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Posted Thursday July 26, 2012, About: Bryant's offseason makeover
He can easily come off the bench and score 15 a game
Posted Thursday July 26, 2012, About: Bryant's offseason makeover
16 pounds? Does this guy ever take a day off? lol
Posted Thursday July 26, 2012, About: O'Brien scrambling to keep players
People just don't understand.....the game is that important to them, you take it then they become the victims since they aren't getting any bowl games smh

Seriously that thought disgusts me, the KIDS are the victims here, not the players. They took a SMALL HIT, all they gave up was bowl games...BOWL GAMES...smh
Posted Wednesday July 25, 2012, About: Howard staying put in Orlando?
Someone please..................make it.......................stop......................
Posted Monday July 23, 2012, About: NCAA preparing Penn State for 'unprecedented' penalties
It's pretty simple, the program tried to hide a monster, and now the program must deal with a monster consequence...sounds about right. They wanted to save face and keep things under wrap while children's lives where being ruined behind closed doors. The program must pay for what it aloud during that time period.
Posted Thursday July 12, 2012, About: Bynum to Houston, Howard to Lakers?
Do you realize if Howard didn't opt in to his final year of his contract he could have WALKED to Brooklyn and they would have been able to trade players like Brooke Lopez for valuable pieces? This guy is an idiot and in some way I'm happy he didn't come to the Nets, I feel like we would have given wayyy to much for a guy that should have been here already. Another case of a mental midget
Posted Monday July 09, 2012, About: Rivers: 'He should have stayed'
Moral of the story, don't try and trade a "key" player then try to patch it up by throwing money at him. CLEARLY money wasn't why he left, he left because he felt mistreated, which I think most of us will agree with. What better way then to get back at them by going to their rival team? I see nothing wrong with it
Posted Monday July 09, 2012, About: Jack calls Allen 'traitor'
If I was Allen I'd do the same. If I felt disrespected by a team I would go to the rival team and stick it to them the same way they got use to me doing it to others. I'm going to remind them why they won a championship there during my time. To me that's not being a traitor....the rival team wanted him more, clearly
Posted Friday July 06, 2012, About: Howard-to-Lakers a better deal than ever
Yea, if he gets his head screwed on. It's funny because I believe both centers are great fits, just in different ways.
Posted Thursday July 05, 2012, About: Why the Knicks struck out with Nash
Lin is the greatest most besterest PG there ever was! lol

But seriously, he is pretty good FOR that time he good is he really? only time will tell, i think it's in the best interest for the Knicks to bring him back
Posted Thursday July 05, 2012, About: Howard-to-Lakers a better deal than ever
Howard doesn't make any sense, he says he wants to play in Brooklyn so he signs with the Magic for one more year. A while ago he said he wanted to go to the Lakers...seriously WTF....if he goes to either team they would instantly become contenders...the Lakers being the better fit in terms of actually having a chance to win....
Posted Thursday July 05, 2012, About: Lakers making strong push for Nash
So much hate, lol, Nash solves 2 problems the Lakers had. OUTSIDE SHOOTING and a PG that can actually long as Pau and Bynum or (Howard) dominate the paint then his D or lack of it won't be an issue....Anybody with a decent brain knows the Laker/OKC could have easily gone the other way...Nash CAN and will improve this offense....after all these years people still doubt what Kobe is willing to do to win....I understand people don't like him, believe me I do, but to take HIS actual game away is ****.....if you told him he needs to rebound more then he will.....when this cat is frustrated with his team HE decides to take over....I don't blame him
Posted Thursday July 05, 2012, About: Howard-to-Lakers a better deal than ever
Well the idea would be to build around either Bynum or Howard for the future
Posted Friday June 29, 2012, About: Kings had Robinson going No. 2
Easily one of my favorite players....I wish this dude the best...That story about his mom and stuff was tough for this cat and he didn't let it break him....dude is driven not like many of the guys getting into the league, it takes them a couple years to reach this guys mentality
Posted Thursday June 28, 2012, About: Hawks targeting Gasol for Josh Smith
But Z-Bo demands the would cause an issue between Bynum and Z-Bo for the 2nd in command to Kobe....Z-Bo has the better offensive game...but Bynum with his way of thinking won't step down and continue to get better....he will just complain or refuse to play as hard
Posted Thursday June 28, 2012, About: Hawks targeting Gasol for Josh Smith
I like the trade for both really does make sense.....Gasol plays C and Al FINALLY plays his true position at PF which I think would really benefit him. All these years they wasted him at C if you ask me
Posted Friday June 15, 2012, About: OKC's biggest problem
By now you should know how the games work, the refs will review the plays and adjust according....Get ready for alot of calls going OKC's way lol.....they did blow some calls at the end, I don't think it was TOO bad...especially since the Thunder played poorly the entire game....

I think that's what is scary, they play poorly and look how the game went down...Durant is a COLD s.o.b.....I like the Thunder to take 2 in Miami
Posted Friday June 15, 2012, About: Olshey still doesn't 'get' Portland
Lmao wow
Posted Thursday June 14, 2012, About: Miami's vice: Wade looks old
This series is far from over....ONE game does not indicate how the rest of the series will go. Adjustments will be made and the game will be played differently tonight. That being SAID....Harden was nowhere to be found last night....which is a SCARY thought if you're got production from the big 3 like usual...give or take a couple more point for Wade.....I've said this for about most of Lebron career, he needs to involve himself in the offense more during the 2nd half
Posted Friday June 08, 2012, About: Kobe headed back to Germany, taking Bynum with him
Lmao!!! So you see it right?? How odd
Posted Friday June 08, 2012, About: Kobe headed back to Germany, taking Bynum with him
Lol this only means Gasol is out...Kobe leaves with Bynum while Gasol stays behind....lmao
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