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Posted Saturday May 28, 2011, About: John Elway Suing Punk Rock Band
haha...Favre would probably ask to be a part of the band
Thanks guys
Posted Saturday May 28, 2011, About: John Elway Suing Punk Rock Band these guys are pretty damn good too, maybe Johnny is just jealous he can't play the guitar....I know he's still hurting from losing $15 million on that Ponzi deal last fall, but I highly doubt the band has that much in their collective bank accounts
Posted Saturday May 28, 2011, About: Animal rights group purchased Vick's house
LoL...that would be quite the daunting task
Posted Saturday May 28, 2011, About: John Elway Suing Punk Rock Band
I'm sure there are a lot more Elway's on this planet than just John the former QB who could never win a Super Bowl until Terrell Davis came to Denver
I can't explain the ??? garbage, sorry for the inconvenience.
Posted Saturday May 28, 2011, About: 32 teams in 32 days - Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills
I can't explain the ???, Sorry for the inconvenience...
Posted Saturday May 28, 2011, About: 32 teams in 32 days - Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills 2010 record: 4-12

The surprise with Buffalo was somehow winning 4 games in 2010 because the stats are that dreadful. Those guys who know how to circle the wagons better than any other team in the NFL certainly did that well last year losing 4 games by a combined 12 points and losing 5 games by a combined 136 points. So Buffalo either played well enough to win and only lost by a field goal, or got completely dismantled in embarrassing fashion violating moral and ethical laws unbecoming an NFL team.

The defense sucks, the offense sucks and they have a Harvard graduate as their starting quarterback. Ryan Fitzpatrick has the skill set to be a good QB, he just needs a little bit of help from his supporting cast including guys like WR Stevie Johnson who needs to take lessons from wide receivers who know how to catch the ball in clutch situations when standing wide open in the middle of the endzone. That might???ve been a bit harsh, but with that catch Stevie would???ve got his team another win, 5-11 always looks better than 4-12. 5-11 is one game closer to a championship caliber season, even in a fake league like Madden with a fantasy draft there???s always that benefit simulation you can take over and over until you finally win. Actually, even in Madden Buffalo doesn???t win. It???s part of the culture and the great tradition after Norwood missed wide right and Buffalo lost 4 consecutive Super Bowls to NFC East opponents except Philly. Sorry Stevie, I know it was just one little foul up and I???m making entirely too big of a deal about this, but you???re getting paid to catch balls damnit!

Defense gave up almost 27ppg while the offense only contributed 17.7 to the cause. Fitzpatrick only threw for an astounding 197 yards per game however Fred Jackson is quickly becoming one of the best running backs in the league. Jackson ran for over 1,000 in ???09 and 927 last year with high expectations for 2011. If Jackson is the one saving grace offensively, the backfield is where you can smile defensively. They allowed only 192 yards in the air finishing 3rd in the league but gave up 170 yards on the ground. That???s why Buffalo scored an A+ in the draft by going after exactly what they needed to fix their problems, defense. Seven of their 9 picks were on the defensive side starting with DT Marcel Dareus as the 3rd overall. Buffalo will continue to circle the wagons in 2011 but things will start to look up as their offense gains more experience and if they can figure out how to neutralize the opposing run. Buffalo 5-11.
In 2009 the Bengals shutout the AFC North division that includes Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Cleveland. Obviously beating Cleveland twice isn???t a shocker, but Pittsburgh and Baltimore was a regular season accomplishment. The ending to their ???09 story was an early exit in the Wildcard round of the playoffs and a miserable 2010 season with high expectations based on the ???09 season.

Everyone thought Cincinnati would be a really good 2010 team and everyone was left scratching their heads when all was said and done. What happened to Carson Palmer? Ochocinco is likely out of town and what about everyone???s favorite receiver Terrell Owens? There are a lot of questions left to be answered partly because the lockout still interferes and partly because it???s Cincinnati and they???re not accustomed to normalcy. However, Cincinnati did have a draft geared to making some changes by taking A.J. Green with the 4th overall pick and Andy Dalton from TCU in the 2nd round to potentially replace Carson Palmer.

Offensively the Bengals were 20th in total yards which that was the only statistic in which they broke the top 20 barrier. Cincinnati looked a little bit better across the board defensively although they still allowed 24 points a game when their offense could only generate 20 points. Cincinnati???s defensive woes were a combination of poor red zone efficiency and a consistent lack of pressure from the front-7 only producing 12 sacks. They failed to address their issues up front only drafting an undersized 3rd round D-line guy in Dontay Moch from Nevada. It appears they???re hoping their young guys will get better with experience and improve organically.

The AFC South is a division that???s seen Pittsburgh and Baltimore win the division every year since 2000 except that one special season in ???09 when the Bengals shut down the division. Can it happen again, not this year but get Palmer out and get Dalton acclimated to the life of a starting NFL QB and see what happens in the future. As for now, they improve just a few games. Cincinnati 6-10
I think your dead on with the idea that this is what the NBA has become. I think contraction needs to just go on and happen. Let's just make the Association a 16 team league and knock the playoffs down to 8 teams so it doesn't drag out for 3 months anyway. You get 16 teams featuring nothing but All-stars and see what happens. No more Sacramento, Indiana, Milwaukee, Toronto, Minnesota, Charlotte, etc...Might sound a bit drastic, but think about the last time you actually watched any other these before mentioned teams play...
Posted Thursday May 26, 2011, About: Thoughts on Mike Brown hire to the Lakers...
Big mental mistake back there guys with Byron Scott, def meant Brian Shaw
Posted Wednesday May 25, 2011, About: Thoughts on Mike Brown hire to the Lakers...
If you like what I have to say, check out more at
Posted Tuesday May 24, 2011, About: Would you pick Nowitzki over Durant ? and if you do WHY?
Nowitzki is playing MVP playoff hoops right now, but you want to talk year to year, considering the age factor you gotta take Durant for the future. OKC is going to be around for some time to come with a lot more success than Dallas has produced in their run with Dirk. Look at the success with Durant in such a short amount of time. Star vs star I like Durant more even if you hypothetically give them same age, not taking anything away from Dirk

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