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Posted Thursday August 18, 2011, About: Danica to announce move to NASCAR next week
TO HANK KINGSLEY: first off great name, second your mixing Dale and Danaca's names is priceless.
THANKYOU for some great laughs this morning, you obviously 'get' it when you do not take this dribble (FN) seriously. Others not so much.
Posted Tuesday August 02, 2011, About: Danica heading to NASCAR full-time?
You obviously are missing the complete picture.

Drivers must be more than good drivers, they must meet all the rest of the criteria:

Look attractive (fit) to the TV camara's
Speak no more than 10 words without mentioning the sponsor, EVER!
etc. etc.

A MAJOR part of the Rouch Racings 'gong show' is to teach prospective drivers how to celebrate when they win and talk up the sponsor.
That is why a guy like Gomer Pyle (edwards) is so coveted by sponsors because the ladies like him and a guy like Danny O'Quinn gets shafted and drives start and parks when he is lucky enough to get work.

AND if your daddy is the sponsor that does not hurt either, eventually you win one like Sunday.
Posted Friday July 15, 2011, About: Driver X: NASCAR drivers can't change their own oil
I could take apart my lawnmover and rebuild it before I was 5, OK maybe 7. Helped a childhood friend rebuild a 65 Mustang frame off (that term had not even been coined yet) that took us 18 months.
Nowadays I don't bother changing my oil just because of the mess, why go through that for minimal $ savings at best. We have drive thru oil changes around here, they give us a soda or bottle of water, I can read the paper and let someone else deal with the mess, and this cost me what $12 maybe. Plus every sewer opening around here has "Drains to Ocean" painted on it so idiots do not pour their oil in the sea, anyone that can ignore that does not have; kids, a conscience or a life.

As far as the post goes, does this fact surprise anyone? some of these guys are anything but manly, in fact a few might have pinky fingers that rise when drinking from a cup.

Now gentlemen that is what I call a first post!

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