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Posted Thursday March 06, 2014, About: Will fans ever forgive St. Louis?
Its tampa... no one cares
Posted Thursday March 06, 2014, About: Browns didn't interview any top QBs
Curve Ball!
Posted Thursday March 06, 2014, About: Heat aren't happy with LeBron's visit
ESPN is happy about it
Posted Thursday February 13, 2014, About: Bold Burke: Team USA expects to win
Did they conduct the interview with Burke at a bar at his local Applebees?
Posted Friday February 07, 2014, About: Kraft paving Talib's way out of town?
So Kraft won't pay a good player who is injury prone, but they will pay crap players money who do stay on the field..I'm a huge Pats fan and just can't stand the logic behind how they pick their players... They like to have 2 ponies, instead of 1 stud horse
Posted Monday January 27, 2014, About: Baldwin: Sherman 'was terrible' when moved to CB
Baldwin " Yeah Sherman wasn't very good until he talked to my pharmacist"
Posted Wednesday January 15, 2014, About: Boston to blame for Seguin's rep?
Seguin was a mess in Boston. He was a God, partied like a 19 year old kid, and loved himself the Boston women.. In Dallas, he is not a God, he's 21 now and most people don't know who he is
Posted Wednesday January 15, 2014, About: Why LeBron's jealous of Durant
He's a 28 yeard old man child (I don't know hs real age, but 28 seems close)
Posted Friday January 10, 2014, About: LeBron was texting Manziel weekly
I liked and defended Jonny Foozball untill I heard of his bonding with James and joining his marketing company... James is just a notch above the Kardashians now
Posted Thursday January 09, 2014, About: Subban wants $9M a year
He knows he plays hockey right? No one will get 9 million contract, and not a Defense Man
Posted Thursday December 12, 2013, About: Crosby predicts 'steep' punishment for Thornton
10 games at most... Crosby's a fraud, he backed Matt Cooke for many years and he went out to end guys careers with cheap shots. Thorton crossed the line big time, but he at least is a man of character most of the time and admits he was out of line.. Cooke never thought he did something wrong until he got suspended and his wife came down with cancer (from an interview) .. Crosby is a whinny ****. He slashed Rask at the end of the period in a playoff game last year..
Posted Wednesday December 11, 2013, About: The first $14M man
There's no way a player will ever get more than 10 Million $ . With the new CBA that would cause a team to turn into the NJ Devils. If the Blackhawks pay Towes 14 million, what does Kane get? This doesn't make any sense... In another sport the salaries will go up , not in Hockey
Posted Friday November 08, 2013, About: LeBron in danger of missing games
Hop on the private jet to Germany. Get some HGH and blood plaitlets(sp?) like Dwayne Wade did last year
Posted Friday November 08, 2013, About: Sherman has few words for Roddy White
Everyone forgets that Sherman failed a PED test. But than had it over turned because he overflowed the cup and the person in charge was accused of miss handling the sample.. No biggy.
Posted Wednesday October 30, 2013, About: LeBron may stay for Spo
yay! wait, no one cares
Posted Thursday October 24, 2013, About: M's eyeing Red Sox, Cards coaches
Wait,? is that sweet baby Lou serious?
Posted Wednesday October 16, 2013, About: Sharks disgusted by 'gutless' Lapierre
I watched it a few times, and it doesn't look as dirty as the outcome of the injury. He didn't launch him from behind, he road him into the boards.
Posted Tuesday September 24, 2013, About: NBA nowhere near agreeing to HGH policy
I'm assuming the Miami Heat's owner is against HGH testing
Posted Friday September 20, 2013, About: Holmgren rips Richardson deal
Holgrem is the one who drafted Richardson. Why would he defend getting rid of him? Holgrem may be the most over rated coach/gm of this generation. Congrats on that 1 ring
Posted Tuesday September 17, 2013, About: Bryant could miss entire preseason
How is this a headline.? If you rephrase it, "Kobe will be ready for opening game" everyone will look at it as a good sign
Posted Tuesday September 10, 2013, About: Have we already seen Jeter's final game?
Don't worry.. He'll just go see Dwayne Wade's doctor in Germany and he'll be hitting 360 next year

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