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Posted Thursday December 30, 2010, About: Terrel Pryors' NFL audition
While I hope you are right in that he is gone to the NFL after the SB, I can't quite understand what you missed in his performance this year that would make you think he didn't perform the past 3. He was a candidate for the Heisman --- only one loss to speak of this year. He's a team player and an outstanding smart athlete. I hope to be watching him in a year or two in the NFL --- it needs some new young QBs ----
Posted Thursday December 30, 2010, About: Terrel Pryors' NFL audition
Terrel should tell the NCAA and Coach T to kiss his butt.
Go Pro if he can certainly and learn their game.
If any of you read the Money section of CNN this week you would have seen that College Football profited over $1.1 BILLION dollars on the backs of these young men.
How dare the NCAA have the audacity to levy sanctions.
They should be lining up behind these young men.
I say pay them something. It's the colleges making money on EVERY jersey and tshirt that has that players name on it......NOT the player.
I say change the rules. Pay them something since they do not have time to have a job that pays them real money. Their job is to work out, practice, and hopefully get the grades to stay in at that level of collegiate play.
OR how about this.
A reward based system - if you are a great player and people want to buy your jersey you get a % of those sales as well.
Buck up NCAA - a greedy freaking organization built on non-sense with no play off system and no one with a set of balls to actually change the rules the fans want to see. Your attempt to penalize these young men doesn't prove you have a set either.
Since when is it illegal to sell your own personal property to raise money? I'll tell you when.
When it infringes on the NCAA's ability to make tens of millions of merchandising and stadium seating dollars that's when. The OSU 5 need to say SEE YA and go PRO and ANYONE who thinks they have done something wrong by raising some cash by selling their OWN EARNED items needs to have their heads examined. This is really the most ridiculous thing I have heard. NCAA needs to just change top down - rules, playoff system, all of it. I can't wait to watch these guys in the NFL --- and they won't need to sell anything to help out their families.

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