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Posted Saturday February 25, 2012, About: Mets skeptical of Braun's innocence
sure maybe in wisconsin
Posted Saturday February 25, 2012, About: Mets skeptical of Braun's innocence
first of all he isnt innocent of anything he got off on a technicalty, secondly he shouldnt have won the mvp award anyways that should have been Kemp of the dodgers but he got it because the brewers made the playoffs and the dodgers didnt
Posted Saturday February 25, 2012, About: Mets skeptical of Braun's innocence
I work in a lab and im here to tell you leaving it at room temp will not harm nor contaminate a urine sample thats a fact...The only way his sample could have been contaminated would be if the seals had been broken and the lab stated all three seals were intact when his urine arrived at the independant lab for testing....Plain and simple Mr Braun provided a dirty sample and got away with it on a technicality no differant then when a criminal case gets screwed around when somone isnt given their maranda rights
Posted Tuesday January 10, 2012, About: Seismic change coming to BCS system?
NC13 its pompus fans like you that make me want to beg the Iranian leader for a nuke to drop on the state of Alabama...oh yeah and whos gonna stop you, well lets see USC has a great team coming back next year....Georgia in your own confrence, LSU will be in the hunt again, S. Carolina is gonna be strong getting Lattamore back... Clemson is gonna be dynamic with Boyd and Watkins shall I go on?
Posted Sunday June 05, 2011, About: Attorney: More Ohio St. suspensions unlikely
Although I dont post very ofter, I sit here in my spare time and watch most of you rip the NCAA over scandals that have come out over the last couple of years. Although I do not agree that selling something you are given should be punished but it is the rules. Does the NCAA discriminate who they choose to come down on { no doubt in my mind it does } need look back no farther then scam Newton, but as I said rules are rules and if you break them there should be consequenses to your actions. Having said that, I do agree with coach Spurriers idea of paying players. I just dont think it should be 300.00 per week, 150.00 a week sounds about right to me as thats what most people with a part time job would earn, and take it a step farther then that. As well as signing a letter of intent make them also sign a letter stating they will stay all 4 years and that if they leave early then they must repay all money they have received back. And then if you get caught doing something against the rules then your gone, period!!! In closing, times have changed people this is not the 60's, 70's or 80's its about time the NCAA catches up with the rest of the economy, college football is the greatest sport on the planet but as in life everything changes.
Posted Monday May 16, 2011, About: No untouchables in Mets fire sale
as a reds fan I have to say there is only 2 players you have we would be interested in and thats Wright or Reyes, question is what would it take to get either or both of them?
Posted Friday August 06, 2010, About: Votto a triple crown threat?
if Dusty Baker is smart he will walk Albert each appearance throughout the whole series unless all three games are reds blowouts and even being a reds fan I dont see that happening, IMO Albert is the only player St Louis has that you just cannot aford to let beat you...If you wanna go position by position reds vs cards its basically a tie at 1B, Phillips wins hands down at 2nd, pretty much a tie at SS and Rolen is heads above anyone the Cards can run out at 3B...The only edge I see the Cards having is Colby Rasmuss...starting pitching is pretty much even, and I will take the reds bullpen over the cards anyday, and combining Hannigan and Hernanadez is equal to the cards catcher Molina

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