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Posted Friday November 29, 2013, About: Potential doom lurking for Leafs
S.O.S. Same old story with the Leafs. Defense has always been the problem with the Buds. It won't be an easy job but they need to find at least two punishing D-men either in the minors or oversees who will make any other team doubt their offense when entering over the blue line. Phaneuf, Franson, Gunnarsson, and Fraser are at best average players and won't bring the Leafs the cup.
Posted Tuesday April 09, 2013, About: Tebow reporting with Jets
Tebow is a champ! He shuts up and shows up! He is the antithesis of Randy Moss.
Posted Tuesday April 09, 2013, About: Beilein under fire for controversial decisions
Basketball is a team game. Michigan played in unison and were cohesive when Burke was on the bench. When he played the second half he became a glory hound and a ball hog. Player of the year was the GOTY (Goat of the Year)! Burke was the reason they lost the game!
Posted Tuesday February 12, 2013, About: Howard offends the Greatest Teammate Ever
The problem with the NBA is the players want to maintain their salaries and don't want to risk an injury to take them away from the money. Winning is a distant second. A long time ago I went to watch Vince Carter play Lebron James in a Raptors Cavaliers game. There was a lot of hype prior to the game. It was supposedly to be "an epic battle." The only thing that happened was the players jogged up and down the court for 48 minutes and took jump shots. The next day in complete contrast, I had the pleasure to attend a Canadian University Basketball game. The kids played their hearts out and literally battled at full tilt during the entire game for the win. After that personal comparison, I've never attended another NBA game.
Posted Wednesday November 14, 2012, About: Jets teammates rip 'terrible' Tebow
You doubters are full of it and don't know a thing about football. The game is about courage. The problem is most coaches in the pros lack that most important characteristic because they do not have the guts to make a decision based on heart instead of statistics.
Johnny Unitas was cut by the Steelers and was playing sandlot football before going to the Colts. If it wasn't for the Shaw, the Colts' starting quarterback breaking his leg, Johnny U would have never played and probably would have been let go prior to the following season. An injury to Bledsoe allowed Brady to play and start his legendary career in New England. Marino was a bench warmer to Woodley guessed injury. All these Hall of Famers started their careers out of necessity and not through intention.
Tebow played quarterback in the SEC, won two national championships, and the Heisman. Urban Meyer specifically picked Tim to play quarterback for the Gators over Cam Newton. Meyer is a better coach and a better judge of talent than Ryan. The NFL stands for "Never Follow Logic."
Posted Friday October 12, 2012, About: Grief-stricken Dawkins won't practice this year
Andre, if you end up reading this, take heart. Don't get discouraged by the ignorance and cruelty that you read in some of these comments. I know what you are thinking. "Why play basketball? It's just a game. How can I focus on something trivial like a ball going through a hoop, when a person that deserved a future, lost her life because of my success as a college athlete?" Some of us can relate to some of the pain that you are going through. Some people think of sadness as a weakness. It's not. Think of it as an emotion that grants you the ability of greater understanding. Through that understanding of pain, you will find answers. Just keep going and most importantly, just be yourself.
Posted Saturday August 04, 2012, About: Ryan bites tongue, players critical of Obama's Jets jab
I don't like Obama's politics AT ALL. I'm still pissed at ND for giving him an honorary doctorate. What were they thinking? However, I do like the prez because he respects the office and his family (i.e. no BJ's under the desk ala Bill). Another likable thing he does is play hoops. Name one other president that couldn't light the nation's Christmas tree because of a fat lip from a sharp elbow? Although he's another liberal kook like Bill Bradley, he's still a hoop's brother nonetheless. Seems like the whole country is getting onboard the liberal crazy train. I blame internet porn for all our troubles. Where the hell is Ronny Reagan when you need him? God I miss the 80's. Obama also attends college football and basketball games as a real fan. As such, he is absolutely entitled to have an opionion on sports just like everyone else. That being said, I hope Tebow has a hell of a year to prove all the doubters wrong, including Barack.
Posted Tuesday July 17, 2012, About: Holmes: Two QB system won't work for Jets
Remember Mark Sanchez lined up as a wide receiver against the Bill's Drayton Florence back in November '11. Go find it on YouTube. He became flustered like a little school girl and lost the respect of his team that day. What a coward. I'll take Tebow any day at quarterback. Tim will run in TD's with a broken leg and physically hurt your defense. He ran over Revis during a game against the Jets. He's a proven winner (Two time Nat'l Champ). Granted he is not a silent assassin like the greatest of quarterbacks (i.e. Montana, Unitas, Brady). Football is a game of the highest emotion and somehow it became the quarterback's job to be the calming factor in the huddle and at the line. Many of you look for the prototypical QB. Everyone is high on Peyton (Peyton could you please pass the Chateau????) but he is not a calming factor for his team due to his fixation on calling audibles at the line. He mixes up defenses but he also causes confusion for his own offense because Manning's teammates are never quite sure what he will do prior to a snap. He is on a different page than his team. That's the main reason why Peyton has one ring and Brady has three. As for Tim..sounds to me in the Santonio interview that Tebow has gained the respect of his teammates already just like in Denver. Tebow is in the trenches with the rest of his guys. That's what counts.
Posted Tuesday May 29, 2012, About: Bonds talks of rejoining Giants
So Roger Maris' 61* and Henry Aaron's 755 are still the records then...If Bonds admits to juicing then his records are for all purposes are null regardless of what the League and the Hall record. He won't admit to steroid use because, in his mind, he worked and needled, I I I I mean trained, hard to break those marks. Somebody tell me why Maris wasn't voted in the Hall of Fame again?
Posted Friday March 30, 2012, About: Leafs manage to find a new low
How does Brian Burke still a have the job as General Manager of the Leafs? He gets paid millions of dollars as G.M. and he has not succeeded to organize a winning team. I am not allowed to be mediocre at my job. How does he get away with poor performance in his position? Fire his butt!! Get him out of Toronto!
Posted Sunday March 11, 2012, About: Source: Tebow could be traded to...
Tebow is a winner. He won two national championships at Florida. He won the Heisman. He won a playoff game against the Steelers. Who gives a crap about how he delivers a football. Todd Marinovich and Ryan Leaf were great passers. All they accomplished was to embarass the teams they played for. I don't know how you can embarass the Raiders but Marinovich managed to do that. I'll take Tebow on my team any day. He'll at the very least give us the opportunity to win the game.
Posted Monday March 05, 2012, About: Gloves come off in Cherry vs. Burke
Burke is a lawyering ****. Aways was. While in Vancouver, he made veiled threats that the Canucks would leave Vancouver. Get ALL the advocates out of hockey and let them go back to chasing ambulances. Brainless Brian can't even figure out that that the only way the Leafs will win is by starting out with an intelligent and punishing defensive core. Toronto had Kaberle for years on the d-line for crying out loud. Where's Scotty Bowman? The Leafs need you.
Posted Thursday November 10, 2011, About: Marbury rips Jordan as a 'sellout'
Noam Chomsky once stated that "sports...offers people something to pay attention to that's of no importance." News flash to all you professional atheletes out there. Get Real! You are getting paid to play a game. Your blight is not relative. You don't live under the poverty line and all of you are not homeless. How dare you go on strike. You are insulting every average hard working man and woman who try to achieve something positive on a daily basis with the little they have. If you hate the owners so much start your own league as Stoudemire suggested. It's not complicated. Order some uniforms, rent some arenas, and devise a schedule. Maybe if your lucky, some people will come out and still watch your games.
Posted Friday August 05, 2011, About: Tebow edgy, showing signs of tension
Everything depends on circumstance in the NFL. Brady starts because of an injury to Bledsoe. Marino starts because of an injury to Woodley. Unitas starts because of an injury to George Shaw. A lot of HOF quarterbacks that have sat on the bench. I think Tebow is a great kid. What he needs to do is to go out for wings and beer (not milk) with his teammates after games and get their confidence regardless of whether or not he starts.
Posted Thursday May 26, 2011, About: Bettman splashes cold water on Winnipeg
Put hockey where it's popular (i.e. Hamilton, Winnipeg, Quebec City) and where people love the game. Let the Americans enjoy their NASCAR.

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