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Posted Tuesday June 28, 2011, About: THE REFEREES' PANTS
mr bull_shirt
sorry, i missed the part where topics had to be cleared for "forum member interest".. why do you open a topic that only aggravates you? are you attracted to experiencing unpleasant things? is it possible you have ever opened a thread or posted a reply that left others slightly p-o'd? a forum, by definition, is a place where opinions are expressed on many subjects, regardless of how worthy (or worthless) they appear to others.. nobody is asking you to read or agree with anything here.. so, if my post doesnt stroke you in a good way, why not find something else to your liking? why do people have to take a negative attitude to what someone wants to say in an open forum? you dont have to like anything in a forum, but you should offer respect to those whose topics mean something to them.. if you dont care for my subject, take off and land somewhere else! maybe you can find a forum where members post comments that complain, criticize and mock everyone else.. they use to call such an area a "playpen"; it's for 2-4 year-olds.. it holds them until they learn to play with others and respect things they dont like..
Posted Tuesday June 28, 2011, About: 2012 PLAYOFFS -- WHO WILL WIN THE SUPERBOWL?
sorry, i dont know what a "super bowl" is.. is that a game they used to play at the end of a season? i guess it was cancelled when "global warming" got too hot.. too bad-- sounds like fun..
Posted Monday June 20, 2011, About: THE NBA AND THE "FINAL SECOND".
why would one of the scoreboards be closer to the ground? i dont get it..
Posted Monday June 20, 2011, About: THE NBA AND THE "FINAL SECOND".
i apologize.. i thought hi-school and pro were 15-mi; college is :20.. here is what i said in the first paragraph:

i admit i am ignorant about most sports.. i follow a couple of teams in the nfl and thats all.. i am posting about the nba as i havent been able to find an answer anywhere else.. i understand this is a trivial matter to most fans, but it is important, if only to set me straight on what actually is correct..

so, cm04, i admitted my ignorance, i made a mistake, you set me straight, i apologized.. now, can we get back to the subject?

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