who would have definitely considered a 10 million dollar raise over the Red sox. Lee didn't want to play for the Yankees at their original offer; he had said last season, though, that he would play in New York when they tried to trade for him. He probably would have with a higher offer. Now, would you really have Philip Hughes (with his diminished velocity) as your number two starter and Jeter at shortstop or Cliff lee as your number two starter and Jason Bartlett as your shortstop. If you prefer the former, you are truly a moron.

As to the Giants. McGowan really did screw up by signing Bonds for extra seasons and hamstringing Sabean, forcing him to sign overpriced, past-their-prime athletes like Rowand. And signing Tejada is exactly the mistake the Yankees are making...both teams are playing shortstops whose defense and batspeed have substantially degraded. This will hurt the Giants excellent pitching and will really hurt the Yankees lousy pitching staff. However, the Giants have only signed Tejada for 1year at 8 mil... The yankees are committed to lousy shortstop play for 3 years at 51 mil....thats almost as idiotic as your arguments.
Posted Sunday April 24, 2011, About: Time to worry about Jeter?
Still delusional.

1. Will the Yankees sell 125,000 Jeter jerseys? Probably not, considering how many yankees fans already have them. Even if they do, none of that money will make up for their subpar shortstop, Jeter. He will still provide them with subpar defense and a turtle-slow bat at the vital shortstop position. And Swisher would have more than enough playing time as a Dh-4th outfielder-backup 1b. Swisher is good, but he's no Crawford.

2. I looked back on past seasons because YOU emphasized their importance. Past performances show Hardy is a shortstop with better range and power than Jeter and that Bartlett is a better hitter, base stealer, and defensive shortstop than Jeter. Their ages show that Bartlett and Hardy will likely REPEAT OR iMPROVE their performances and that Jeter's performance will continually DECLINE.

3. The Yankees never began talks with Crawford because they knew LA was going to pay the bank for him, and the Red Sox paid even more. This in itself proves they don't have a limited budget. Had they not been hamstrung by Jeter's ridiculous salary demands, which they were clueless to meet, their perspective towards Crawford would have probably been different. As to Lee, they did not want to surpass Texas' top offer; if they had they could have lured him from Philly. They really should have done that because their rotation sucks.

4. Also, if Zito's signing crippled the Giants, then all teams should be so crippled: THEY WON THE WORLD SERIES. And as far as loyalty goes, Giants fans are very loyal to their players--we even cheered Juan Uribe who had signed with the hated Dodgers. However, we're not "loyal" to players who sign ridiculous contracts and suck from day one--like Zito. But considering you confuse delusional overevaluations of players past their prime with loyalty, I wouldn't expect you to understand that.
Posted Sunday April 24, 2011, About: Time to worry about Jeter?
Well, maybe not that much shorter..:)
Posted Sunday April 24, 2011, About: Time to worry about Jeter?
Point taken on my manifesto-sized response to Kook's manifesto-sized point. Therefore, here is a much shorter abstract-sized response to Kook:

1. You cannot judge Jeter vs. Bartlett and/or Hardy after one month because statistics are misleading after only one month. For example, Alex Gordon's .356 average and Placido Polanco 's .366 average are in no way reflective of what they will likely hit for the whole season. Therefore, who cares if Jeter's average is superior now, his production will still be subpar by season's end.

2.If we are to judge Jeter's future performance based on past seasons, we must also do so with Bartlett and Hardy. During these past seasons, Hardy has only been noticeably injured last year, and he hit 20+ homers in the previous two seasons. And while Bartlett stole 11 bases last year, he stole 30 the year before, along with his .320 batting average--14 homers--and 90 rbis. But while Jeter (at 37) will DECLINE from his subpar performance last year, Bartlett and Hardy (at 32 and 28) will likely REPEAT OR EVEN IMPROVE upon their past seasons.
Therefore Hardy and Bartlett are SUPERIOR shortstop options to Jeter

3. As to the yankees' payroll: the yankees will not make 17 mil in jeter merchandising, and even if they did, that money does not translate to on-field performance. Also, if the yankees budget is (as Kook claims) too limited to pay Crawford or Lee, the money paid for Jeter could have helped them surpass that limit and get at least one of those players, despite Crawford's preference for Los Angeles and Lee's for Philly. Lee in particular would have helped NY's hurting, subpar rotation.

4. As to Kook's point about Zito...all Giants' fans (including myself) think he is an overpaid loser. Unlike Yankees fans like Kook, we don't bow to past heroes in present decline. And to Kook's stab at the Giants lineup,the Giants' lineup may not be the Phillies', Rays', or Red Sox', but they still were good enough to be World Series champs, and they are even better this year with a slimmed down Sandoval.
Posted Sunday April 24, 2011, About: Time to worry about Jeter?
First of need to take your daily meds, because you are taking this way too personally and getting way too heated. As to your overheated argument itself, I really hope youre not taking one month of stats as proof of your argument, or (as a New York fan) have you forgotten that light-hitting players like Mets 2b Doug Flynn used to yearly hit .380 in April, only to end up at .230 for the year? Using your logic, Alex Gordon would really be a .356 hitter and Placido Polanco would really be a .366 hitter. That most of your completely should even call it MORONIC.
As to the money, they do not make 17 million dollars in merchandising from Jeter (which, by the way, does not make up for his subpar shortstop play) really need to back up your argument with figures on that one...and I wish you good luck since you won't be able to do so. And you contradict your argument about the yankees having no budget problems at all by saying 142 million is too much for Crawford; if the Yankess have no money problems, why not take the money from paying jeter and pay 152 mil to Crawford, stick him in left, move Gardner to center and GRanderson to right. 152 mil may be expensive, but if you claim the yankees can afford everything, they can easily afford it....and Crawford is 10 times the player the declining, subpar Jeter is. And although Lee preferred Philly to Ny (cant really blame him there), do you really think he would have turned the yankees down if they added a solid chunk of the money they were going to pay Jeter to their final offer to him. Lee would have really helped the Yanks...especially since their rotation after Sabathia is a joke.
As to Zito...he is an overpaid loser. However, unlike you and other Yankee fans, we Giants fans admit when our team made a mistake and don't bend down and kiss the feet of those mistakes like you kiss Jeters. Also, the Giants lineup may not be the Phillies', Red Sox' or Rays', but they did win the World Series with it last year, and they now have a slimmed down, improved Sandoval.
Also, if history (and recent seasons) is so important to you, then you have to look at the histories of Hardy and Bartlett, not just Jeter's. Hardy did miss some games last year and is injured ( but not seriously) now, but his overall history of the last years--two of them where he hit 20+ homers-- do not reflect an injury problem. Also, while Bartlett only stole 11 bases last year, he stole 30 the year before, and in that year he also hit .320 with 14 homers and 90 rbis. The significant difference between looking at the three shortstops' recent years however is that Bartlett and Hardy, being (respectively) 31 and 28, can easily REPEAT OR EVEN IMPROVE upon those years while Jeter, being 37, can only continually DECLINE from recent success, and Jeters' last season (offensively and defensively) can hardly be called successful. Therefore Bartlett and Hardy, are CLEARLY superior shortsops than Jeter
Now go back to worshipping at your altar of the declining, subpar, aging Jeter and make sure you take your meds.
Posted Sunday April 24, 2011, About: Time to worry about Jeter?
and he's in the bottom 1/4 of the leagues shortstops
Posted Sunday April 24, 2011, About: Time to worry about Jeter?
I meant to say "substantially below average bat speed" in the 5th line above.
Posted Sunday April 24, 2011, About: Time to worry about Jeter?
Actuallly, my view wasn't narrow at all. It was both complex and encompassing. However your view is both narrow and specious. First of all, who cares about what Jeter did a year before he signed? Then was then and now is now, and now he is a shortstop with substantially below average and substantially below average range. As to Bartlett and Hardy, both of them (Now) have better range than Jeter, Hardy has better power, and Bartlett is both a better hitter and a significantly better runner and base stealer. Yes Jeter has almost 3000 hits and yes he is a leader...but both Hardy and Bartlett are NOW better shortstops and better offensive players for substantially less salary.

As to the cost...not even the Yankees have an endless budget; George Steinbrenner is not in charge anymore. And the money they could have saved on Jeter by getting Hardy or Bartlett could have gone to securing Carl Crawford or convinced Cliff Lee to spurn Philadelphia. So get your head out of the past...forget about Jeter's Hall of fame past,...and see the truth that Jeter is a monumentally overpaid shortstops whose skills place him in the bottom 14 of the league's shortstops.
Posted Sunday April 24, 2011, About: Time to worry about Jeter?
A Giants fan here, not part of Red Sox nation...but I still think most of the Yankees fans comments have been pretty whack. First of all, Jeter is NOT going to straighten things out. His diminished range and bat speed do not come from being rusty; they come from his being 37. Therefore his range and bat speed are not going to get better with time...they are going to get WORSE.

Also, its ridiculous to say the Yankees had no other options than paying an aging shortstop with diminished, declining skills 17 mil. a year. They could have had either Jason Bartlett or J.J. Hardy--who both have better range and offensive production than Jeter--for 1/5-1/4 the price. Therefore Yankee fans need to face the facts...they have a subpar, aging shortstop who is hurting an already hurting pitching staff, and draining a substantial 50 mil from their budget.
Posted Sunday April 24, 2011, About: Time to worry about Jeter?
A Giants fan here, not a Red Sox fan...and I think most of the Yankees fans responses are a joke. First of all, Jeter is not going to "straighten things out." He is not grounding out on most of his at-bats and missing grounders on defense most shortstops would get because he's "rusty" or "in a slump." He is doing so because, at 37, he has greatly diminished range and bat speed. His range and bat speed are not going to improve with time; they are going to GET WORSE.

Also, as to there not being any other shortstops available in the off season. They could have had either Jason Bartlett or J.J. Hardy for a song. Two shortstops with better range and offensive production at MUCH lower salaries instead of paying 17 mil a season for the now subpar Jeter.

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