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Posted Wednesday April 04, 2012, About: Flacco proclaims himself NFL's best QB
Im sure this was all Flacco's fault

Posted Saturday February 18, 2012, About: Avril won't cut Lions any breaks
Posted Saturday February 18, 2012, About: Avril won't cut Lions any breaks
In case you didnt notice the latest "rumor" is he will hold out if he gets franchised......but doesnt that mean he is getting paid pretty much top dollar for that year. And as far as retirees complaining. Yeah it sucks they dont have the ompesation todays players get but to complain about getting only 2,000 a month as retired benefits is a joke thats more then some of our military members make on a monthly basis. If he gets franchised he will make $12 Mil this year alone. But I guess holding out for more than $12 million is worth it I mean a guy has to feed his family right.
Posted Friday February 17, 2012, About: Avril won't cut Lions any breaks
While I agree you have to get paid when you can, somethign he may want to consider is this. That D-line he was on helped make him the player he is. Having one of the best d-lines in the game helps everyone on it. If teams are focused on the DT's then the DE's have better production. I hope he stays but I also hope that if he does leave he is smart enough to go to a team with a decent d-line. Otherwise he becomes another failed money chaser.
Posted Saturday November 26, 2011, About: Did Lions push Suh's about-face?
It is kind of amazing to me that everyone is saying people will always remember Suh stepping on a guys arm, but noone remember Brian Robison kicking T.J. Lang in the nuts.....interesting.

I am not saying what Suh did is acceptable but look at how much media attention this has gotten compared to the groin kick. Maybe it is because this is not Suh's first run in with another player, not sure, but the groin kick could have done a lot more damage to a guy and noone seems to care.
Posted Friday November 25, 2011, About: Suh threatening his own marketability
I am a die hard Lions fan, and what Suh did there is no excuse for. His reasoning after the game is weak and insulting. However watching the play the lineman from GB dragged Suh to the ground and held him there, that is why Suh pushed his head down. Of course the ref's didnt see that. This has been a horrible year by the ref's as a whole. ng-Had-the-Tryptophan-al?urn=nfl-wp12484

They missed a lot of calls yesterday or just flat out got them wrong. Such as Vandenbosch hitting Rodgers....there is no way shape or form that was roughing the passer. The league, i.e. dictator Goodell, needs to do somethign about the ref's as well. I don't like how fines are just thrown around like it's noones business. Are some deserved? Hell yeah they are, like the one Suh is going to get for his actions yesterday. As far as comparing Suh to Haynesworth, did they both stomp on a guy...yeah, but to say the 2 incidents are the same is absurd. Suh was caught up in the heat of the moment and stomped down on the guys arm, split second horrible reaction. Haynesworth to the time to walk up to Gurode and step on his face twice. Haynesworths almost looked planned.
Posted Wednesday August 17, 2011, About: Verlander locking up Cy, MVP next?
Everyone keeps saying that the Cy Young is the pitchers MVP, well isn't a batting title and a gold glove the same thing. Every position has its own award, the MVP is reserved for the Most Valuable Player, the position does not matter.
Posted Thursday August 04, 2011, About: Osi now even angrier with Giants
This is just my though but I think it was a politacal move by the owners. Osi said he is one of the top 5 DE in the league and wants to be paid like it. Maybe this was a slap in the face but the owners said "Ok Osi you say your a top 5 DE, then we should have no problem getting a 1st rounder for you." Yeah it has only been 2 days and they should have let it go on a little longer, but it kind of showed Osi maybe he is not as good as he thinks.
Posted Saturday July 30, 2011, About: Samuel odd man out in Philly?
I would love to see Detroit get Samuel, they just signed Eric Wright from Clevland. That helps a little, not sure I get how signing a DB from one of the worst defenses in the NFL help but whatever. The problem i see is that Detroit doesnt really have anything to give for him, they wont trade any of the young guys they have (Suh, Fairley, Young, LeShoure, Best, Stafford) and now with Backus being out they need to find another OL to take his place. I like the direction they are heading but still have some work to do and it would appear they plan on doing it through the draft.
Posted Friday July 22, 2011, About: Owners tried to pull a fast one
The players are in no rush to sign this "deal" because of the insurance D. Smith took out for just this situation. I thought it was a great idea, for those that don't know, every player will get around 200K if the lockout goes all season. So while yes the players will lose some money the owners will lose more. And sadly all the employees of the stadium who don't make millions are out of jobs while the money hungry people, on both sides, argue about more money.
Posted Sunday May 22, 2011, About: Hasselbeck best fit for Vikings?
So they're not bringing back Jeff Garcia?

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