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Posted Monday February 18, 2013, About: Chris Bosh's very bad All-Star Game
^^^^^ miami may have played 4 forwards = Spo may have played 4 forwards
Posted Monday February 18, 2013, About: Chris Bosh's very bad All-Star Game
This is silliest crap to put in USA Today. Bosh is a major contributor to the Heat. He just scored 34 points the other night, is the best mid range shooter the Heat has, and is what a teammate should be. Bosh can score 30 like he did in Toronto, nearly every night, but he plays his role.

IT WAS A FREAKING ALL STAR GAME. EVERYONE WAS HAVING FUN. It's silly to critique Bosh on an All-star game and ignore what he does night in and night out.

Miami may have played 4 forwards but one has PG skills, 1 has sf/pf skills, and 2 have pf/c skills. Spo may have been experimenting because usually the Heat plays small. DWade quietly had the best night of all the players on the Eastern squad. Heeeee''sssssss back. Be Afraid, be very afraid!
Posted Monday February 11, 2013, About: Teams targeting Howard's injury
I hope this was taken out of context - are you telling me he expects teams to stop playing for position, which means pushing arms and shoulders, because he's injured?!?!? Spo and Stern: D Howard has a injury. Don't play how you usually play?!?

What is wrong with Dwight? Please say the media took this excerpt just to make him look weak.
On the other end of the spectrum, magnifying Howard's softness, is Chicago's Noah saying the injury he has (known as being really painful throughout the NBA) won't keep him out of any games.

D Howard should have stayed in Orlando, where they made sure he was a media darling and was loved, because he's getting killed by the big market media and players (kobe's a different strain of player compared to Howard). I know Kobe now really respects what Shaq brought to the table with how oft injured Bynum (but a performer) and Howard have been since. Bynum was right when he said the Lakers traded the number 1 center for the the number 2 center.
Posted Wednesday February 06, 2013, About: All-Star dilemma just starting for Spoelstra
Spo should start Bosh. One year, Doc took out starters and played his boston players together for the second half. Detroit Pistons did similarly when they were a powerhouse with Billups, Hamilton, and other player.

Spo should be loyal to his heat player. Its not like it will make things wacky. DWade and Lebron both play pg on any given night in big games for the Heat. It's not like they are putting Bosh at the PG just to get him on the court. The Lineup would be:

Wade - pg
Lebron - sg
Melo - sf
Bosh - pf
Garnett - c

Similarly Miami plays with

Lebron - pg
Wade - sg
Mike Miller - sf
Battier - pf
Bosh - c

So Lebron or Wade can play point, Garnett can be pf, Bosh can be center or vice versa.

Biggest thing is Spo should take Rondo's spot, who's nasty with the Heat, and take a Boston Celt position and give it to a Heat player. Its gamesmanship at its best. Mess with Boston a little. I guess the back lash will be messing with Cleveland a little also, but hey, that's not on purpose, but for all the crap Cleveland fans still talk, why not.

BTW, met Lebron and he's not Mebron. He's a cool guy.
Posted Wednesday January 09, 2013, About: NYPD had to "defuse" situation between KG, Melo
KG rarely fights back when he sees his opponent will. not even the size factor is the question, but he tests the boundaries and tries to punk players and if he sees they will fight back, he backs off that tactic. Remember DWade is no where KG's size but when DWade leveled him with his shoulder for his illegal screen on Mike Miller, who had just come back from injury, KG quickly went to the ref as Wade tossed the ball over to the ref, letting KG know his foul was intentional and then walked toward KG. As stated, KG walked to ref. I don't hate KG for being KG. Test it. If you can get away with it, go for it.
Posted Monday October 29, 2012, About: Mavs forced to open with Curry
Miami worked hard to get Curry into play shape.. He's looked pretty good in the preseason with San Antonio. The only reason I think San Antonio didn't take him is because of his history and they are loaded with talent. Miami should have resigned him and played him but then again, he can't run with a team like Miami. So I think Curry will look better than most think.

Let's Go Heat! Just do it Lebron!! Wade County all day!!!
Posted Monday July 02, 2012, About: Nets near makeover, eye sidekick for D-Will
If they are smart, they go after Ibaka or Harding or both and trade for Howard. Deron, Harding, Howard, Ibaka at the 4 is good. If not, Deron, Harding, Howard is nice. Deron, Ibaka as rebounding 4, and Howard can be nice too.
Posted Monday May 14, 2012, About: Hill risks NBA discipline with 'The world knows' line
Boo Hoo. This idiot is complaining? I'm not saying the refereeing is against the heat, but with Wade and Lebron slashing to the hole so often, of course they get a lot of calls, but some aren't even called. Even Kobe is getting less calls now going to the hole. Granger got lot 3 or 4 calls in a row. 34 - 28 is not a big deal (remember 4 were intentional at the end of the game so they shouldn't be counted). Even 38-28 isn't that bad.

We just lost Bosh. Miami players are slammed to the ground all the time. Look at the Miami vs. NY matchup. Melo got a lot of bail out calls when he shot airballs or was blocked. Miami is pushed around and it was a matter of time before the refs let one of our players get hurt. Remember Tyson Chandler fouling players hard, Melo was super physical with Lebron but when Lebron tried the same thing or responded he was given techs. The refs have to stop the physical play they allow against Miami. Or Miami needs and enforcer who will hurt someone when they try to hurt heat players.
Posted Thursday May 03, 2012, About: LeBron won't take Reggie's bait
Just remembered legit center in Indiana while Reggie kept coming up short every year: Smits. I wish the Heat had someone a quarter as good as Smits was,
Posted Thursday May 03, 2012, About: LeBron won't take Reggie's bait
Forget that punk Reggie Miller. His whole game was based off flopping. I respect Ray Allen more because he shoots well outside without the flopping. Lebron is mugged every night in the paint, something reggie wouldn't know about. Reggie hasn't won anything. Lebron did better solo in Cleveland than Reggie did surrounded by talents like an in his prime Artest, a legit big man who could score (the tall, caucasian, thin center who was a legit baller). Everyone in Miami recognizes there are a lot of commentators that gives one sided commentary when it comes to the heat. Also there are a lot of ignoring when it comes to the referees when it comes to the Heat. A

All the haters can say whatever they want, but Miami players get thrown to the grown, bumped hard in the paint, etc. and rarely get calls yet they have still done well. In fact you hear the term soft when it comes to Miami. But if Miami just breathes on other teams, fouls are called. So hate Miami if you will but know that they are traveling the hardest road with no calls on them and calls against them that makes it hard to play as physical as other teams, yet they are STILL WINNING. Watch Lebron get slammed and hop right back up and tell me you can respect the dirty play, but not the fact that he ignores it and plays on.
Posted Wednesday April 11, 2012, About: After argument, Cuban pans investment in Odom
Odom should be a professional. Dwight doesn't want to be in Orlando, but he still plays. Odom is getting compensated with millions of dollars, not with happy feelings. Suck it up and stop acting like a fragile beyyatchh. He's always out of shape because he wants to be a socialite, but we don't watch him like me watch the Kadashians or Paris. We watch him for basketball. Name one move that Odom has added to his game?

And to frustrate Cuban, an owner who stands by his players, is something to be said. Odom has to be the laughing stock of the NBA. He's the reason Dwight hasn't gotten such a bomb rap for his flip flopping because he's night and day from Odom. Odom takes personal time every other week?!? Dwight is there. Odom doesn't give effort, Dwight does. With the Dwight/Magic situation and Odom somehow finds a way to look worst makes him a real joke. Next move - Kim will leave him.
Posted Wednesday April 11, 2012, About: After argument, Cuban pans investment in Odom
honestly i can't say I ever liked Lamar Odom. With his ball handling skills and body, he should have been on the level of Kobe Bryant or better or Lebron James. However his dedication sucks. With the Heat he didn't do anything to up his game. Same old top of the key dribble and drive. With the Lakers he thought it was CUTE that Phil Jackson had to tell him to stay in shape because as he put it in a press conference "Phil told me to stay focused on my game and body because he knows -and he smirks and giggles before saying it - i'm a social butterfly. I'm always out on the scene." Who gives a whatever? You are a basketball players, not a socialite. We don't follow Odom for the reasons we follows Paris Hilton, we follow him as a basket ball player. And of course he constantly came in out of shape except for year he played on Olympic teams which was one of his best years.

Finally, I have never seen a scene like this when a basketball player frustrates Mark Cuban, a player's owner who always stands up for his players. What an idiot>
Posted Monday February 20, 2012, About: Battier floats co-MVPs in Miami
Why would he NOT pass to the best finisher around the rim in the game? DUH. When Lebron is breaking with Wade and ____(fill in blank...Joel Anthony is a great example), who would you pass to? The guy you know will finish or the guy who blows layups? By trying to discredit Lebron, you actually make a point of how high his basketball IQ is.
Posted Monday February 20, 2012, About: Battier floats co-MVPs in Miami
lol but i have to agree. I'm a heat fan, but tibs shows he belongs and will be a legendary coach.
Posted Monday February 13, 2012, About: Howard sounds off: 'I do want the ball more ...'
Dwight is making it where Orlando he's going to tag himself as a selfish player. Shoot a high percentage at the free throw line and he can finish the game. SVG is out to win, not appease Dwight's ego. SVG coaches smart. Dwights free throw shooting can/does cost Orlando games.
Posted Monday February 13, 2012, About: Josh Smith: All-Star snub political
Then stop making dumb faces like you want to fight everyone and then they will see you're not a threat to start a fight at the all-star game.
Posted Monday February 13, 2012, About: Josh Smith: All-Star snub political
Then stop making dumb faces like you want to fight everyone and then they will see you're not a threat to start a fight at the all-star game.
Posted Monday February 13, 2012, About: Jackson on Lin: 'Leave me out of it'
Its different knowing who's on your roster and not ever seeing them perform in the NBA. Remember, Lin is thriving with D'Antoni, who has a guard led offense. Most other coaches run their offense through their bigs, so it may have been hard to see how good Lin was. Even Houston, who run their offense through their bigs couldn't see the talent.
Posted Monday February 13, 2012, About: Howard sounds off: 'I do want the ball more ...'
Dwight is: I, I, I...let him go. Ryan Andersen is the team leading scorer. What does that say about Mr. Dwight. Dwight want sexiness and superstars around him, but he has a legit coach and team that just destroyed the Miami Heat the other night. If he concentrated on what he could do to make his team better right NOW Orlando could being playing elite right now.

One legit complaint is: Why the heck haven't they traded Jameer Nelson? He shoots wild shots and isn't consistent. Big Baby sometimes tries to be the go to guy, but lets just be honest - Dwight isn't a player that can carry a team to victory after victory. He hasn't so far. If you put the Orlando Magic on Dwights back, their record won't be over .500 like if you did the same for Lebron, Kobe, Wade (at least 3 games over), Iverson, etc.
Posted Monday February 13, 2012, About: Arenas workout impresses Lakers
Heat should go after him since Lakers haven't signed him but let everyone know he's playing well again. The Heat should cut Harris til next year since he's not getting much playing time anyway.
Posted Thursday February 02, 2012, About: Riley recruiting Przybilla and K-Mart
agree. Norris did well to slow Derrick Rose. I like him. We are actually fine a pg. We need Curry to get the playing time to get acclimated to the game.
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