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Posted Wednesday October 03, 2012, About: D-Will rips 2011-12 Nets
It's way different. Lopez was out all season, so Lopez (20PPG) has never played with Deron & Wallace. So now you add Joe Johnson to that and keep double-double guy Humphries, and this team is brand new. Add to that, the ENTIRE D-League bench is gone outside of MarShon Brooks. Those guys were starting last year. I mean Johan Petro & Shelden Williams were starting. GAG.
Posted Wednesday March 28, 2012, About: NBA considers selling ad space on jerseys
Works well for the most popular sport in the entire world: soccer. So why not basketball?
Posted Wednesday March 07, 2012, About: Nets targeting Calipari?
Does Dwight Howard want him as his coach? That's all that matters.
Posted Friday January 06, 2012, About: D-Will and Howard in Dallas?
So Dwight and Deron are both going to become free agents, turn down less money, and go play for the Mavs? RIIIIGHT. Ken Berger is a hack. If Deron & Dwight are free agents only the Nets offer #1 media market and max salaries (5 years for Deron, 4 for Dwight if he isn't traded there).
Posted Friday December 09, 2011, About: Report: Howard requesting trade to Nets
If this is true, it's actually great for the NBA. More stars need to head to these "other" teams although I suppose when the Nets move to Brooklyn they'll just be another New York team.
Posted Tuesday November 22, 2011, About: Amar'e still troubled by back?
How about that 100% guaranteed contract! I didn't think it would start until the third year, but I foresee a lot of years spent on that Knicks bench in plain clothes.
Posted Wednesday July 20, 2011, About: Brooks wows NYC crowd with 48 points
Guam - what? He's not on the Knicks.
Posted Thursday June 30, 2011, About: Nene opting out, suitors line up
Nene wants 50 over 4. The real question is to all teams with 12.5M in cap space available... would you pay that?
Posted Thursday June 30, 2011, About: Nene opting out, suitors line up
Typical Knicks fan with no concept of cap space and the incredible burden the Amare/Melo contracts together are going to put on that franchise. Let me guess... you are going to trade Billups for Nash? No wait, CP3! No wait, Dwight Howard!
Posted Thursday June 30, 2011, About: Nene opting out, suitors line up
What is all this about Dallas and the Knicks? Do you people have any concept of cap space? Neither team has ANY to sign Nene. Only teams with cap space can sign Nene as a free agent.

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