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Posted Sunday May 26, 2013, About: Adrian Peterson doesn't believe in gay marriage
This is a misinformed, slanderous article and should not have been written. Peterson obviously sounds uncomfortable with the question, as he should be, and didn't even sum up an opinion, so whoever wrote this article stuffed words in his mouth. Peterson says "to each his own", that would mean he doesn't SUPPORT gay marriage, not that he's AGAINST it. There's a huge difference. Again, this article shouldn't have been written. But if it's going to be written, the article's headline should be "Adrian Peterson on gay marriage: 'To each his own' " or something to that effect, not "Adrian Peterson doesn't believe in gay marriage".
Posted Wednesday May 08, 2013, About: Tim Tebow headed to ESPN or Fox?
Hard to keep those things to yourself when there's fifteen reporters shoving cameras and microphones in your face asking you about them.
Posted Sunday January 01, 2012, About: Ducks trapped in L.A. elevator
I thought this was going to tell me about actual ducks being trapped in an elevator. I'm disappointed : (
Posted Saturday November 05, 2011, About: Sources: Browns fed up with Hillis
If this article is even true, which I doubt it is, then something's going on behind closed doors. Sounds to me like he's got an attitude problem or something, if I had to guess. The Madden Curse strikes again .. !
Posted Tuesday September 20, 2011, About: If Collins isn't the answer ... is Favre?
What's there to lose, you ask? Stop thinking about football for a second and think about Favre's life.
He's not in the right shape, if you couldn't tell last year, to be playing this game, if he goes out there for another season he could really hurt himself.
Posted Wednesday September 14, 2011, About: Unimpressed Belichick: Long way from being good
He's right, The Patriots were disappointing despite the W and the records .. defensively they looked horrible, and I don't know, maybe 511 yards signals that you're throwing the ball a little too much.
Posted Tuesday September 13, 2011, About: Brady's window already closed?
It's not like he threw for 500 yards last game or ended last season with just four interceptions ..
Posted Tuesday September 13, 2011, About: Brady's window already closed?
You said it.
Posted Tuesday September 13, 2011, About: Brady's window already closed?

Brady can go on for four or five years at the rate he's playing. He looks better then ever, unlike Manning (Who's glory days were back in 06 when he won the Superbowl against Chicago)
Posted Tuesday September 06, 2011, About: Rob Ryan discusses brother's foot fetish
Oh god ..
It's worse then I thought.
Posted Friday September 02, 2011, About: Wisconsin embracing national hype
Oooohh, wow, you guys whooped UNLV?!
What a feat .. our football team has been terrible for as long as I can remember.
Posted Friday September 02, 2011, About: Williams guarantees Bucs will make playoffs
They'll be the wild card team.
The Bucs and Lions are the future elite teams in the NFL.
Posted Friday September 02, 2011, About: Saints kicker may miss 10 weeks
That truly is a shame ...
If I was Saints fan I'd be pretty upset about this .. a good field goal kicker like Hartley is a huge asset.
Posted Sunday August 28, 2011, About: Mendenhall wows Steelers coaches
Not surprised. Mendenhall is better then the majority of the backs in this league.
Posted Wednesday August 17, 2011, About: Johnson, Titans not even at a starting point
The only reason Johnson is doing is because he knows he can. He will get the deal he wants, they're not about to let him go. By the way, Jake Locker looked good out there in the preseason! We will see how good the Titans are ..
Posted Sunday August 14, 2011, About: Source: Patriots will cut Ochocinco or Haynesworh
that's the dumbest thing i've ever heard. The Patriots will not cut Ochocinco. He is in no way a tool. He's a hard working player and he backs up his talk every time he goes out to play. Just because he likes to make jokes and dance around for the camera doesn't make him a tool ...
I doubt they would spend all this money on them just to cut them before the season starts.

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