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Posted Saturday November 17, 2012, About: NCAA further penalizes Kiffin's Tennessee Vols
Why are these coaches not penalized. They can break rules and leave for another program, and while the schools are being punished the coach is off the hook. You want to clean it up punish the coaches who are breaking the rules as well as the school.
Posted Sunday August 14, 2011, About: Kelly trying to toughen up Notre Dame
First off I am a ND fan, but how is calling out our coach and saying that he isnt doing a good job make me a whiner? Im calling him out, because he called out the fans. Has nothing to do with whining at all. As far as being in middle school and all that, I will bet the farm that I have more sports experience and coaching experience than 99% of the people who post. I never post crap because they are usually stupid comments by people who dont seem to know what they are talking about. This was simple, Kelly called out us fans and basically called us uneducated. I am calling kelly out and saying coach to the players that you have and not to the system that you want them to play. Also, to stand up and take responsibility for how you have handled this program in one season. Players are getting off on dui's, rape charges, and a student died from kellys actions. This is ND not USC, FSU, etc. Not whining just calling it how i see it.
Posted Friday August 12, 2011, About: Kelly trying to toughen up Notre Dame
This guy is a joke. He preached this speed offense and us Notre Dame fans had culture shock? We never seen the speed offense. It looked like every other offense that we have ever seen, minus making non running qbs run around and get hurt. Not to mention Kelly got a student killed, lets players do whatever, and then says the fans cant handle it and the students cant keep up. what a joke of a coach. Bring back Holtz.
Posted Tuesday April 26, 2011, About: Pippen thinks these Bulls are soft
Im a die hard bulls fan and a big pippen fan, but i remember when the pistons were beating the bulls and all the times the bulls needed pippen and he would somehow come down with migranes or just come up with the flu the night before and our beloved MJ would take a beating. Anyone in the bulls organization can call anyone else soft over pippen doing it. Us older bulls fans remember you scottie, dont forget your whole career not just the times you showed up to play, remember the times you bowed out too.

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