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Posted Saturday May 25, 2013, About: rocker's movies and music thread
Any fans of late 80's/early 90's alternative rock? Lately I've been stuck on Throwing Muses and The Replacements .. little bit of an odd mixture. If anyone hasn't heard of those bands I suggest you check them out .. Really good stuff.
Check out "**** of Young" and "Can't Hardly Wait" by The Replacements. "Surf Cowboy" is a good one by Throwing Muses. Not very mainstream ... but really good
I feel like people are underestimating the loss of Bruce Arians as the OC. In a lot of ways he helped shape the character of Andrew Luck and that whole team. This team is so young, it'll be interesting to see if they can improve on such an impressive season last year. They played through so much adversity, often times I felt like I was watching a veteran quarterback and a veteran team play. Hopefully that character carries through into this next season and I think it will. It helps that their division isn't the most competitive in the league.
I also think the Ravens will miss out on the post season. It may just be the Steeler fan in me but I have zero faith in Flacco to put together a good season next year and with the direction the Ravens are going in, they will really need him too. And I don't think Cleveland will be a contender either but really, who knows.
I think the AFC North will come down to Cincy and Pittsburgh. There is a lot of question marks for the Steelers, we will see if the rookie class can make the impact that the team needs. I've looked at their schedule and Cincy's and I think the two Steelers/Bengals games will decide who wins the AFC North. The team who falls short of the division will make the wild card.
I think the Bengals have a very good shot at winning the division. That's coming from a Steelers fan. The past three years they've just done such a good job drafting and making moves in the offseason. Once they make that big step and actually win a playoff game ... Boy, they might be scary for a few years to come
Yep, they've done some good things this offseason. In fact I love what they've been doing the past couple years .. Sam Bradford finally has some offensive gadgets to work with. The Rams defense has always been pretty solid, they are a really underrated group. Much like the Bucs though, it all depends on how well Bradford plays with those new weapons around him. He's sort of a mystery. I have faith in him though. The division is just brutal though .. Obviously there's high hopes for Seattle and San Fran, but the Cards did some nice things this offseason too. Probably the best division in football.
I agree with you, I think that has a lot to do with his mental toughness and the entire team's overall toughness. He needs to be more consistent, he needs to show more fight to win football games and I think Coach Schiano is a guy that can get that inner fight out of him. I see him making that step this season and leading the Bucs to a division title
Posted Tuesday May 07, 2013, About: So, how do you think your team did in the draft?
I love what the Steelers did. Jarvis Jones is a classic Steelers pick, I saw more of a priority at running back then Linebacker at the beginning of the draft, but the fact is Jones is a more promising player then any of the running backs on the board and I think the Steelers saw that and didn't reach. I only say that LB isn't as big of a priority for the Steelers because I still have faith in Jason Worilds ..
Le'Veon Bell is a good pick too, although I like Eddie Lacey better. The running game will be interesting yet again this year. Markus Wheaton already looks like a better receiver then Mike Wallace ever was in Pittsburgh. Such a great pick in the third round. Shamarko Thomas is another great value pick and I'm surprised he slipped so far in the draft. I imagine he'll do wonders for us on Special Teams for now. Landry Jones is a great prospect, the future will tell us just how good of a pick that was. Again, I really like how this draft looks on paper. We will see how it translates on the field.
Posted Sunday September 09, 2012, About: Week #1 picks!
Forgot two picks, but no surprises here:

Chargers @ Raiders - Chargers
Bengals @ Ravens - Ravens
Posted Saturday September 08, 2012, About: Week #1 picks!
First game already happened but Giants was my guess before it happened ...

Cowboys @ Giants - Giants
New England @ Tennessee: New England
Indianapolis @ Chicago: Chicago
Miami @ Houston: Houston
Buffalo @ NY Jets: Jets
Jacksonville @ Minnesota: Jacksonville
Washington @ New Orleans: New Orleans
Atlanta @ Kansas City: Kansas City
Philadelphia @ Cleveland: Philadelphia
St. Louis @ Detroit: Detroit
San Francisco @ Green Bay: San Francisco
Carolina @ Tampa Bay: Carolina
Seattle @ Arizona: Seattle
Pittsburgh @ Denver: STEELERS BABY!

GAMES OF THE WEEK: Pittsburgh @ Denver
San Fran @ Green Bay
Atlanta @ Kansas City
Tebow's a good guy to have on your team, especially in a locker room as chaotic as the Jets. I don't think very highly of Tebow, but it's hard for me to say that Tebow's spirit and attitude didn't help the Broncos win a division title and a playoff game.
Tebow isn't even in the running to become the starting quarterback for the Jets and I don't think he ever will be. Sanchez might not be a great quarterback but he's ten times better than Tebow. That's not why they got him. Tebow could be an excellent threat in the redzone and on 3rd downs, two things that the Jets haven't been all that good at.
Posted Friday March 23, 2012, About: Mike Wallace Wants More $$ Than Larry Fitzgerald....
Good, I hope he keeps asking for all that money, I want him to stay in Pittsburgh ..
I was thinking the Rams would jump on Wallace because they got those 3 first round picks from the Skins. But they haven't done that yet ... Maybe if they can't get Justin Blackmon in the draft they'll do it.
Posted Friday March 23, 2012, About: Has Rashard Mendenhall Played His Last Game As A Steeler?
I'll take Isaac Redman over Mendenhall any day ... to be honest, I was waiting for something like this to happen. It's unfortunate that Mendenhall is injured, but I was hoping that Redman would get the chance to be a full time starter someday. I can't believe a guy with as much talent as Redman is sitting on the bench
Posted Monday March 12, 2012, About: DRAFT 2012
We haven't made a single move in the free agency actually ...
I see another playoff birth this season. (At least ten wins). As long as Ben is our quarterback the game is never over and we have a chance to win. Brady and Manning have done well with mediocre teams for the most part .. Ben can do the same. The great thing about the Steelers is the future is so bright. We're only getting younger and like you said, as long as we continue to succeed in the draft, we'll continue to get younger and be in competition.
Why is everyone convinced Manning is done? Just a year ago he was playing lights out like always ... The guy sits out a year and everyone thinks he's not gonna come back. Why don't you wait and see instead of trying to see the future? Everything points to Manning being the same Manning he was before the injury ... Who knows, maybe he'll be even better. He had a lot of time to watch tape that's for sure!
Posted Thursday March 08, 2012, About: DRAFT 2012
Mediocrity? Hahahahaahhaha .. haha .. haaaaaa
BG, It's funny, I feel like I've been hearing this for the past FIVE years ... I also feel like I've seen THREE Superbowl appearances from the Steelers in that time period. Steelers fans aren't worried at all man, as much as every fan from all other 31 teams would like us to be. Ben will be playing lights out, Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders will be in Pittsburgh for sure and they're two of the most promising wide receivers out there. Soo much depth in the running game. If we can sign a good OL in the draft, then offensively the Steelers should be good. Defensively we're obviously getting younger. Our D-line especially, Cameron Heyward and Ziggy Hood, two great players, will play much bigger roles. Timmons could move over to MLB in place of Farrior ... I'm not worried about our front at all. Only thing I'm not too fond of is our secondary. But Ike played well this year so we'll see how that goes. Again .. I'm not worried.
Posted Wednesday February 22, 2012, About: A GREAT Start For 2012!!!
Offensively, it could go either way next year. Mike Wallace says his heart will be with Pittsburgh but he's gotta do what he's gotta do .. Steelers are in trouble here .. They aren't confident he'll return and Wallace gave me the impression he didn't really care if he stayed in Pittsburgh or not (unlike other players on this team like Ben Roethlisberger, Hines Ward, James Harrison, Troy Polamalu, and others who have jumped through hoops to stay with the Black & Gold) .. As talented as Mike is, Wallace strikes me as a player who wants the ball and wants to get paid but doesn't really care about winning or what team he's playing for .. I'd rather not have people like that on the team anyway, but with that said, losing him is still a huge blow. He can take the top off the defense and usually draws attention of the top corners on the field. We'll see if Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders have what it takes to carry this team if he is gone. We'll definitely need another veteran wide receiver if we can find one ..
I'm also hoping that Todd Hailey gets Heath Miller and Rashard Mendenhall more involved in the passing game. With the threat of losing Mike Wallace and Hines Ward looking more and more real, we're gonna need that extra help. Mendenhall has always been good catching the ball out of the back field, we just haven't used it as effectively as I would like in this offense. Any Steelers fan will tell you how great Heath can be in the middle of the field .. He can be a huge match up problem against linebackers and in the redzone, hopefully Hailey recognizes that. And hopefully we run the football more.. there's so much talent there.
Posted Monday January 23, 2012, About: See ya later Bruce!
I really don't think the Steelers were the best pass defense in the NFL ... We all get caught up in yards per game, the Steelers were number one in that category against the pass, but look at the quarterbacks they went up against: Tavarius Jackson, Kerry Collins, Blaine Gabbert, Tyler Palko, Colt McCoy .. The "good" quarterbacks we played actually played well: Joe Flacco in both of his games, Alex Smith, Matt Shaub .. The average quarterback rating forced by the Steelers isn't impressive at all, a significant factor in finding out how good a pass defense is.
Tom Brady is the only quarterback that I'm proud to say the Steelers destroyed this year. But we hardly got any interceptions from our secondary, something I think seperates a good pass defense from an average one.
And to answer your question, yes I watched the game. You said that the plan was to force a bad passing offense to throw into the teeth of the number one pass defense ... That would've been a good plan, wouldn't it? But that's not what we did, we didn't even defend the pass. We were ALWAYS crowded at the line of scrimmage, every time Tebow dropped back we looked surprised on defense and had to chase the receivers down the field instead of being prepared to cover them. That's my point Jack, our plan should've been to be always be prepared for Tebow to throw because it's just not something to be scared of. We don't have to crowd the line of scrimmage every play to stop this running game, this is one of, if not the most disciplined front sevens in the league, they know how to stop the run.
Our defense stopped the run and Dick dared Tebow to throw the ball, but he was still crowding the line of scrimmage and Ike Taylor and the rest of our defensive backs was still playing bump and run with the recievers! That's the coaching error I'm referring too
Posted Saturday January 21, 2012, About: See ya later Bruce!
1) Sgt. Friday, I'm not giving the players a free pass. When you lose or in this case, when you're not putting points on the board, everyone has to take part of the blame. Ben should get a big part of it, he's our quarterback, Rashard Mendenhall should too, maybe he dances around a little too much .. in the end, however, when it comes down to, "Okay, how do I fix this? How should I go about getting more points on the board?", you gotta start with the coaching staff. It's their job to coordinate the game, they should be fired first. That's why Bruce gets the boot and that's why he's taking most of the blame for this offense and rightfully so, if you ask me.

2) I'm not a fan of Bruce, clearly, but I understand that he's not incapable of his job. I say things like, "Oh, this guy's an idiot" or "This guy doesn't know what he's doing", but the truth is, he does know what he's doing. He's an offensive coordinator in the NFL for a reason .. With that said, we've won games because of him, we've performed well as an offense because of him. I'm not saying he sucks and he shouldn't coach football, I'm saying that this offense has consistently underachieved and I'm not the only one who believes that. It's a question of, "could we have done better?" Not, "Why do we suck so bad?" Get me?

3) Who said anything about the Denver Broncos game? You're right, the offense didn't lose that game. I never said that. It's pretty blatant to everyone that it was the defense that lost that game. Offensively I don't think the Steelers could've played better with all things considered. We lost that game on defense. However, I can't fault the players for that either, though they should share the blame with the coaches. They executed the plan almost to perfection: Shut down the run and make Tebow beat them with his arm.
So what did Tebow do? He beat us with his arm. So, I would define that as a coaching error ... You can't blame the players for executing the plan that was given to them. I think it's hard to blame a loss on a player or even a few players in this game .. Sure, you can put the blame on them because of a couple plays, but I don't think you can put a blame on one player for losing a game.
Posted Saturday January 21, 2012, About: See ya later Bruce!
By offensive peronnel, do you mean the rest of the coaching staff? If that is the case, which I doubt that it is, the offensive coordinator should be the first to go. It's his job to coordinate the offense, if the offense is underachieving he takes the blame. That's the way it is.
If you mean the players, then no, it's not their fault. Heath Miller, one of the best tight ends in the game catching the football and running after the catch, where's he in our offense? Rashard Mendenhall, great at catching the ball out of the back field, why doesn't he do that? Antonio Brown is a huge deep threat, why did he only get two touchdowns? Ben Roethlisberger has proven he's one of the best in the league, why did he only throw 21 touchdowns? It's not one player under performing, it's all of them. That's the OC's fault!
Posted Saturday January 21, 2012, About: See ya later Bruce!
I nearly choked on my water as I read that. Arians didn't do anything to win those Superbowls. First of all, he was only our offensive coordinator in the Superbowl in '08, he was our wide receiver coach in '05 ..
And let's be honest, defense won the championship in '05 (Ben put the team on his back in the playoffs and played brilliantly that year, but thank Ben or that not Arians.)
Offensively we've constantly under achieved .. every year is supposed to be the year the offense explodes, every year is going to be Rashard Mendenhall's big year and before that Willie Parker's big year .. The offense has been good with Bruce but every offenses he's had control over could have been some of best in the NFL. If we're consistently scoring 20 points or less a game, you need to point the finger somewhere .. It's not a lack of talent, it's not Mike Tomlin, he doesn't call the plays, so it's Bruce .. Pure and simple. With a good OC, who knows, we could've been in the big game every year.
I've tried my best to avoid talking about Tebow with his haters and his die hard fans (seems like every person in the world lands in either category), but I'm gonna break my silence for once ..
I used to be a huge fan of Tim, even in college. When he went pro, I was rooting for him to become the starter, when he became the starter, I was rooting for him to do well. When he did well, I was happy for him and I was happy for the organization and the fans. Now ... it's turned in to this phenomenon and no one can stop talking about him. It's taken over every Sports channel, every talk show ... The WORST thing about it for me is my father, who's always been a big Tebow fan, recently moved in with me and my girlfriend .. he hasn't shut up about the guy since! In fact, his love for Tebow has somehow overcome his love for the Steelers. The entire wild card game, he was going for the Broncos! It was very strange for me, I've never seen my dad root against them. But it just made me realize how delusional it's made everybody. Everyone feels like they have to pick a side, it's either you love him or you hate him. It's not Tebow for me ... It's his undying, relentless fan base that are quick to rub every good thing he does in your face and his relentless haters that are quick to call out every mistake he makes.
Now that Tebow and the Broncos took the Steelers out, everywhere I turn Tebow fans (including my dad) are laughing in my face about how good he is and how he "tore up" our defense. Again, I really hope I'm not coming off as a "hater", I don't have a problem with Tim as a person, but the Steelers beat themselves in that game. Tebow took what we gave him, just like any quarterback in this league would do. I thought Dick would have a better plan drawn up then zero blitzes all night long. Guys were running WIDE OPEN. Anyone in the league could have made those passes ..
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