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Posted Thursday April 28, 2011, About: Jackson open to pushing ailing Kobe harder
Kobe is a warrior, he is going to play from his death bed, since it means so much. Kobe is going to put up some MJ numbers to drag the rest of the team into the next round, if that's what is needed.

Lakers too old? Shannon Brown, Andrew Bynum, et al are young. The Laker look old in the stats, but 14 years in the league minus 4 years for skipping college, and compare those numbers to other teams. Kobe looked like a spring chicken when he destroyed the youthful Hornets with devastating dunks deep in the paint in Game 5. In game 6 the the are going to execute their offense down low with their bigs. There are going to be a lot of Hornet fouls.

Where are the Hornets going to get the extra points they need to keep pace? How do you shoot 80+% quarter after quarter? 100% is the limit, they will need a perfect game to win. Kenny Smith said if they play like they did in game 5 in New Orleans, they will win. Whatever goes up must come down. A bell curve shows on one hand you can have an exceptional performance, and a equal chance of a horrible game. The Hornets are overdue to be snapped back to reality.

Game 5 should have showed them the vast distance they need to traverse to be in the conversation for best team, since the only super players are CP3 and Ariza; there "Bigs" Landry plays big, but his stature is pigmy sized, visually you would expect the Lakers to pound on him like a well worn door mat,Landry's shown he's got Rodman sized guts. He has been the finger in the levy, preventing a Katerina flood.

Barkley talked about how even when the Laker bigs have an off night, they still wear on the Hornet bigs. If the L.A. Bigs don't crash through, Kobe will get too many points for CP3 to match up with. How long can CP3 get Oscar Robinson numbers when L.A. keeps ratcheting up the defensive pressure, a relay race of fresh guards in his face. Barnes, and Artest will alter his shots. Kobe is used to tough defense.

Boston with Shaq is the big 5. Bulls might be the best team, but lack experience. Miami is a good offensive team, but Philly has show they have a weak under belly with a porous defense. To New Orleans fans, good luck, you did good. Oscar robinson and Pete Maravich, were two of my favorite guards growing up, loved the moves of Oscar, the scoring touch of Pete. CP3 is a great player, need to get a Dwight Howard to defend the paint. Good luck.

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